Saturday, July 16, 2011

Back. With pictures.

Hi friends!
I am still alive (although sometimes it is a stretch) but I haven't been feeling much like blogging.
Here are some things that have been happening in Funny Land.

*My MIL came home from the hospital last Tuesday. She feels great and coming home was the best medicine. Her sister and daughter are there along with 2 small annoying grandkids from Jersey.

*Tuesday morning I woke up at 5am sick as a dog. I actually threw up (something I avoid at all costs) and had some kind of stomach bug (which shall be blamed on the Mexican food the night before) which resulted in me calling in sick. Or poking in sick since my stand-in was sleeping next to me. He worked all day for me while I slept most of the day and then crawled to the sofa where I watched bad Netflix shows all day.

*We decided to price wood flooring this week. We decided on handscraped 5 inch planks and bamboo seems to be my favorite because of the dogs (looks distressed and bamboo is very hard) but the price is pretty steep. Let us just say that I will be wearing today's fashions all summer. And no new shoes. Or lipgloss. Fortunately, I think we may be able to swing some renovations this fall. Or early winter.

*I picked up some cute tops last week at Marshalls. I love that store.
Here I am in the dressing room. I ended up with the pink top and the cream one hanging on the door plus a gray one (not pictured)
I bought this one

not this one, but the one in back

*I saw this in a magazine and fell in love. It is even on sale at Pottery Barn. Sadly, I don't need it.

*I have been slowly cleaning the garage and going through the boys' closets. 
This makes them hostile.
The big one has way too many shirts and need to downsize. Seriously, he has 30 white Hanes tees.

*I am finally! having this dresser refinished. Ok, I cannot find a before photo of it but let us say that it was very worn and old. It was in my mom's foyer for years and it had been painted many a color over the years. I am having it stripped, painted and the original knobs restored to their glory.

*Last weekend- date night. We went to the lake in the Jeep with the top down (yeah, that didn't last long)
We had a great dinner (blacked tuna for me) and drinks (margaritas) and great conversation.

*Last night I was feeling cranky (as I have all week) so I called a friend and invited her for drinks. We went to our favorite Mexican place and had margaritas. The little one dropped us off (because we are responsible is what we are) and my hubby picked us up. We made plan for tonight to do a couples date.

*We are in talks about getting a pool. This is probably a far-off dream but a few of our neighbors have pools and we have plenty of space for one. Again, no new clothes or shoes.

*We are taking the boys on a day trip to the lake Monday. There is an awesome swimming area and they are both off work that day. 

*My husband just called to inform me that his cousin is in town from Texas. We are going over to my MIL's to visit awhile before meeting up with our friends for dinner. I have been avoiding going to my MIL's because there are always so many kids people over there and I am antisocial. I have been calling her every day and she is doing well so I haven't been too worried but I know I should spend more time over there. Between my SIL's bratty kids and the other nieces and nephews, I am pleased to opt out of gatherings. Call me a loser.

*Do you ever feel like you do the exact same thing every week? It's like Groundhog Day anymore.
We cannot ever get away alone between work and the dogs and kids. My MIL used to be able to take the dogs for a day or three but with her illness and my SIL's fear of dogs (Finn) we are stuck here. Bah!

*We did stop at the llama farm the other day. There was this eensie baby that I wanted to steal borrow. Then I got to thinking about what I would do with 4 dogs and a llama. It makes for a good blog title, no?

Do you see that lazy llama?
Pretty sure that big boy would have spit in my eye had I grabbed a baby.
Laaaazy llama, baby llamas, mean llama

Have a great week!!


  1. You're back! Oh how I've missed you since Thursday night! You need to come to my house. I have fake wood floors and a pool. I'll even let you bring one dog.

  2. Was worried something bad happened, since you hadn't checked in. Being home is indeed the best medicine for your MIL. I hate when bad food makes you sick. Glad to hear the effects weren't long lasting for you. LOVING that pink top. And those pillowcases and comforter are GORGEOUS. Cute little Llama. The flooring is definitely worth it. You'll be so-oo happy with the results.

  3. I love love LOVE your new layout! And I might need that comforter set. I buy comforter sets about like you buy tops and shoes.

  4. So glad your MIL is out of the hospital! I am sure she is glad to be sleeping back at her own house, no matter with all the company there.

    My advice about the pool. Really think about it. Your kids are almost at that age where they are outgrowing it, if you know what I mean. We sometimes think "pool" "yes" but just for a few hours here and there and then a year of maintenance and expense. They are wonderful; we had one, loved it, the kids were much younger. So do really think hard about it.

    Glad you go to see the llamas!!

    sorry about the stomach bug or bad food, glad it was easy to find a replacement to work for you!

    hang in there!!


  5. I loooooooove that pink top!!! I want it. On the other hand, I do not want that llama.

    I'm glad your MIL is home and doing better!

  6. i LOVE bamboo and since when do you NEED new bedding to BUY new bedding?? Oh yeah...bamboo and pool- never mind!!

  7. Yea for your MIL!!!! I'm glad she has rebounded a bit.

    A pool would feel mighty good right now, but the very thought of maintaining one has always kept me from having more than a fleeting thought about owning one.

    Wood floors are the best. Love em!

    Take care!


  8. Glad your MIL is better.

    You have excellent taste in clothes...I have the same shirt (like the pink one)in dark gray.

    You have 4 dogs? You guys are my kind of people. We have 5....soon to be 7 in two days. The llama wee one is adorable!

    LOVING the hair girlie and chic!



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