Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I just have a minute but I wanted to touch base on my MIL.
We left last night when my husband's sister got to the hospital. It had been a helluva day.
Her blood sugar got so high that they told us she was basically too high maintenance for the amount of nursing staff they had and she would have to go to ICU to be better monitored.
I said "no, no we won't go" and told them we liked it there and wouldn't be allowed to stay with her all the time in ICU and the doctor said he would give her some more insulin and if her glucose went down a lot, she could stay.
We went to Chik Fil A (my favorite but not so much my hubby's) and stopped at Best Buy and my MIL called me and said they had tested her and it was down.
We were so happy!!
When we got back, we took her around the block (nurses station) and back to bed.
She just looked and felt horrible all day and I was so upset the entire way home and didn't sleep at all last night because I kept thinking that she might never come home from the hospital at all. All these stupid things keep popping up and even though it is an incurable and aggressive cancer, we want as much time as we can get with her and getting her home and around her family and flowers and yard and friends would do wonders for her.

This morning I was planning to work for 2 hours and then drive up to see her with the boys and when I called she was awake and off of all of the IV's. The doctor decided that her tpn (food bag) was too high in glucose, which was what was causing the problems, and she has been able to keep liquid food down (soup, yogurt, Jello) so he is giving her oral antibiotics and nothing else (except the nausea meds when needed and of course a pain pill).
She got up, ate, took a shower and washed her hair (she wanted to so bad yesterday but didn't have the energy), went outside by wheelchair and walked around, came back, had lunch and did not take one nap!!
I think my SIL was the good luck charm (although my husband said it was all that praying so I agree with him)
When we got there today, we had visited for about 10 minutes when my BIL showed up with his 3 kids and 2 of my SIL's kids and the room was full. My youngest nephew is a brat, his mother wants to be his friend and doesn't like to say no so I knew that things were going to get irritating soon so we left.
I planned to stop at Target and Marshalls but my own kids were acting like 5 year olds and arguing so I changed my mind.
Also, 2 of my oldest friends that I reconnected with on FB called me yesterday after seeing a post about me being at the hospital and I talked to each of them. Then a girlfriend I haven't seen since she moved 6 months ago offered to come sit with me at the hospital (she lives nearby) and said I could sleep in her guest room. I had been so lonely the night before (my hubby went to bed early) and felt like the only person in the world and then God answered my prayers.
I saw the most beautiful fireworks on the way home and was sad that we didn't get to go to the lake or sit by the pool and BBQ while everyone else was having fun but I was where I needed to be.
Now that my SIL is here and my MIL's sister will be back in a couple days, my services are no longer needed and I can get back to my messy house and dogs and work and kids and groceries.
I am hoping to be able to get away with my husband for a night (or 2???) to our favorite place in Eureka or maybe a new place while there are so many people around to help out.

I am so disgusted that Netflix took Californication off their page when I was just getting into it.
My husband surprised me with 3 seasons of it yesterday. 


  1. so glad MIL is doing better...you are such a good DIL..it's starting to get ridiculous how parallel our lives are..I helped take care of my FIL for a year before he died..he was in and out of hospital..hospice etc...
    All I can tell you is savour every minute..and if she likes her home and her garden and her flowers..get her there which sounds like you are..
    I'm cheering you on from the sidelines... :-)

  2. God works in misterious ways. Good to know you can get back to your own craziness, for now.

  3. Hi! Popped over from Bye, Bye, Pie! Thought I should get around to checking out the blogs of the commenters after all this time!

    I am sorry you have loved ones dealing with cancer. I know it sucks.

    Laurie S. from TN

  4. answer to prayers about your MIL and connecting with a friend who offered to come and sit with you at the hospital or have you sleep in her spare room. Something I prayed for you all was that people would "love on you" and help out with what was needed; seems like a great answer indeed!! Thank you Lord!

    hope you do get a chance to go away for a day or two with hubby, that break could be very nice indeed!



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