Saturday, July 30, 2011


You know how life just goes along and every once in a while, it throws a monkey wrench and effs up your day?
Not around here. Life throws us anvils and sledge hammers and the occasional chain saw.

The week started off busy because we are trying to hire a few people to replace a.) a long-time cook who is moving and b.) a few cooks who are useless (as my husband says, "you either get it or you don't") plus a dishwasher who I would like to torture and c.) a server.

What we got was a huge stack of applications with little experience and not much to pick from. We weeded through them, hired 2 people who so far are fantastic and we continued to interview others. During this time, a fairly new employee decided to leave early to go to the ER and never come back (he has 99 problems and a bitch ain't one) a server quit (no loss- she was awful) and today, one of the losers who we wanted to weed out didn't show up.

Combine all this with the huge music festival in town starting yesterday and going through next weekend, the exhaust fan in the kitchen not working (it is 130 in there) and all the other stuff going on and I am ready to go.

Last year this time, our air conditioner was slowly dying and we were taking turns between sweating and sweltering while trying to make our customers as happy as possible in the heat. A new ac unit was not in the budget and trying to keep our existing ac working was a full time job. 
Now we are waiting for someone to fix the exhaust in the kitchen before the crazy week begins.
(as I was typing this, my hubby called to tell me they found a new exhaust motor in another town so our friend who also fixes our ac and fridge stuff (the one with cancer) is on his way to pick it up for us.)

Wednesday I took my MIL for her oncology appt.
He told us that without chemo, she has 4-6 months to live.
Her doctor asked if she wished to restart her chemo which would probably give her another 2 months on top of that.
She told him she wanted to talk to her kids and get back to him.

We all knew the statistics. This cancer is not curable and from the time of diagnosis, you are lucky to live for a year but we had hope that she would be miraculously healed either by the chemo or by God and have many more years with us..
We still have hope and I know that she will be healed in the end whether it be on earth or in Heaven.

I know they say God doesn't give you more than you can handle but my whole life, I have felt like he really tests me.
My husband continues to be upbeat and positive which pulls me through so I guess God sent him to me 22 years ago so I could get through this insane life without going out of my mind or ending up in prison for murder.

I got my hair cut yesterday. I decided to go back to layers (after growing them out for a year)

My husbands Jeep had a slow tire leak this week. The tire guy said it was caused by a rock.
Or maybe a piece of river gravel?????????

I finished Hunger Games last night. I highly recommend it to you.
I need to get the second book in the series.

When I was getting my hair done yesterday, she put some pretty new lipgloss on me.
I HAD to have it because clearly, I have none.
(I didn't get it because I realized I already have that one)

This is just the bag in my purse. I actually have quite a bit more in the bottom of my purse and in my makeup bag upstairs. And yes, I use them all. That pill is a Zyrtec, if you care.

The little one starts band camp Monday. He is section leader so he had to go teach the freshmen baritones Thurs. and Fri. from 7:30 am to noon and he was fed up but confident on day one.
"They came in there knowing nothing and now they know most everything about marching and they still have a week to go" he said.
"Except one kid, he isn't teachable, he knows it all, wants to do it HIS way and he will not listen to me. You either get it, or you don't".

That's the spirit, my sweet boy, you do take after your dad.
Cause if he took after me, that annoying band kid would be waterboarded.


  1. What a big mess with all the hiring and the A/C. Yuck!!!

    Your hair looks adorable!

    I can't believe it's time to kick off band camp already!

  2. You have really been through the ringer this week...the good thing is, you still look fabulous! I am loving the new do. My hair started falling out about 2 weeks ago so I am rocking a buzz cut now and I love it!

    I can't believe there is someone that has more lip gloss than I do.

    Sending prayers for MIL.

    Hope your exhaust fan gets fixed quick!

    Onward and upward.


  3. I came over from Pieland where I've been reading your comments. I offer a comment now and then but mostly just lurk about.

    I've read through some past blogs and have gotten the gist of what you are dealing with right now. Cancer sucks - Even though I prayed and prayed that God would heal him, my husband/Best Friend died in 05 to esophageal C. I like that you are honest about your pain yet maintain a sense of humor. Being able to find SOMEthing to smile about --that is what gets us through the bad days.

    Don't mean to sound creepy or anything but I would kill to have your hair and your awesome lipstick collection...heehee

    -susie b-

  4. Will be praying for your MIL. I hate cancer. My mom had cancer but it was controlled, and she ultimately died from a heart attack.
    You really don't look like someone who's been married 22 years-unless you got married at 8! You look so young!

  5. Sorry about your MIL. No words can heal the hurt of knowing her time is about up. There is an ebb and flow to our existance. Keep your chin up. This too shall pass. All of it. Both my daughters were in the marching band back in the day. It's fun but exhausting. LOVING your hair. Would you believe I only own one lip gloss? It's my favorite shade and I wear nothing else.

  6. thinking about you guys. your hair looks fabulous!hope the exhaust is fixed soon.

  7. Enjoy the time you have left with her. We will all continue to pray.

    I'm not a big lipgloss girl, but I have a ton of eyeshadows.

    Good luck with the whole work mess.

  8. Oh and your hair looks great!

  9. Love your hair and love, LOVE your top! You look fabulous given all the crap you're going through. Keep smilin'

  10. Gosh, you make me laugh. Sending prayers for your MIL.

  11. love the hair is it one or a few colours they use? Love the top and sorry about your MIL sending prayers your way

  12. Cancer is a Bitch (Debbie would be proud of me for typing that)

    I like your hair every way you've had it!

  13. Whoa, Chachie! I AM impressed!

  14. When it rains, it pours, doesn't it? BTW, I had to laugh at the picture of lip glosses!

    I'm sorry about the MIL... and everything else you've been through this past week.

    God gave you a sense of humor, and I like it!


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