Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend in bullets.

  • Friday was "take the family to work" day. A cook called in sick, our busser called in sick and a dishwasher walked out (don't let the door hit you loser) and put us in a pickle so I came in to help and the boys all worked as well. Good times.
  • Saturday was cleaning day and then dinner with our friends. We drove to the lake and had Italian and then went to a place on the water for drinks and music. We were watching some dork dancing on his boat to Rhianna. There were some huge boats docked there. One was really rocking and we figured there must have been some action on board. Hey, we had 5 margaritas, we were having fun! We talked about where we are going for vacation in the fall when her hubby finishes chemo. They suggested Mexico, Destin Florida and the Keys. It is fun to talk about where we want to go but we kind of go day by day. I have no idea what the fall will bring.

  • We took the little one and his cousins to the lake to play mini golf and have lunch today. We just missed a huge thunderstorm and these little froglets were everywhere!!!
Look how teeny and cute I am!

I am in a rain puddle. Note that it looks like a lake cause I am the size of a pencil eraser.

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Somebody is way overdue for a haircut.  

  • We had pizza for lunch at this great little bistro and then Cold Stone for dessert.
  •  My MIL's niece is here from CA. for a week. My MIL was supposed to take Amtrak out to visit her before she was diagnosed with cancer.
  • My husbands sister is flying in on Thursday. She will visit alone for a while and then fly home until school gets out and bring the kids back for 8 weeks. I am not sure how this will work since her kids are little and my MIL naps a lot but the pool is open at grandmas and I am trying to make some fun plans for all of us to keep the kids busy.
  • We just finished the final draft of the new menu, we had to change a few things according to the franchise agreement. 

  • My husbands new Jeep has been in the shop the entire time since he has bought it. First it leaked, then they fixed the leak and put the door on wrong, then it leaked again, then the door was still wrong. He is so pissed at them. They think it is really fixed this time. This is a brand new vehicle.


  1. they sure don't make vehicles like they used to, do they? Hope the Jeep people get things ironed out so hubby can enjoy driving his new Jeep! how cute to go minature golfing!! Haven't done that in years!!

    those frogs are small! I can't imagine they being able to survive, but I guess they do!!

    a family who works together, stays together! glad all helped at work when the help was needed!! (can I send hubby to you? could you put him to work in your place? he does like to cook!!)


  2. Wish I was there to have Margaritas, too! I need a lake vacation!

    Those are the tiniest frogs I have ever seen.

    You look very pretty in your picture.

  3. we use to catch tadpoles and build them houses when they turned into baby frogs-the bad thing, the shoe box house kinda dried 'em out...
    Oh geesh, don't you HATE when NEW cars break....hope you didn't get a lemon :(

  4. It sounds like you've have some relief from the stress - or are handling it better. Work sounds terribly stressful but you seem to make it work as a family. Hooray for you!

    There are some huge boats on that Lake and they usually involve a lot of alcohol. They scare me when we are out on the Lake. The margaritas sure sound good, though. It was good to hear you were making plans for the Fall with your friends.

    Still keeping your MIL in my prayers.

  5. I like N's hair! Oh, and I'm gonna need a froglet. Please. It's the very least you could do for me.

    Oh, and my word verification is "spersom" which is like "sperm" combined with "person". Odd.


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