Saturday, June 25, 2011

I know I promised you all some sandal action (does that sound like a sexual fetish?) but I have been too busy to look for shoes what with the MEDICAL DRAMAS going on around here.
Yesterday I finally went to the grocery store and after seeing 49284650 people who I knew who HAD to talk to me- jeesh friendly people are soooo annoying- and filling my gas tank and attempting to wash my car (why is the car wash you get with with your gas fill-up always out of order, bastards) and grabbing McDonalds on the way home and then unloading said groceries and cleaning the fridge and starting a load of dishes and laundry and making 13 phone calls.

I thought it would be a good idea to walk the dogs. 

All 5 of them (Neko is here too) so I put on my Nikes, which to the dogs is the signal that OMG WE ARE GOING ON A WALK OMG!!!!!!! so they had to act like assholes and run around barking ME FIRST!!!! which made it impossible to get to the leashes.

Guess who's dogs don't get enough walks????

So I took each one around the circle of our huge subdivision and after the first circle, I was gasping and after the second dog, I was dying a slow death and by the third? my knees were ON FIRE but the fourth time around?? I was feeling pretty good. I assumed that either God was calling me home or the endorphins kicked in, either way, I was going to do it all over again but just then the little one did a chin-plant over his handlebars and ended the fun for all of us.
I am not sure exactly what happened because it was dark and my headphones were loud but he had been riding his new bike and walking his dog and BAM. His jawbone was right there for all of us to see.

After cleaning it, I thought he might need a stitch or a skin graft so I hauled him up to the restaurant to show his dad who has been the recipient of many a hospital visit for the ole needle and thread game.
He wasn't too excited and told me to get some butterfly bandaids and clean it well.
I had to stop at Walgreens for bandaids shaped like butterflies (which they are clearly not) and got a glimpse of myself in the automatic door as it opened.
My bangs were sticking straight up and the rest of me looked deranged. Kind of like a homeless hitchhiker without the backpack. I was wearing a neon orange Nike tank, army green workout shorts, no makeup and the crazy hair.
Guess how many people saw me that know me? None. Miracles happen.

Anylongstoryshort, we went home to doctor the wound and he started showing me all of the other injuries. I was spraying Bactine on everything and he was telling me how it was stupid and he was fine all the while I was wiping bits of asphalt from his hand. His shoulder had a big scrape, his knee did too and his hand had a small chunk taken out of it. His chest was all scraped up and it hurt to breathe in too deep so I assumed he had a collapsed lung and possible fractures but right then Mr. Funny got home and saw me and calmly took over.

I gave him some Advil and made him a grilled cheese sandwich and some watermelon and right before we went to bed I looked at his chin and it was oozing blood from the hole in it.
Mr. Funny told me he would have a scar either way and to go to bed so I did and now it is noon and that baby is still asleep and yes, he is breathing and no he isn't bleeding still but I wish he would wake up so I can panic some more.

In other medical disasters, my MIL is back in the hospital. They are doing more scans on her abdomen today and plan to put a stent in her stomach so the food can get out since the tumor is blocking it and she cannot eat. She was feeling pretty good by last night and had fluids and pain med a flowing so we will wait to hear from the doctor. 
(I just got off the phone with my MIL and she is switching oncologists because of all of the problems we have had with her health.)

I like fashion as well as the next guy but I also like comfort and have gotten to the age where if the shoe hurts, I throw it away.
I listed a few different types and styles, some pricier and others are dirt cheap. They all look to be comfortable. In my experience I have had a lot of luck with Born, Clarks, Dansko, Ugg, Reef, Naturalizer and Easy Spirit in the past. I also really like Fossil and Lucky Brand.
For simple flip flops I love Havianas, Reef and these: I adore these. I have them in black but I like the brown too. I wear them around the house and they are so comfortable!
Rocket Dog Sunset

I bought this first pair the other day and I love them. They are BOC brand which is Born and they are very comfortable and stylish. They have them online at Famous Footwear for around $30. 
All other pairs are just ones I liked and wanted to show you just in case you need help finding a good pair. If you click on the name, the page to buy them will pop up. You can also search the web to find them cheaper. Piperlime and Zappos have free shipping both ways.

BOC women's Trundle

Naturalizer Havaro sandal
Nine West Boutique 9 Maida
Steve Madden Grooom Thong
Naturalizer Rhett
Easy Spirit Remi
 Peacock Flower gladiator sandals
Sam Edelman "Grenna"
Ugg Deitra
Dansko Mila
Keen Whisper
Clarks Latin Samba

Coach Romona sandal


  1. ouch with the little one! that sounded like a gruesome injury! I would have been like you, wondering if he should go in for stitches etc. Wise move for your MIL to switch oncologists; sometimes a fresh perspective is a good perspective. Loved all the sandals, the ones you have and the ones you showcased for us.

    take care of yourself!!


  2. hope the little one is healing nicely!

    I do love me some sandals.

  3. I would of been freaking out also!

    Loved the Nine West shoes until I clicked the link and found out they were $83.00! And that was 40% off? Geesh! Also liked the peacock shoes from Payless, but that just means everyone and their sister will have them. I really like the gladiator style sandals.

  4. Poor little one! When it rains, it pours, doesn't even begin to describe your life these days. I had to laugh at the description of how you looked when you went to the store. There is no way in hell that I would have been lucky enough to not run into anyone!!!!

    Your MIL has been through so much! Hopefully these news steps will help her towards comfort and recovery.

    I love comfortable shoes, and I'm with you... if they aren't comfortable, they are OUT of HERE! I bought a great pair of platform sandals at Bass Outlet earlier this season and they feel and look great. I'm going t have to check out some of the cute styles you previewed.

    Take care and when life settles down, hopefully we'll be able to get together in person!


  5. My poor, sweet baby! Give him some kisses for me. I hate to think of him in pain.


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