Saturday, July 2, 2011


I have 100 followers as of today and I had 100 followers a few weeks ago but when I clicked on that 100th person? It was a dude named Abdullah or Amhad or Arseface or whatever and he had a weird blog and reminded me of a terrorist so I blocked him.
I want to do an experiment so play along ok?
I realize that not all 100 people still read me and there might be others who read but don't follow publicly so in the comments, tell me you read me, that I make you smile, that you think I am stupid or whatever.
Or just say "present!". And then send me a present.
I am curious and I don't use a sitemeter or anything.
If you don't want to play, you can take your ball and go home and I will not be sad.

Here are some things that are going on around Funnytown:

The ice machine at work is broken. Friday was an insanely busy day and I think we killed it. And? Our refrigeration guy is also our friend who has cancer and is in the hospital. I am sure people won't mind a refreshing warm Pepsi on a 105 degree day. 

Our new air conditioner at work is working like a charm. We have a set temp of 73 which means they can turn it up if they are cold but not below 73. I freeze most of the time. Last year when it was this hot outside, it was 85 inside. If one employee complains about it being warm in there on Sunday, I will put my shoe in their spleen.

We got the test results back from the PET scan they did on on our friend D. There are cancer cells in the fluid in the sac surrounding his heart. He was positive that there wouldn't be so he is terribly depressed. He will have to continue chemo. At this point, the chemo is buying him time (isn't that all it really does?) and he is kind of fed up but I am keeping his wife's spirits up. Also, his counts are up so he might go home today!

My MIL only vomited once yesterday (at 7am) and kept juice and water and Jello down all day. If this keeps up, she might go home tomorrow or Monday!

Today is my sister-in-laws birthday (she doesn't read this or know a blog even exists) but Happy Birthday Kim!! See you Monday!!
Here is our sign at work:

We have a great location so I am going to have one of the guys add her maiden and married last names so all her friends will see it.

I was up until 4am tinkering around the house, washing towels, folding, cleaning things, organizing. I thought seriously about just staying up all night but eventually I zonked.

I am washing all the sheets today. The boys always tell me theirs aren't dirty and I have to threaten them with disease and cootie stories.

Yesterday was such a bad day, worse than the day before. My oldest son and I got into a huge fight and I took his car keys and he said he was moving out of state and he walked to my MIL's house and slept all day. He even quit his job (with us) but when I got home last night, he called and wanted to come home and told me he would keep working until he could get out of this town.

I cut all 5 dogs toenails the other night. Man they were clicky. I don't know what these boys are going to do when I am dead since I am the prime dog toenail clipper.

I have been drinking a lot of water lately. A lot. I think I have lost some weight because my arms look thinner and so does my face. Is there water in vodka because I plan to drink more of that too?

I guess we will be spending the 4th at home or with the entire family if my MIL is home. This might sound fun but with my BIL's 3 kids, my SIL's 3 kids? Yeah, no.
I will visit but then I will go home and silently drink until I pass out. Because screaming little kids are a nightmare. I guess anything will beat last 4th of July.


  1. Love your blunt card! ;-)
    Can your MIL take Zofran? It worked great for my mom with her cancer associated nausea-it comes in 4mg & 8mg. It's great stuff!
    Hope you have a great 4th!

  2. I am a relatively new follower and I LOVE your Blog and yes, you make me smile!

    When I had cancer my oncologist gave me Zofran too with my chemo and that kept me from getting sick and throwing up.

    Make sure to take some time to take care of yourself. I don't know how you do it all. You are amazing.


  3. I am here!! Duh I think you are great!

  4. I just started following your blog but have read it for about a of my faves! I enjoy your humor and energy. Please continue to post as I bet their are many out their (unofficial followers)like me that enjoy as well.

    I also am drawn to the blogs that originate from my home state...I feel you are probably in the same state from some of your posts!

  5. I am a follower but you dont make me smile you make me LAUGH!!!!! :)

  6. I check in with your blog at least once a day and have for over a year now. Sometimes you make me laugh, other times I cry. I worry about your troubles and delight in your victories. It's a great read and I'm glad you're here.

  7. follower! throwing you the ball, continue to play (and read)

    I'm sorry about your friend; that had to be devastating news if he was hoping for a better report. I'm glad your MIL is keeping down some food and might get to be released!

    I'm sorry about the big one; he just needs a few more years; they do mellow and some take longer to mellow but they do mellow.

    happy birthday to your SIL! Too cute to announce it like that on your sign!!

    take care of yourself!! you know I like to read you because of your sense of humor and your "I'm going to carry on no matter how bad it is going" attitude!!


  8. Hey Funny, clicked over from BB Pie and you're are funny. I'll be back to check you out from time to time - just to be sure you're still funny.

    Mary (

  9. I'm here. Google reader says I have 1000+ unread posts. I might be sitting here until tomorrow this time.

  10. Boys and sheets. Even the Hubby complains when I do our bed.."they were just getting comfy." UGH.

    Love, LOVE the card!

    Have a great Fourth!

  11. Hey there-- coming out of lurkdom to say 'Hi'! You do make me smile---I love your perspective on things and we have a lot in common. Love the fashiony part of your writing as well as the reflections on life and family. I don't have a blog, yet-- but I am not a creeper! Lol-- just a mom of 3 in WV! Take Care- Mila

  12. I've been a follower for at least a year. Maybe more. I love reading your blog! So sorry to hear but all the stuff your currently dealing with. I wish you all the best.

  13. Congratulations on the 100 followers. Please continue blogging, I don't always blog but always read your blog because you make me smile and cry, sometimes at the same time.

  14. Here's a Margarita in honor of your 100th follower. Cheers!

    I'm sorry to hear D's good news was short lived. So sad.

    I worry about your MIL with unrully kids running around... that is the last thing she needs!

    Hope you have a good, restful, 4th, no matter how you spend it!

  15. I have 197 followers and maybe get 5 comments..but I don't post much these days..btw what didn't you like about the hotel in Hawaii?

  16. I read your blog all the time. You have a very special way of making me feel like I'm about the laziest person on earth. =) I sympathize with you and all of your life's dramas.. and remember a simpler time in junior high when all we had to worry about were B.W.'s. Keep up the blog... You are wonderful at it and I absolutely LOVE your sense of humor.

  17. That card made me laugh out loud and so did 'foot in their spleen' comment. LOL

    I have been known to throw the sheets from college dorm beds away.

  18. I always read and I love yor blog, even though I am a total crap commenter. I suck, but am committed to improving. ;-)

    I'm so sorry things have been so tough with your MIL. I'm sending lots of thoughts and prayers her way.

  19. Vomit, toenails, vodka, birthdays and terrorists all in one post! THAT must be some kind of record!

  20. HERE!!! I think Abdule use to follow my blog too and I also blocked him...weird! Oh, I see LuLu is here, she is a DOLL!!!!

  21. Present! And reading! Just a week or so behind.


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