Friday, July 1, 2011

I didn't have time to post yesterday and I don't even think anyone is reading this blog anymore what with the 4 comments I usually get but it is my journal so I will continue on until I am fed up.
I went up to the hospital early yesterday.
My mother-in-law was awake and had lots to tell me.
She wanted me to know how important I am to the family and what she wants to go to who and basically I spent the day crying.
Our friend that has cancer is also there in the hospital on the same floor but a different wing so I spent years trying to find his room so I could say hi and his wife B and I could go to lunch.
My MIL was going in for a procedure to have a stent put in her stomach to allow food to pass through better so we had a few hours to kill.
It was just a really bad day. Our sick friend D was on death's door, blood counts low and zero energy. The chemo is kicking his ass. He slept all day.

B decided on Red Lobster and I spent most of the meal crying- I am sure the waiter thought I was berserk.
He kept refilling my iced tea and smiling encouragingly at me, I think he thought we were lesbians and she was breaking up with me over scampi.

She was telling me about the fish and pork chops she bought for our 4th of July BBQ we planned before everyone got so sick and we talked about how much time we had left with our loved ones and how we would like to go on that cruise or trip to Florida even if D wasn't with us and I realized that Red Lobster is not that good.
Service was amazing though, I highly recommend going to lunch and crying the whole time, the server is so busy trying to make you happy.

And Oh Em Gee it was hot yesterday.
Like 110 hot. When you walk out of that hospital, which is cold enough to hang meat, out to the 13th level of hell, you can feel the difference.
As you know I like me the heat but when you are exhausted and your eyes are puffy and your head throbs, notsomuch.

So after lunch, we took a trip to the mall so she could pick up some things at American Eagle and we were the oldest, fattest, pastiest girls at the mall. 
Seriously, tan much? Eat anything?

We went to Forever 21, AE, Charlotte Russe, Macy's and Coach and I bought nothing.
My husband just passed out.

When we got back, my MIL had returned from her procedure and was asleep so I napped too until the nurse came in to give meds and when my MIL woke up she started vomiting which lasted on and off the rest of the night until I left at 11. We are going to blame the anesthesia because she never reacts well to it and hopefully she feels better today.

My SIL will be here from New Jersey Monday with her 3 kids and I don't know if we will be able to do anything fun after all so I will just make a list of things we need to do around the house and get those done instead. I don't know if my MIL will be out of the hospital then so one of us will need to be there or her house while my BIL picks up his sister at the airport.

I got to work around 12 last night and hubby and I spent an hour putting the new menus in their sleeves and talking about the day. We went home after that and I went straight upstairs to wash my face, brush my teeth and to bed.

Oh, my sandals came yesterday. They fit and are adorable and I am still married and I never even heard a word about it.

This morning my hubby woke me at 10 (my neck is out and head is hurting) and handed me my phone which had a text or a voicemail from every person I know including one from B telling me that D was feeling great today and his levels are up and they are taking him for a PET scan now to see how much the cancer has changed since he began his chemo. I called her and she is in a great mood and said our plans for the 4th are back on because he is going home tomorrow. I hated to ruin her mood so I left out the part where I have no idea what our plans are anymore.

So today, we are crossing our fingers and praying that her hubby has a clear PET scan, he continues to improve, my MIL is able to eat her clear liquids, keep them down and graduate to soft food and eventually get off the feeding tube and eat regular food, go home, try the clinical trial drug and be cured.

Not too much to wish for from our amazing God, right?

I hope you all have a great and safe weekend doing what ever it is that you do for the holiday.


  1. Your MIL is a smart woman! You are definitly the glue to the family for sure!

    I'm glad you're still married and of course he didn't say anything! Hello, you just spent the day with his mom, for Pete's sake! Smart man. :)

    I'm glad things for D are looking up too and can do whatever your plans were/are on the 4th. :)

    Sounds like a good plan for the MIL. Nope not too much to ask. Miracles do happen. ♥

    Have a great 4th!

  2. With all you've got on your plate I can't believe you found time to write. Hang in there. Prayers to your MIL and friend. The sandals looked awesome. Enjoy the little things. Happy 4th.

  3. Treasure those words from your MIL; I am sure every single word of them was true about you; treasure them and remember them in the days ahead. She gave you a great gift with them. believe you me.

    I hope whatever and however you decide to celebrate the fourth that those you love and those you want to be around your table can all be there feeling the best they can! and I pray God gives you all a period of rest; this stress has got to be soooooooo hard to continue to live with from day to day and you guys have been in a long season of stress.....

    hugs to you


  4. I wanted to tell you that I stayed at the same hotel that you did in Hawaii! I founf your blog thru Sonya's and spotted the exact same picof the hotel I had!! Anyaywa..I'm Lyn..crazy Brit expat living in Florida...

  5. So now you know at least 5 of us read your blog :) I DO love reading it, because it makes it easier to laugh at my life.
    More prayers for your MIL and friend B. And maybe take a breath and look at the pictures Lyn was talking about. Remember how calm and peaceful it was? Well . .(deep breath in, blow it out.)
    Just want you to know you're not alone.c

  6. I am still here dear... Just haven't been around blog land much lately. Treasure those words from your MIL and treasure here. Your insane world has been unbelievably insane these past few weeks. My prayers are still being sent your way.

    Hopefully things cooled down for you today like it did here.


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