Monday, July 25, 2011

Michael tow the Jeep ashore, hallelujah

Today we almost died.
Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit.

My husband has wanted to go to the river for a while to relax and drive in the water and "4 wheel around", he calls it.
So we did.

Then we went to pick up the little one (because who really wants to die alone) and went to a different river bed which was pretty dry due to the lack of rain we have had.

yes I brought my Coach bag to the river

And we got stuck.

After spinning his tires, trying different ways to get unstuck and realizing that we were high-centered on gravel, had no phone service, my husband walked around to the other side where he was met with a nice man carrying 2 beers and a pack of smokes offering his assistance. My prayers were answered! (although sometimes God has a sense of humor) I was so happy thinking that he was going to offer me that beer but I soon realized it was a spare for himself.

dude looks like he is expecting
look at those arms!

making a plan

husbands brother arrives with his friend

Not sure why Mike's friend took off his shirt, seriously.

Anyway, he did have phone service and let my hubby call his brother (the guy's wife was wary of my husband (as I was of hers!) but when she realized the ax murderer had a wife and kid sitting in a Jeep in 3 feet of water, she eased up.
Meanwhile, the little one and I (mostly me) pondered the following things:

1.) would we see a snake?

2.) would the snake be poisonous like a water moccasin?
3.) would a water moccasin get in the car and bite me/us?
4.) how would we get out if the snake got in? the driver's side window? the back door? I needed a plan!
5.) should I wait to drink my water in case I became dehydrated?
6.) if I had phone service, I would also have internet which would mean that I could post this situation on FB and also my blog
7.) and also call for help
8.) what is taking so long over there with my husband? have they beat him on the head and stolen his wallet?
9.) is a duvet cover from Pottery Barn a good gift for one's wife when you subject her to this kind of trauma?
10.) does anyone know where we are or even miss us yet?
11.) is this funny enough to blog about?
12.) is my husband's brother and his friend, who works for us, going to laugh at us?
13.) I had to pee
14.) what would we eat? 
15.) could we catch a fish and eat it? wait, I am afraid of fish too
16.) this Degree deodorant is really working!
17.) is my son scared?
18.) how long is my husband going to sit there with that look on his face and if I giggle will he push me out of the vehicle?
19.) we should think of some good water songs, a sing-a-long sounds fun!

20.) I need some lipgloss, where is my purse?
21.) it is going to be dark soon
22.) I am not a wilderness type of girl
23.) how bad does my husband feel for getting us stuck here?
24.) does anyone else out here have a blog and are WE going to be in it tonight?
25.) does that guy have any more Busch Light
26.) do I LIKE Busch Light?

and the little one was thinking:
Lord, please make my uncle get here soon so I don't have to spend one more minute trapped in this car with my mom who thinks we are goners

Luckily, my BIL was on his way out of state to pick up a load of scrap stuff so he was only 20 minutes away. He also had some people with him so after a few tries, he pulled us out.
There was gravel in the wheels and brakes and the Jeep made the most horrible noise while we passed the other families swimming in the river and staring. We stopped to thank the beer guy who mentioned that it was a $1,000 fine if conservation caught you driving in the river.
Before he left us, my BIL said "so I guess your wife won't be letting you take her 4 wheeling for a while, eh?

Untitled from Funny in My Mind on Vimeo.

Anyway. We are home and alive.
We picked up pizza, sprayed the gravel out of the wheels (which need new rotors and pads), showered and made it home in time to give the dogs dinner.

Next Monday, I get to pick what we do.


  1. How funny because i was swimming in the river today, and I watched these people get stuck, and I couldnt wait to blog about it! And those were some pretty legit questions.

  2. deserve that duvet for the crap you went through waiting to get pulled out!

    I had to gigglesnort at the things you were pondering and "dude looks like he's expecting" comment...I actually laughed so much a little bit of coffee came out my nose. TMI.


  3. OMG! flipping the look on your sons face...LOL

  4. Glad you survived the ordeal. You really need to milk this opportunity to now do what you want, after all that. Personally I'd start with the duvet and go from there.

  5. LOL! What an adventure and a story you told! Glad it got worked out in the end. I'm sure whatever you plan for next Monday will be so much more tame and funner than this adventure! One day you guys will laugh about it!!


  6. I would so be worried about that purse getting wet. The good thing is that it's white and you could have waved it in the air to flag down the rescue helicopter, need be.

  7. Found you through my friend LuLu and I'm happy she sent me your link!

  8. I definitely think this warrants a duvet cover, at least.

  9. Lordy! Even your relaxation moments turn into wild adventures!
    Loved your thought process too, I totally would have thought all that too. Well, maybe some of it. Ha.

  10. You have the prettiest eyes, I swear! Just sayin'!

    Life is an adventure. That includes dudes who are expecting! What a beer belly!


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