Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So, here we are

It is Wednesday and I am finally breaking out of my funk.

It got really bad on Sunday when I woke up for work and my shoulders and neck were killing me and then I got to work and everyone was coming at me from all different directions with questions and problems.
I don't do well under duress as we all know and I was getting crabbier by the hour and then my husband came up to work so we could work on menu revisions and by 9pm, after a 12 hour work day with neverending drama, we finally went home.

Monday we had planned to take my MIL for her first chemo treatment but her sister and and also her friend wanted to take her so we ran our stupid Monday errands and picked up the little one from school early so we could drive to the city to see how my MIL was doing.
She did very well, I think it took about 7 hours total and she was in a room with 5 others and the nurses were outstanding.
Shortly after we got there, she was finished so they left for the hour drive back home and we went to the Olive Garden for dinner and I had to hit the mall for a few things.

Here's the problem.
My husband and son hate to shop and hate the mall. Hate. Which is insane. I should have asked these questions before we consummated our relationship because this hatred of shopping  has caused many a fight around here.
So I took my list and they waited in the car. Waited. (Imagine me saying this with my head down in a whisper like the little boy on The Middle)

I knew I might have an hour (*whispers* "an hour") tops and that barely gets me in the door.
I called my massage therapist while shopping but she was totally booked for a month. *deep sigh*

I picked up my oil for my oil burners and some shower gel at the Body Shop.

Then I ran into Sephora for some of this:

I made a quick stop at Forever 21 for a couple of necklaces, I love their jewelry and it is cheap.
And I found this cute top and necklace.

My stomach is not this big, I am wearing roll top yoga pants which I put on the second I walk in the door.

And this necklace with birds on it.
And then my time was up and why don't I go shopping alone??
Annoying is what those boys are.

By the time we got home, my mood was shot, my head and neck ached and I was ready for bed.
I let the hounds out and went to unload the car and I guess they caught a rabbit which almost got away but they pulled it back under the fence and the little one ran out to save it but alas, it was badly hurt so he got his 22 rifle and put it out of it's misery.
Good times.

I watched Desperate Housewives and hit the sack.

Yesterday and today, my head still hurt and my mood was dark and ugly although I had to force a smile at work even when my dishwasher came up to me at 8 this morning before I was handed my coffee and told me he was cold and he could not possibly work. (he is mentally slow and he has all these ridiculous things he buys and apparently, he had found a car he wants to buy (he has no license) and felt the need to skip work. That did not fly and he ended up fine although he came up to me again in the middle of lunch rush and said he was clocking out for 10 minutes to get a price check on "something cool". Again? Not happening.

So I am mean and honestly there are a few people who needed to be smacked today but I was good and refrained.

Work is just beyond stressful trying to get people trained and ready for a busy summer and hoping against hope that a mini vacay is in the cards soon.
School is out in 5 days and these kids are messy and needy and they are forecasting rain for the next week again. 

I am really trying to stay off of medication but the way it is going, I may have to start up again although I hate the way I feel on it. I haven't got the hang of taking all those vitamins yet plus the Zyrtec I am taking for my allergies makes me a zombie.

The highlight of my day is when I had a voice mail from my masseuse saying she had a cancellation and could get me in at noon tomorrow and also a reminder that I have a hair appt. for a trim on Friday.

So hopefully, the pain and shaggy hair will be gone by the weekend and I can enjoy the rain and get some things done around here.


  1. glad you are getting in for the massage; sorry it has been a rough time with aches and pains and work problems, but love your purchases! how can they not want to shop with you? I think it would be FANTASTIC to go shopping with you!

    hang in there, praying for you all


  2. I was wondering where you were... You need to stop visiting Funkville, it's not nearly as fun and blogville. :)

    I seriously don't know of anyone else who crams more stuff than you do in one week!

    Hopefully it will all settle down soon.

  3. I am glad your pain reliever gal was able to work you in. Whew! I cannot imagine trying to keep up with all of those restaurant issues. I'd be a basket case. This rain can't be helping your mood any. Tired of it!

    Your bird necklace is really cute. Have never shopped there. Might have to find one closer to home and check it out.

  4. i'm sorry my friend you don't feel good. hope the sun comes out soon over OK!! my sister (in NE) was having storms too, so i know they are coming my way and that means headache time for me. whenever the barometric pressure changes i get one.

    hey...i just got a new allergy medicine. it is called xyzal. (pronounced zyzal) it does not make you sleepy. i tried zyrtec and claritin, neither one worked.
    so, maybe you can ask your doc for an Rx. if the other doesn't work, can't hurt to try a different one.

    have a good rest of the week. oh, loved all the great buys, yeah, leave the boys...they are kill joys!! lol

  5. A massage and a haircut is always a good mood lifter! Hang in there.

  6. i have NO idea how you do it all and still look so cute and have such a beautiful home!! You ARE amazing!! Mel needs to come over and mix you a drink!! Hang in there... what else can you do, right? If you take a mini vaca, come to Lake MI- it really is gorgeous- google South Haven or Grand Haven MI!!!


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