Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just a few bullets for Friday/Saturday. (started it Friday but got tired)

  • It rained last night so the new restaurant sign is not coming until Wednesday. The ground is too wet and they would tear up our yard with the huge truck. 
  • I am amazed at how well the big one is doing at work. He has never, ever had an interest in cooking and has had zero interest in the family business. Now, he is one of our best cooks. This is after 2 weeks of training. We have guys that have been here for months and even years who still cannot grasp the technique well. I am impressed. He has even picked up a shift on Mother's Day which is going to be a nightmare busy day. Last year, we hit a 20 year record for customers. I am tired just thinking about it.
  • I cannot seem to catch up on laundry and housework this week. The big one does his own laundry so I cannot blame him. I guess I have too much going on in my head and cannot focus well enough to follow through.
  • I didn't take my vitamins today. None of them. I forgot and then got busy and when I remembered,  I had to get ready for a concert.
  • The little one's last concert of the season was tonight. It was amazing but sad because my MIL couldn't make it. She rarely misses a concert but just wasn't up for it.
  • It is taking some time to get used to the big one being home again. He still leaves messes and has a bit of an attitude but we are both learning to live with each other again. He was very down for a couple of days and slept every moment he wasn't at work (like his mother?) but he did just find out that that his beloved grandmother is sick.
  •  My MIL has 3 appointments on Monday. One with her new internist, one with the oncologist and one with a nutritionist. Then she goes back to St. Louis to Barnes Jewish on Wednesday. I keep hoping that they will say that all of the tests are in and that they made a huge mistake. Bigger miracles have happened, right? 
  • I planned for us to take my MIL out for Mother's Day dinner like we do every year. She told me that she would be happy if we went without her. She does ok during the day but by 6pm, she is exhausted. This is a woman who normally takes her German shepherd on numerous miles-long walks throughout the day. Now, Neko is walked by my MIL's sister (who is staying with her as long as she needs to) or my BIL. I offered to bring Skip over to play with Neko because he is very out of sorts, she was thrilled with the offer and Neko will be so happy. I don't think my MIL has left the house since she got out of the hospital. 
  • My husband is trading in his precious Shelby. It is a long story but in a nutshell, he misses his 4 door Jeep and since he cannot have both, he is buying a Jeep. And oh, it is nice. It is a black Rubicon and it is brand new and I drove it the other day all over town so I could put some miles on it. He offered to buy me one just like it except I need heated seats cause girlfriend is cold natured. I use the seat heater in the summer with the ac blasting because it feels good on my back. I really like this Jeep but I love my Suburban more and it has every single amenity on it. The Mustang wasn't practical at all. It sat on it's shiny ass in the garage all winter while my baby safely drove us through snow and mud and ice.
  • I had to meet the landscaper at the nursery Wed. We needed to get some perennials for the yard at work and some marigolds. I also picked out some other flowers that I can't recall the names of but we decided on a red/orange/yellow color scheme. I found a hanging basket of Lantana for my deck at home and I am in love with it.   

  • I got most of my plants potted the other day, both cement urns are filled with potato vine again, purple and green. Gerber daisies are in the wooden basket planter and I  have a few new plants to put around the pond.
  • I saw my first hummingbird at the feeder today. I don't use red food coloring because it is supposedly bad for the birds.

  • I found a website with neat quotes, this is a good one:

Happy Mother's Day to you all!!


  1. I didn't know the red food coloring was bad for hummingbirds. They need to stop selling it that way in stores.

    It's terribly sad to hear about your MIL's weakness. It hurts my heart.

    I LOVE those flowers you showed!

  2. WOW...busy!! Hope you have a great Mother's Day!

  3. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. Hang in there.

  4. That flower is gorgeous! I'm going to have to look for those.

  5. I am so glad Big One is doing well; said a prayer for him (and you all) the other day! I can understand his (and your all) sadness about your MIL; will continue to pray for her and trust in God.

    Wise idea with the Jeep over the Shelby, hubby got a bit of fun with it now back to practicality I guess!

    I hope it is not too crazy at work tomorrow, though I imagine it will be with Mother's Day. I hope in it somehow you have a very Happy Mother's Day with wonderful surprises by your family!!

    hugs to you........


  6. Happy Mothers Day!! It sounds like some things are falling into place...the restaurant, the big one, your garden (laundry will never go away). Others will take time, hope that your MIL's illness won't get her depressed, stay in touch with her often so that she feels needed and not forgotten and, how about an early dinner so she doesn't get that tired.

    Love the quote, it is so true!!

  7. Hope you survived MD at the biz! Happy to hear about your new cook being so awesome! I'm thinking about your MIL and praying for her too...

  8. Just a note on hummingbirds: Funny is right, the red food coloring does nothing for them; they home on the colored feeder flowers. And the sugar in the pricy special mixtures is exactly the same sucrose, refined cane sugar, you buy in 10 pound bags at a fraction of the price. A quarter cup sugar dissolved in a cup of water (1/4 sugar + 3/4 water), stir until the cloudy turns clear, and you're good to go. Change weekly, unless you enjoy watching them fly drunk.

    Anyway, Funny, we'd like to invite you to become one of our Authors in Alexandria.

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