Monday, May 30, 2011


I had a great visit in Tulsa!
As usual, I neglected to take many photos because we stayed pretty busy.

I tried to get a few as I passed Joplin. You could see some damage from the interstate and I think it was where the tornado either began or ended.
You can click on these to enlarge them.

this was a billboard and the guard rail is badly damaged along with many trees to the right of the photo and going back away from the road

There were about 5 signs that were bent upside down, or twisted

We spent some time visiting when I got to Mel's. She had a kickball game that evening so I tagged along.

if you look closely, you can see the side-eye look I am getting
 I spent my time amusing my nephew who asked me to take silly photos of him.

Thursday night, my best friend from high school came over and we sat in Mel's backyard and had some drinks and caught up. It was a late one, we went in at 2am!

We went for sushi  Friday night.

My BIL got a sake flight. 
I think sake tastes like rocket fuel.

Saturday was spent shopping and eating. 

We went to Old Navy to pick up some clothes for my brother.
We went to The Wild Fork in Utica Square. Mel and I had the arugula and artichoke pizza with pine nuts and calamata olives. It was so good. D and J were not so excited about their choices so we shared.

We found a 40% off sale at Gap.

Saturday night was Mexican food and then a bar where we sat outside and talked for hours.
I didn't get pictures at the bar but it was nothing to photograph and we were fairly lame.

Mel giving me some of her margarita
BIL, my youngest sister J and my brother
Mel and J's husband
My sister D and I and D's boyfriend

Sunday we slept in a bit and went to Cafe Ole' for brunch. Again, no photos.
We stopped by Whole Foods so my sister's could shop a bit and I picked up some cleaning products I love. Then we went to Target and finished the rest of our shopping. I stocked up on tanks and some sale tops, and a few other things I needed and got on the road home. I took a photo of myself before I left.

On the drive home, I was able to snap a few more photos near the Joplin exit.

I think this is the rest of the billboard

another road sign, broken in half, nothing around it is damaged
this house was missing a roof, the yard was a huge mess of downed trees, again, I think this is where the tornado either started dropping or ended
bent sign
my mirror is blocking it but I think this was a speed sign (the kind that tells you how fast you are going when you approach it), it was a jumble of metal and the guardrail was damaged where it had fallen on it
I saw this yard on the way to Tulsa, it was piles of trees and they were outside cutting them up. On the way home, they had quite a bit cleared.

There was debris on the sides of the interstate. Strange things like an air conditioner unit, a swimming pool slide, a refrigerator door. Lots of paper and trash. It had been cleaned up quite a bit but there was so much to do. I had no interest in exiting and taking photos so I snapped them while driving. There were spots where the trees were broken at just the top and the houses and trees next to them were fine.


  1. I liked the picture of you getting into your car, cute, sporty, ready to go! I'm sure it was eery driving through Joplin from the road, looking at the destruction.

    sounds like you had a great visit with family! you guys did pack in a lot of fun and food for those days! I liked the size of the margaritas!!


  2. For not taking a lot of photos, you sure got some good ones. Looks like a lot of fun, although I'm not too sure about that pizza... brave souls you are!

    I believe Joplin is showing the world just how to handle a disaster.

  3. WELCOME BACK HOME! Trip sounded wonderful. GREAT pics. Pizza looked yummy.


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