Monday, July 4, 2011

No fireworks but I am still having fun

At the hospital today. I came here yesterday and spent the night.
My MIL was improving until yesterday. When we got here, her blood pressure, and glucose (blood sugar) was very high. They were able to control it with insulin and different blood pressure meds but she has an infection.

We have been keeping a log book to journal the days, meds, what she eats, how she feels etc.
I finally took an Advil pm at 2am so I could sleep and at 3:30 this morning, they were in here (loudly-sheesh RUDE) and I had to crawl out of my stupor to write. Her blood cultures had come back and the infection was worse so they added another antibiotic to her others.
The doctor on-call told us that the infection was most likely caused by the stent in her stomach. When they did the surgery, there is blood and tumors and tiny bacteria come in and ruin the day.
So going home Tuesday is out and we shall party on.
Her daily goal is to beat the infection and go #2 (then there will be fireworks!) fun times is what we are having around here. Plus? I got to tell her what a shart is. After the prune juice and Dulcolax, you don't want to fart and get a surprise!!)

The good news is that I have had time to read, relax and pray, catch up on FB and blogs, make a few phone calls and drink an insane amount of coffee.
Also, the nurses are adorable, the one today looks like Kristin Dunst. The aide last night was a dead ringer for John Cleese. Sadly, he wasn't as funny so I kicked him out.
I saw some beautiful fireworks from the windows (yea 7th floor!)

I am so touched by your comments. I feel so fortunate being able to make you laugh (and cry, my power is endless) my mother would be so proud! She always made people laugh, although I tend to lean towards sarcasm.

I am waiting for my sweet husband to get here so I can enjoy a little sunshine and have lunch. I need to work tomorrow so I am going home later.

I saw some people who are customers from work while I was in the waiting room during suppository time. They took his mom off dialysis permanently and are just waiting for her to pass. I was there a few years ago and it is torture, I told them I would be thinking about them.

Our friend who was here in the hospital went home, he will resume chemo and try to continue to fight. He says "buying time" but isn't that what we are all doing?

Have a great day!


  1. we are all buying time, some can just buy more of it than others, but all of our eventual outcomes are all the same

    Sorry to hear about the setback with your MIL, but I'm glad to hear you got some nice nurses aiding with her care (I think nurses are the backbone of the hospital in my opinion).

    I'm glad you had a chance to see fireworks and sit and relax for a bit. I'm just sorry it was in the setting of the hospital.

    However you spend the rest of the day, I hope it is a pleasant one!


  2. Praying that the infection clears up quick and you guys can have your fireworks..
    I love your sense of sarcasm!! LOL

  3. awwwww, honey you are doing sooo gooood despite your circumstances. and God love you, your humor sustains you and all of us throughout it all! Bless you and your family!! i am so sorry your mil is having to battle an infection on top of everything else. but i wholly believe in prayer and if you are faithful in that, she will come through it. God is good.

    well, i made it to chicago, i'm in a hotel as i write this. on my way to nebraska. i just couldn't make it another 8 hours. so, i should make it tomorrow. finally....i will see my sisters. yeah! i left on friday! but i saw some good friends along the way. it has been fun. take care my friend. get some rest. xoxox

  4. You are right - we are all just buying time. You MIL's set back is such a shame. It sounds like you are staying strong and positive for her - and let me tell you, that is the best thing you can do (next to prayers of course).

    Your fireworks and #2 remark definitely caused me to have to wipe my screen. Shame on you!

    Positive thoughts coming your way. Hugs.


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