Monday, June 27, 2011


I hadn't planned to write today but I started thinking that I used to blog almost daily and now I am trying to eke out one post a week.
These days I feel like I am just floating through the day, hoping for some good news to end the cycle of uncertainty.

We planned to go to the hospital this morning to give my brother-in-law (BIL)a break to go home and see his kids for a while, shower, nap, etc.
My husband asked one of the servers to come in and help our manager in my place. Sundays can be insane and it was nice to sleep a bit later than usual (9 instead of 6am)
The little one is still out of sorts since his bike wreck (chest, face, knee and shoulder are still bruised, chin still has a big gash) and I left him his cereal, chewy vitamins, fresh fruit and Advil out to make it easier to eat and then crawl back to the couch
We made some phone calls and drove to the hospital (an hours drive).
My MIL was asleep when we got there so I did some reading and Mr. Funny read the newspapers on his iPad until she awoke. We had a nice visit. She was feeling pretty good after her nap and we talked for 2 hours.

They put in a pic line today to help with fluid and nutrients and blood draws.
Her potassium was low and they are still trying to determine why food is passing so slowly through her stomach. The oncologist she is switching to has ordered all new scans to detect any progress of the chemo. They ran a brain scan yesterday to rule out a brain tumor and there was nothing. Thank God! They want to be sure the nausea, confusion and vomiting is not an issue with her brain. It could be the chemo, the lack of nutrients or dehydration from all the vomiting.

When she started her pain med, potassium and anti nausea drip, which knocks her out, we went to breakfast/lunch/dinner. That's how it happens sometimes. A cup of coffee, bottle of water and some Jolly Ranchers was all I had time for . Yes, I have a fridge full of groceries as I intended to eat fruit and veggies all week and cook dinner every night. Funny how plans get changed.
We decided on Olive Garden and had a nice meal despite our bipolar server. A quick trip to Starbucks for a vanilla latte (I was so tired - not sure why) and a few bottles of vitamin water for my MIL and back to the hospital.
She was sleeping soundly and my hubby snoozed (not to be confused with a NAP which he does not do) so I took my coffee and book outside to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and people-watch.
At about 8pm, we left because we had to stop by work and get home to the kids, 5 dogs and some more phone calls. We have kept most family and friends updated daily which amounts to quite a few phone calls.
The little one had gone to the restaurant for dinner and the big one was hanging out with friends so we spent some time with the dogs and I talked to little one about his day (boring, he said)and noticed his chin is healing nicely and he felt much better.

I got a few photos of funny things but am too tired to type any more now.
I intend on getting back to writing more again, this is, after all my journal.


  1. So sorry to hear about your MIL and the wee one having a mishap on his bike.

    I am swooning over all the shoes in your previous post. Especially the peacock flower gladiator sandals. I am a total Haviana snob when it comes to flip flops!

    Hope your week goes well!


  2. glad Little One is slowly but surely recovering but I am thinking it will be a bit of time before he completely feels back to his normal self.

    Glad you had a nice visit with your MIL and took the time to spend the day with her like you did. I hope they will be able to "fine tune" her potassium, etc so she can hopefully come home and be able to be at her own place as much as she can

    take care of yourself!!! I know it is stressful times for you all so do take care of yourself!


  3. I wish you lived closer to Columbia rather than Springfield. I have such faith in my Oncologist that I wish everyone could go to her. She is totally thorough and never takes the easy way out on anything. It is only the best for her patients. Hopefully the change is going to be a positive one for your MIL. She is in my prayers and so are you.

    Little one is lucky he wasn't hurt worse. I'm glad he seems to be healing nicely.

  4. Hey, I really enjoy your post. Thanks for taking the time, even tho I know it's crazy busy now. Have you heard of Caring Bridge? It's an online site you can update as frequently as you like. Your friends/family can check the site and you don't have to make a bazillion calls.
    And thank you for the sandal post. I found my next pair :) so the ratty ones will be retired shortly.
    Prayers for you MIL and the Little One. And special ones for you.


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