Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I forgot to remind myself to keep up on my blog

I missed writing yesterday but here is what you missed.

We got up late again (I didn't fall asleep til around 3am because I HAD to finish a Dean Koontz book + insomnia lives with me full-time.
Ran our usual Monday errands- deposit money, drop off payroll, take/ make a million phone calls, lunch, dealing with angry teenagers (ours) who were confused why the internet wasn't working (husband decided they needed to find a new hobby)
Got to the hospital to visit my mother-in-law. She was having some tests run so we visited with her minister who stopped by. Talked to my hubby's brother, who has been staying at the hospital full-time. Visited with MIL. Went to dinner (sushi) and drove home. Did some laundry, ran dishwasher, made my plan for the week, watched Drop Dead Diva (love that show!!!) and went to bed.
My latest Netflix addiction is Californication. Still on season 1. Watched 2 episodes, read my new Athleta catalog (which makes me want to join a yoga class, run 5 miles a day and wear all of their supercute clothes doing so) and went to sleep.

I was wiped out. 
There has not been a moment of stillness in our "new" lives since this diagnosis. It is exhausting to keep everyone updated, take notes, keep track of vitals, ask questions, keep nurses on their toes, find time to eat, drive an hour each way to the hospital sometimes more than once a day, keep the household running smoothly with 2 boys at the helm (who do not always get along with each other), deal with 5 dogs (who do not always get along with each other), stay on top of phone calls, work, laundry (oh laundry, it never ends), groceries, bills, etc....
I am not complaining too much though because it is keeping me too busy to have time to be depressed but if I slept better, I would feel better.
I managed to get to work on time, drop the Jeep off (again, the door is still not fixed) (fyi: if you buy a brand new Jeep Rubicon and it leaks when it rains and after going into the shop on and off for 2 months, it still has issues and you tell Chrysler about it over and over??? they will not replace it) (fyi: customer service sucks Chrysler, got it??) and go about my day which was painfully slow for the tired girl.

Remember how I got my hair highlighted with lots of dark lowlights in it? It was sooo cute in curls but the next day it was way too dark for me. I hated it. My husband and everyone else loved it but I felt like I was wearing a dishwater helmet. I dropped by the salon on Friday to pay for the little one's haircut and she asked me how I liked it and he said "she doesn't, she thinks it is too dark" and I agreed so Jess offered to put in some more platinum when she had another opening (Christmas??)
This morning the appt. girl called and had a cancellation at 3:45. Praise the Lord!
I am back and curly again.

Yes, it is much blonder now.

The big one has blond hair but he colors his dark. Say hello to my chins.

She put this blue eyeshadow on me too. It looked good in person but iPhones take bad photos.

I gave in and bought those sandals. They stuck on my mind and I had to have them. 
The divorce will be final in a few weeks. Man, I am gonna miss that sweet man.
The shoes that ended a marriage.
These were half price, Payless had a sale, so sue me

I am loving this new nail polish. Walmart carries Essie which I love almost as much as OPI.
Splash Of Grenadine
I promised myself I would go to bed early. (right)
I watched The Big C (last year I really loved it, this year The Big C (cancer) has new meaning. I really like that show as well.
I still haven't had time to get a little sun. I planned on sitting by my MIL's pool on Thursday but now I am going to spend the day at the hospital and race home to be there when our landscaper comes to clean the pond. I am hoping she will plant all those ground coverings I bought 2 months ago BC. (before cicadas)

Thursday, my MIL is having a procedure to have a stent placed in her stomach to open it further and hopefully this will help food pass through quicker. She had a brain scan to see if there was a tumor and there wasn't (did I say that already? I repeat myself a lot.)
Monday, I left my phone on the table at the restaurant and got almost home before remembering. They called the restaurant to tell them so of course all my employees knew.
Then I tried to use my debit card and realized I had left it at Olive Garden Sunday night so I picked it up when we back to the hospital yesterday. I almost forgot it at the sushi bar again last night.
Now I forgot to go to bed early.

What have you been up to?


  1. hugs to you! lots going on! yet through it all you still have a sense of humor! I hope you get a good night of sleep some time so very soon!


  2. I'm going to have to go back to bed after reading this! I do love those shoes, but not sure they are worth the end of a marriage ;0 ... time will tell.

    Your MIL is very lucky to have such a loving and caring family. Keep taking such good care of her... but, again, don't FORGET to take care of yourself!!!!!!!!!

  3. oh you poor lil running girl!! no wonder you are soooo dad gum tired!! you better get you some good running shoes, girl and don't let anyone tell you you can't. with all that i was all out of breath just reading it. lol

    we just went through all that running around with my mom in law in the hospital. she was an hour an half away from where we lived. my hubby didn't leave her side, so i ran back and forth. but i know what you mean. it is pretty hard to keep your head straight when things are so topsy turvy. bless you and your family, you are all in my prayers. i pray for your mom in law that she is comfortable and they take good care and that cancer goes away!!

    i really love your sandals. you can never have too many. i need a few more for my vacay. i am leaving in the next few days. hopefully, by the weekend if i can get my crap together!! a girl can have too much crap too!! haha

    well, i hope you do get some rest, cuz you won't be good for anyone if you get under the weather, specially for blogging!! and we can't do without that!! lol xoxoxox take care!!

    p.s. i didn't see any chins, btw, your beautiful, don't need to change a thing!! and i love your curls!! tho i liked it the other way too!

  4. Lordy, woman! Slow the heck down!

    Perhaps and this is just a wild hair of mine... but just perhaps the boys could at least do some laundry while they surf the play the web...GASP. I know, wild idea! I think if I suggested it here they might just think I've totally lost it - but that's because I have control issues that continue into MY laundry room.

    Anyway . . . I love your hair with or without lowlights and curls.

    And the sandals are totally worth - at the very least...a discussion. :)


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