Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Is there a doctor in the house?

I just got home from work and after packing a bag, I am on my way back to the hospital.
She had a CT scan this morning and we are waiting for the news on that.

I have a habit of Googling everything.
Every drug my MIL is on has been Googled for side effects, drug interactions and proper spelling.
We keep a notebook of every medical procedure that is done, what is given to her and what time.
OCD much?
The doctor removed her feeding bag yesterday because he said it was causing her glucose to spike. I had mentioned to my MIL that one of the anti-nausea steroids she is on has a warning on their drug website about it being dangerous for diabetics (she isn't a diabetic but lately with all of the glucose issues, they have been giving her insulin and feeding her a low sugar diet) but I assume the doctors know what they are doing.
This morning, my SIL called me from the hospital and asked me why I never went to medical school (hmmmm...lack of money, not smart enough, don't like vomit, hate biology) because I was right. The drug was what was making her glucose spike.
So I am a Google doctor. 
Also on other occasions, I will look up symptoms and figure out what people have. I was certain i had shingles years ago and after looking up all of my symptoms, I made a doctor appt. and told him what I had. He laughed and told me 30 year olds did not get shingles. I assured him I had them. He looked at my sores, asked my symptoms and inquired if I was under stress (under, over and around) Yep, I had shingles (which suck by the way)

I also have this weird ability to think of someone and they call or I see them. I will think I should call my hubby and as I pick up the phone, he calls or when I am out of town, I will send him mental messages to call and then he does. I will talk about a customer we haven't seen in a while and they will come in that same day for lunch. I can also tell a lot about a person and how they behave in the first few minutes of meeting them. I always sit in on the interviews at work anymore because I can sense if they are going to be a good employee (I have been wrong)

So this proves that I am more than a little odd.


  1. I choose to peg you as "gifted" as opposed to odd. In my book "gifted" (as well as odd) is a good thing.

  2. What am I thinking right now? Just kidding.
    I have known other adults to get shingles, too, so they most certainly can get them.

    I have trained myself not to look anything up on Web MD anymore.

  3. glad they got the offending drug out of your MIL's regimen and that they listened to you! It is good that you guys keep such good records with the treatment she is getting; that way you can go back and look at trends etc. I don't think you are odd; perceptive perhaps :)


  4. I'm a google doctor, too! I go head for head with the docs and I'm usually right.

    And there's nothing wrong with being psychic, that's a gift.

    So sorry about your MIL's tough illness. I'll keep her in my prayers.

    Oh, and I got to go to U2 for the 4th time this tour! Thanks for the link to your friend and mine, since any U2 fan is a friend, but I've got some pretty great shots to drool over. Thank you though for thinking of me!

  5. You are the Google queen. Nothing wrong with being intuitive either. Hoping your MIL has a better time of it. You are a godsend to her, I am sure. Take care.

  6. I'm behind on posts but have read back. What a roller coaster ride! Bothyour MIL and you continue to be in my prayers. Keeping the journal is a great idea. I, too, research everything on the internet and because of that I diagnosed my breast cancer (inverted nipple) and Lupus (every symptom there was). Now when the Drs. tell me something, they know I will come back with questions. It is the way of today's world (or at least should be).

    Hope you MIL is doing better again now that the sugar spiking pill is gone.

    Oh, and BTW, I've had shingles twice. I was in sixth grade the first time (the doctors were in shock) and pregnant with Julie the second time. They are awful!

  7. You aren't odd, you're intuitive.
    As for the shingles, well, pfft...that doc was right out of 'er...shingles is seen in adults of all ages. Dr. Google is the best, must to the frustration of the doctors who wrote exams and think they know more than she (Dr.Google) does!


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