Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Nicholas

This little one is 16 today.

I remember begging my husband to have another baby.
He thought one child was enough but I wore him down with promises of sex every day until I got pregnant.
I went off of the pill April 1st and finally got what I wanted in September.
I barfed on the way to work.
That was the only time I had morning sickness thank God and I found out I was due June 6th.
I was so excited! I enjoyed every minute of pregnancy because I knew this would most likely be my last.
I asked for an epidural immediately so as not to have to do it naturally again.
I had an ultrasound and found out I was having a girl (sike!) from the doctor.
Later, I had another ultrasound and found out from the ultrasound tech that the doctor was wrong.
Alexa Nichole was not to be.
Toward the middle of May, I was dilated to 2. Then 4.
At the first of June, my sisters came to visit thinking it would be soon. I walked, I jogged, I prayed.
I went to the hospital with what I thought was labor on June 2nd. I walked those halls cursing the nurses and begging this stubborn baby to please come out.
They sent me home.
On June 4th, I was reminded what labor really felt like.
I had my epidural and labor slowed to a halt. I had Pitocin and was eating a popsicle when the nurse checked me and informed me that it was time to push. As the nurses scrambled around to find my husband, who was downstairs with his brother, I started pushing.
Husband walked in, baby came out and then we were a family of 4.
He was a sweet quiet baby. For a day or 2.
Then he had milk issues and projectile vomiting was his hobby, his job.
He screamed all day, all night. Unless he was held and rocked/bounced/jostled constantly.
We tried every formula, I breastfed for a while, I gave up.
At 3 months, he stopped crying. He became the quietest, sweetest, most perfect baby.
He got super fat. He never let me leave his side. He would not let anyone but me hold him.
He grew up, thinned out, walked late, talked late, got tubes in his ears, but always, stuck by my side.

Now he is 16.
He is amazingly smart, witty, hilarious, kind, thoughtful, artistic, scientific, sneaky, crafty, brooding, quiet.
He loves anything that has to do with the military, the Wars, special forces. He knows parts of history that I never even learned. He loves to ride his bike, marching band, shooting baskets, playing XBOX Live, hanging with his friends, his dog Skip. He loves to target practice, shooting air soft guns and paintball games. He loves German class, German food and German history (from my heritage) and wants to travel through Italy (his dad's side) and adores pasta and garlic.
He won the math award 2 years in a row. He is a 1st chair baritone player.
He gets in our bed when it thunders and he is scared of tornadoes.
I love this kid.


  1. Happy Birthday Little One (I know you posted his name, but in my mind, he's always little one, LOL)

    Handsome young man!! Wonderful young man!! truly a blessing from God!!

    I hope you guys have a great day celebrating his birthday!


  2. Happy 16th to your handsome Nicholas and congrats all all of his accomplishments...

  3. Oh, how I love that kid too! He is just as awesome as you say and more. He is wonderful and I'm so proud to be his aunt!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to the little one. He sounds like an awesome kid. And he is definiitely a good looking young man.

  5. What a cutie!! You did good raising him!


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