Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Help and a new driver (and I am not talking golf)

The little one got his driver's license today (1st try!)
 (it is helpful if your new driver knows where things are in their new car- he couldn't find the defrost)
He was too nervous to turn on the ac and it was in the 90's today, I am sure the highway patrol woman was thrilled.
He got an 87.
Getting quizzed by dad on the finer points of driving.

He actually let me take his picture while waiting at the dmv.

I am reading this book right now and I really love it.
I cannot imagine a world where people were assigned separate bathrooms because of their color.
I also have a huge problem with someone else (no matter the color of their skin) raising my kids or cleaning my house.
I do not have a problem with raising my kids to clean my house.

I am looking forward to this movie although I am probably going to have to see it alone.


  1. Its too bad we don't live closer, I would go to those "chick flicks" with you! It does sound like a good story, what is the name of the book/movie??

    Congrats to the little one getting his license!! WTG!! He'll do fine! Too funny about not turning the AC on or knowing where the defrost was!


  2. You say you're reading "this book" but you never actually say the name of it except in the title, you silly goose.

    Sorry I didn't call last night. I went to bed with the boys in an attempt to hide from my life. Didn't work. They woke up at 6:00 AM and tortured me. Not a great time right now.

    Congrats to N! He is awesome, and of course he passed because he is a genius! Let's just hope it doesn't get foggy in the car soon.

  3. i have that book, but i'm finishing the girl with the dragon tattoo series and I have 2 other books i got within 20 pages of the end and didn't finishe. I have no idea why I do that, but i do...
    i got my DL on april fools day... surprised?

  4. I loved the book, The Help, and I am really excited about seeing the movie too.

  5. my sister and my daughter just read that book, now i am going to have to read it, dang it!! and see the movie too!! nice.

    so now everyone drives...woo hoo! no more hauling butts for you!! now you can say, SON!! go get your mama some butter brickle ice cream, now or gimmee those keys!! lol

    here's to a fun lazy, i'll be spending it in the hospital with my MIL...same at is your mom in law? looks like we are in the same boat. her hospital is an hour and a half away. we spent the night here last night. i flew in from FL around 11pm, our pastor and daughter picked me up, drove me up here, and then went home. so sweet of them. tonight we go home. i will come up in the morning with my sister in law. i will probably stay the night in the recliner, and they will travel back. then i will go home the next night. i dont know. she has to be up here for at least one month if not two. we just are not sure yet. she has leukemia. just came out of no where. anyway...hope all is going well for you mom. she is in my prayers. have a restful weekend.

  6. Congratulations to the Little One. Too funny about the AC. I hope they rolled the windows down.

    I'm too cheap to purchase books for my Nook and check them out by downloading them at the library. I'm on a waiting list for The Help. Can't wait to read it. I'm one of the lucky ones who is married to a guy who doesn't mind watching chick flicks - as long as he doesn't have to do it daily!


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