Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ode to my sister and some extreme fashion that we best avoid

Not much to say but I hate to get out of the blog loop again.

Today is my baby sister's birthday. They are all going out to dinner tonight (wish I was there!!) but I did talk to her and Mel awhile and vented about my life. She was probably wishing she had let her voicemail get that call! ; )
Happy birthday J!!!!

J and her son Moose. He eats dirty underwear. He loves me best.
J and her starter husband. He still needs some training but it takes years people. He is funny so we let him stay. The first time I met him, I poured a beer on my husbands lap. They both fear me. It works best that way.

J wears many hats, law school student,  sister, aunt, dog mom, geisha girl, New York City party girl, and soldier. There is a war going on in our legal system and she plans to fight it.

It is hot. Surface of the sun hot. And humid. I really love this weather. I think. maybe love is a strong word.

I spent some time at my MIL's over the weekend watching the kids swim in the pool. When I put my feet in the water, it too was hot. And damn we need some rain!

We are looking for a few new employees. I decided to put an ad in the paper, on our marquee and online. Dear sweet fancy Moses we have gotten a lot of applicants. A blog post in itself.
The dude with the neck tats, the 187 year old woman, the braless skank, the list grows.

Apparently bath salts are the new meth. It is bad here. It can kill you, crystallizes in your veins. Gives
new meaning to the phrase "Calgon take me away"

My MIL isn't doing well. I won't dwell on it today.

I really want to buy that duvet cover and shams. I cannot stop thinking about them. 

My hubby and I watched Unknown the other night. Good movie. I have a huge stack of movies I want to watch, 3 seasons of Californication and still want to go see Horrible Bosses. 

My summer shows include Drop Dead Diva, The C Word and Weeds. Beyond that, there is nothing on tv.

August is almost here and it going to be a crazy stupid month. Band camp, the gospel music festival, our gm going out of town for 2 weeks (bitch) and all of the family coming and going to visit my MIL. It feels like I missed the entire summer. I did spend a month hiding in the house from the cicadas though.

Have you seen these pants? U G L Y  
Harem pants. Another way to make women look ridiculous.

These are marked down from $600. To $200. Shame on you Stella, ew!

Our internet service has been awful for the past 2 months. I don't know what I did before it.

My friend posted this old photo on FB.
I am top right. The cool one.

It looks like we went to a "special" school. I think it was funny hat/sunglasses day. Apparently it was shorty shirt day for one young man. The girl in the very middle is quite serious, except for the antennas on her head and the Laura Ingalls outfit. The boy on the bottom left was my true love. He tried to friend me on FB and I remembered writing I love ****** in my notebooks. The girl next to me, Chris, posted this photo. We were BW's (butt watchers) and we always stared at the boys butts and made them squirm. We were mature.


  1. And annotherr comment with a misssspellingg.

  2. Did you know when I wrote "peak" I meant to go bak and changee it, but didn't have no damn time in my damn daye.

  3. Those are some of the most ugliest pants i have ever seen!

  4. Aww thanks for the post!!

    I am totally in love with that sheet set too! Where is it from?

    That pic of you is hilarious! But I have to admit, I couldn't take my eyes off that guy in the midriff-baring shirt! Um....?

  5. Thanks for the fashion tips. Happy Birthday to your sister. Good luck with the job applicants, no doubt you could write a book. I don't mind the heat, it's the humidity and dewpoints that's got me peeved. Stay cool. Buy the duvet. Life is short.

  6. That picture...and your comments...LOL! made my day. On the mend from this stupid cold I have...and this post..the highlight of my day. Thank you!

  7. I used to wear those Harem pants the first time they came out..I'll pass this time around! I don't need any extra material between my legs...
    Sorry to hear about your is fry an egg in your driveway hot here...

  8. I can't even imagine what kind of applicant trash you have to sift through to get to the good stuff.

    I think it was Chris Brown that was wearing those harem pants recently, and there isn't anything a soul on earth or in heaven could do to get me to put a pair of those on.

  9. Um. It was shorty shirt day for more than just one young man. A certain young woman on the back row, fourth over from the left also partook of that celebration. She shouldn't have, but she did. Oh, and I'm still trying to figure your jeans out. I'm pretty sure they are like the ones you are talking about on this very blog.

  10. I am in total agreement. Those pants are hideous. The sheet set is divine. It is too damn hot to do anything - even for a sun lover like you. Am glad you got lots of applicants, now if you could just add quality in there somewhere.

    I'm keeping your MIL in my prayers.


  11. I am loving this post! I love hearing what is going on in other people's lives. I am nosey. Period.

    The duvet cover and shams are fab.

    The first picture of those pants looks like the back side of the baby's fully loaded diaper. MC Hammer returns!

    Hope you find some decent employees!



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