Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Little One turned 16 and all he got was this lousy Cards hat

We had a great weekend filled with fun, friends and family.
I was surprised Saturday morning to find out that 2 of my sisters (Mel and Deb) were going to make it after all and with the help of one of the little one's friends, we were able to get a few last minute invites.

Mr. Funny and I had a few surprises in store, one being a bicycle that he really wanted.

The other surprise was the car.

We had found him a car a few weeks ago and after he drove it and we did some research, we decided it was the one so we told him that it had sold and even cruised around the dealership a few times looking around for another one he liked as much as that one.
We had the windows tinted and hid it at the back of the car lot til Friday evening when our dealer brought it home and parked it in his driveway (he lives in our subdivision)
He ordered a huge red ribbon from the florist to put on top and she was supposed to deliver it to his house (she actually lives in our subdivision as well) which she dropped off Friday afternoon.

 Here is the text he (the car dealer) sent Mr. Funny on Saturday:

After running around like a maniac Friday and Saturday in the heat (even I was sweltering and I normally can never be too hot!) it all came together.
I met Mel and Deb for lunch as they pulled into town and forced them to go to the grocery store and to pick up the cakes and we got home, threw some decorations and food together and 

HAD A PARTAY!!!!!!!!

The bike was the only thing on his birthday want list

The party guests minus 1

When I say "jump!" people listen

sisters (no, there was no booze in Mel's cup yet)

Dad sneaks upon the unsuspecting child..

This is his "I am really excited" expression. The boy is laid back.

This is his "man I wish I had gotten a Nissan 370z like I asked for but this car has 5 star test ratings and mom and dad are paranoid so I will be happy" face.

"Driving around the hood. Crazy mom with camera in backseat. Must find a place to dump her body soon".

Italy cake. Because I am cool.

This is a gun he drew last year. I brought in a grainy iPhone picture and threatened the sweet girl at DQ not to screw it up. (JK) The first words out of his mouth were, "she forgot the trigger clip".

"I hope I get my driver's license on the first try so I can drive away from this crazy farm!"

iTunes cards are a huge hit with the teens. He got 4 of them. He buys bad music with them Like Daft Punk.

I got him some athletic shorts, a Cards hat and a ball. For crying out loud the kid needed something nice for his birthday!

Mel loves cake. And Mr. Funny. But cake more. Thank God nobody got pics of me snarfing cake.

The big one was sad because Lady Gaga couldn't make it for the party. Mel and I were too.
Then that night my sisters and I went out for a drink. We were lame and came home to watch Date Night and crashed at 2am.


  1. is that the coolest bike and the coolest car!! it doesn't seem possible that he is old enough to drive already! I'm trying to figure out when I started following your blog, but I know it was when you posted a picture of him going to church camp a few years back. He sure has grown in those years! He'll do wonderful in that car!!

    sounds like/looks like a great 16th birthday! I'm sure you all will remember it for a long time.

    I have to say, I think having Lady Gaga at a party sure could be interesting........


  2. Wow..the bike was nice..then the car! What a great gift!
    Love the photos! I have a child who shows no emotions, so I can spot the excitement in your sons face! :-)
    Looked a like a very happy day!

  3. Mel does not need cake. She also doesn't need un-cropped pics of her on a blog.

  4. You definitely know how to do it up right! What a great surprize for "little one". He's probably glad he hasn't dumped you yet. You're a pretty cool mom.

    It is cool that your sisters made it. I love it that you are so close to them.

    Hope you are surviving the cicadas and the heat. What a combo.


  5. Looks like a good time was had by all. Being sixteen is a big deal. Congratulations to your son. Now it's on to the next thing for all of you.

  6. Wow that was a great 16th birthday for your son! Nice bike but even nicer car! You have a great looking family!


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