Friday, August 26, 2011

Good morning!
It is indeed a good morning because I can breathe through my nose and I am feeling almost human again.
Some tidbits for you today before I start my busy Friday:

*Mr. Funny and the big one went to buy books today. As in college books. He went to the local college campus to enroll yesterday and came back disappointed because the classes were so expensive. Dad immediately offered to pay for classes and books with the agreement that the big one would pay us back each time he got paid. He is only taking a couple of classes and still working for us. I am not sure if he is taking the online class option or going to the small campus here in town but it is a start.

*The little one marches at his first football game of the season tonight. I am not going. I was asked to make funnel cakes for the concession stand but politely declined. I burned myself out last year so I plan to lay low this year and next. I will go to the marching competitions and parades though and cheer him on like a maniac. I will not miss the 4 am trailer loading, concession stand stocking and cleaning and the politics that go with it all.

*All of the relatives are gone from my MIL's house. My husband's sister and her 3 kids went back to the East coast (in time for the quake) and school starts soon after Labor Day for them. My husband said his sister had a very hard time leaving her mom. She will be back sometime sans kids.  My MIL's sister is there with her until "whenever" and she really is the best caregiver. She was here to take care of my FIL when he was dying of cancer years ago and she has been a hospice nurse in the past as well. She and my MIL are very close and I feel peace that she is here now.

*We are having the best weather. It is in the 90's during the day with no humidity and down to the 60's at night. I sat on our upper deck off of our bedroom yesterday with a good book for an hour and just relaxed. I even got a bit of color to my skin.

I did find a shirt I was coveting at Anthro on sale this week. I love the cut and simple lines. Perfect for work.
I love the stripes and the oatmeal color.


*Tomorrow morning we are going to one of our favorite places. Just a mini vacay but a night away from here.
We are going to relax by the pool, eat some great food, and enjoy each others company. We need some time away and we were able to cover our work shifts and make it happen. I remembered to charge my camera battery and hopefully I will also remember to take photos. It is supposed to be an amazing weekend weather wise.

*My sisters and I are planning our Christmas shopping/my birthday/ getaway weekend in December. I am really hoping J, who has law school finals, will be able to join us this year! We had such a good time last year and with more time to plan this year, we will have an even better time. I want to continue the tradition of massages/pedicures at the Crescent Hotel, Christmas shopping on the square and maybe a ghost tour. And eating and drinking things that are bad for us. There will definitely be a visit to our new favorite bar where we will get our Gaga on. I am a bad dancer but I plan to practice this year. Where will I find some new, cool dance moves? You Tube?

*I want one of these!!! I am trying to convince myself that the price is worth it. I tried to tell my hubby about them. I told him that there is a place where you can put all of your schedules. Like working out ("but you don't really work out daily") and everyday things. He pointed to my stupid iPhone and said it does all of that. Hrmph.

I have a million things to do today so I better get off here.
Have a great weekend!!!!


  1. Congrats to the big one for taking the first steps towards returning to college. Hooray!

    It is probably a smart move not joining in the concession stand madness this year. You seem to definitely have enough on your plate.

    Glad you are feeling better!


  2. oh you have a december birthday too? i think we discussed it what day is yours? mine is the 27th. it deff is different to have it during the holidays but glad you plan a fun retreat with your sisters. sounds fun.

    glad you are feeling somewhat better. sinus crud is the worse kind of pain.

    i'm also glad that the older one is enrolling in school. how exciting!

    i love the new mr. going to have to add on to the house to make room for all your new clothes? i can take your old stuff off your hands for just saving the hubs some work...poor fella...he works too hard!! lol

    have a good week my and get better!!


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