Saturday, June 18, 2011

It appears as if the universe does not want me to be happy-go-lucky and positive.
It wants me to go apeshit crazy and live in a room with soft walls and timed meds. (seriously, does that sound so bad?)

Our town is the worst for trying to hire help. I am talking about the people with no skills, no motivation and no experience. 
We get so many applications turned in but very few (probably 5 %) actually want a job. If they put a phone number on the application, if we can get a hold of them, if we set up an interview and if they show up, they might stay but they might just do a shitty job so they can get fired and go back on unemployment.
Living on disability, unemployment and SSI are big in this town.
We know many business owners who struggle with this problem. You cannot find good help.
We have gotten much less picky too, we can train people to cook and serve. Sometimes you get lucky.
Usually you just get pissed off.

Here is a note to some FB "friends" I unfriended or chose not to accept this week: if we weren't friends in elementary/middle school/high school, it's a good chance we aren't going to start now. Life is short and I don't need new friends. 
To my friend who keeps emailing me websites that sell cheap (illegal) prescription drugs out of Canada? I told you to stop, you kept sending. I was hoping your email had been hijacked but since you haven't answered me, I am blocking you and unfriending you.

The flu is going around at work.  

We went to the city to run some errands yesterday. We took Mr. Funny's cousin from CA. I really like her. She is down to earth and level headed (unlike me) but we were talking about cars yesterday and looking at photos and I came across a photo of her 2 year old granddaughter in her car seat in a Ferarri with the top down. They also have a Murcielago Lamborghini, 3 H2 Hummers (work cars), an Escalade, an Excursion, a BMW, and a few others I can't recall.  This is the same cousin who has been inviting us to come see her for years. She has a couple of houses and a condo on the beach. Why haven't we gone there?
We are going to make time soon to get out to see her and the family. And the beach. And my husband might get to sit in/ride in/wash and wax the Lamborghini (his dream car).
My point is, I know they have worked their business from the ground up, I just never knew they did so well.
They have a beautiful yard with a pool and barbeque pit with a bar built in but they have little time to enjoy it and never go to the beach. Their 2 sons live close by though and use the facilities. They do get time to travel out of the country every year on business trips and include some fun in them though.
I have never been to CA. Betty, are you near Riverside?

I finally get my hair colored this week. It has been 10 weeks (I know!) but I have had a trim in between. I tried to make it for 8 weeks but I had to work on the days she had available and 9 weeks didn't work for her. I won't go this long again. I should have taken the 7 week appt. I can rarely find 3 hours of extra time in the day for my hair.

My MIL's birthday is tomorrow. We are having a few people over for cake later today but because she gets so tired, we decided not to have a dinner or invite many people.
For Father's Day, we will be working (very busy day) and I am handing out these:

"Candeee, I luv candeeee. Mom, pleez open dis box cuz I gots no thums"

I need to get to the grocery store today. I am out of everything.
Do you have this problem?

Why not finish that last sip?

I have to finish some laundry and get ready to leave. 

Happy Father's Day to my husband!!


  1. They don't finish that last sip because then they would have to rinse out the jug and put it in the recyling and that would be just too much effort. Can you tell, yes I do have that problem. Ha.

    You should always hedge your bets and go early to the hairdresser just in case...

    Doesn't the Big One have any friends that need a job?

  2. I want some candee. Good luck with the hiring. Thanks for the links for the EOS!!

  3. I live about two hours from Riverside (I live south of it now). I used to live just 30 miles from it before we moved. If you come to California, I WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER to get to meet you!! Really it isn't that far away, just have to figure out the logistics of it all, like time off from work, what to do with the dog, lose 50 pounds, that sort of thing.

    Wow, what does the cousin do for business? That seems amazing all they have accumulated.

    Riverside is about an hour from the beach (ish, not knowing which beach their condo is on). Maybe that's why they don't go there much.

    I am sorry it is so hard to find good help. Can I send hubby? He cooks well. He needs a job. Son does too. Can I send him too? Maybe we should all come, I just need to work wherever I can get internet and I'm sure your town has it :)

    Seriously, it is sad where there are jobs available and people not wanting to work. Here it is sooo opposite. And I think you guys are good employers! I don't think you take advantage of your help. Just sad.

    Candy is great to give out for Father's Day! Our old church used to do that. I thought it wasn't quite right the moms got a flower and the dads candy :)

    I hope your MIL has a nice birthday tomorrow and among the bittersweetness of it all, that the celebration is a joyful happy one.

    Happy Father's Day to your husband; great picture of you all!


  4. It's kind of like taking the last pickle... why put only one back? That reminds me, I need to clean out my refrigerator.

    Hope the fathers enjoyed their Father Day treats!

    It is a shame that work ethics are so shot - not just where you live - but in this country in general. It has become way too easy to do nothing and still get paid. *hops back off my soap box*

  5. You deserve a beach trip....hang in there! And sometimes it does seem that the world wants us to be mad-crazy-nuts, or maybe we are just focusing in the wrong direction?

  6. You should develop and train robots to wait tables. They don't need health insurance, have no attitude, and can work non-stop. I'm just saying.

    Thanks for calling B on Father's Day! That was sweet!


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