Friday, May 13, 2011


Totally random stuff.

Do you see what I see??

One little, two little......
Three little llamas  *swoon*
I saw them on the way to drop my son off at his friends house.
They were kind of snobby.

It didn't stop me from making an ass of myself.
The little one put on his sunglasses and smooshed down in his seat.

Lllamas Beware from Funny in My Mind on Vimeo.

As you can guess, they did not come to the fence.

We had a teensy storm last night. Hail yes we did.

Hail Yes! it is May from Funny in My Mind on Vimeo.

Here is me today. 
As if you care.

Trying to get a pic of my new Mother's Day necklace

My MIL was supposed to start chemo today. There was a mess-up and she is starting Monday instead. 

I got this cute sign the other day for work. Loved it too much and took it home instead.

Have you had these? 
Sweet fancy Moses they are good! 
Breakfast IS the most important meal, doncha know?

I love this:

And also this:

And this:

To wrap up this nonsense, a video that will make you laugh.


  1. Love the llamas. So-oo sweet. And I just borrowed your How To Have A Lovely Day. Those are words to live by.

  2. LOL...LOVE the Llama video! I JUST saw the Reese's Minis in the store. I refrained. Damn. I bet they ARE HEAVEN in a bag!

  3. I did see that dog tease, too cute!! wow that looked like a hail storm indeed! how cute with the llamas!! loved the plaque and I better stay away from those Reese's! they look toooo delicious!


  4. I LOVE that video of the dog talking. My boyfriend found it the other day, and we've watched it about 100 times. He keeps randomly quoting it and cracking me up.

  5. I don't believe Llamas respond to "c'mere". They are the snooty, high class English type of animals. :)

    Your hail looks like ours did a couple of weeks ago. Insurance paid out over $1,000 to us on hail damage on the truck. Haven't had the roof checked out yet.

    That dog video was hilarious!

  6. Just how does one know if Llamas are snobby? Hmm

    I am going to get me some of those Reese's.

    Just sayin'

  7. Loved the llama's video! Cracked me up! And LMAO at the dog video!! Gotta show Joey that one!
    Our little girl introduced us to those reese's yesterday...oh mini reese's where have you been all my life??
    Pretty jewerly! You've got such a good man!

  8. i have seen those mini reeses, but....i know if i buy them I'll eat the whole bag- cause they're so tiny and cute!!!
    ok, i am no fan of dogs, but that video is HILARIOUS!
    Happy monday Funny!!


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