Thursday, June 23, 2011

Catch Up

Summer is here and with the heat, sun, and humidity and the absence of those blasted cicadas, I am beginning to enjoy myself. In theory.
We have too busy for much of anything fun.
My MIL's cancer has really taken a toll on her lately. She has had what they call "chemo brain" where she forgets things and has a hard time focusing and this has caused her some issues with her anti-nausea meds. She was told she could take them all of the time for nausea maintenance but she forgot they told her that and even though it was written down in the huge notebook where we keep track of every detail, we did not know because her sister had been at that particular appt. and we hadn't checked the notes. We will fully take the blame.
Anyway, all of us dropped the ball and she has felt well the day of and two days following chemo and then goes downhill for the next few days til it starts again. She had trouble eating and any smells are unbearable. Salt is way too salty and sugary food and drink is too sweet. She found that strawberry-kiwi Vitamin Water is tolerable and likes Ensure vanilla. We bought her an arsenal of meal replacements with the intention of keeping up her energy but it with the nausea and trouble digesting, she has lost about 28 pounds total.
My SIL attempted to make sausage and peppers for dinner on Sunday which resulted in ziplock freezer bags, opening every window in the house to air it out and a trip to a pizza place for 13 of us because the smell was overwhelming for my MIL.

We have had various family members here to visit and it has just been a whirlwind of visiting, swimming (the little kids), planning meals for a crowd (mostly eating out), keeping noise levels down, making sure the yard is mowed, flowers watered, garden weeded, dog tended to, groceries purchased, and house cleaned (we hired an employee of ours to clean her house) and all this has just been at my MIL's house.
We have tried to do as much as possible but work has kept us busy and our own house has been neglected.
I am terribly behind on laundry, and groceries? thank God we have a restaurant.
My kids (with threats and tears) have kept the house clean, vacuumed, dogs taken care of and plants watered but I forgot to pay a few bills and need to get to that tomorrow (although if we don't have electricity, the boys can't leave every light in the house on all of the time or play on the computer and XBox.).

Mr. Funny's sister and cousin left yesterday and his other cousin and her kids left today so his brother brought his mom home from the hospital to an empty (and quiet) house today and will rotate shifts with us to stay with her. The cleaning girl is coming tomorrow (I am bringing her as she has no car) and I will take care of any bills or needs til tomorrow night and stay if necessary.
It is amazing how many things you can do in one single day and by the time our heads hit the pillow, we are zonked.

I finally proofed the final, final menu and got it to the printers today and I was able to keep my hair appt. thanks to my wonderful husband who came in to work for me for a few hours.
I did miss getting my car to the detail shop Tuesday so it will be another week of dog hair and squalor. I get it cleaned/detailed once or sometimes twice a year and it is past due. 

We are helping sponsor a Jeep give away/ charity golf tournament at work (my husband's friend is the bank president and asked if we would park the Jeep at work to advertise and sponsor a hole) and the proceeds will go to local charities so I have to find time to figure out what to wear to such an event and invent fascinating things to talk about.

I had a little time to run a few errands while we were in the city with my MIL (before she was admitted to the hospital) and picked up some fun makeup at Sephora but ran out of time to hunt for some shorts and sandals.

I had a nice lunch with my SIL and cousin in law at Olive Garden but all we ever talk about anymore are medical terms and to-do lists and occasionally our kids. We are a blast.

For the next 2 days, I will be going all day again and long for a few minutes in my hammock to relax my body and brain. Maybe with some wine. And a good book. Maybe my new Southern Living issue.

We stopped at the llama farm the other day with the cousin from CA and she enjoyed my in-depth conversations with the llamas. At least I think she did.

I will post a photo of my hair separately. Too tired right now.

I have had little to no time to read blogs except a bit from the hospital on my phone so I will hopefully catch up someday.


  1. Your plate is full. Everything that needs to get done, eventually will. Focus on the more important stuff now, like tending to your MIL's needs. Hang in there. P.S. Your hair looks great.

  2. Oh dear, I hope your MIL is able to feel better soon.

    I'm hoping your Hammock Hour comes soon!!

  3. Geez, girl! You need a break! You should come to Tulsa and help me move. Then you can lay by my pool and relax and I will bring you Pacificos by the plenty!

  4. do relax and take time for yourself over blog reading; you and your family are definitely a priority over everything else going on

    it is good you can outsource some of the chores (thank goodness it is summer vacation) to the kids and to others so work is getting done with house cleaning etc. Delegate as much as possible!

    I feel for your MIL; I think you guys are doing the best you can; it is overwhelming to get it all straight even when things are written down; will continue to pray


  5. You are definitely a busy woman. I will pray for your MIL and the family.

  6. Hopefully your MIL will begin to improve. Chemo is awful and some is worse than others. You and your entire family are a Godsend for her.

    Hang in there and take care of yourself. You will be no good to anyone if you get down!


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