Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I look like Mother Nature. Or an angel. Or a dork.

Guess how much fun I had on Aunt W's iPad today? (I have an ancient iPad and it sucks)

We were at the hospital with my MIL (she was admitted for some tests) and I was playing some cool word games and taking ridiculous photos of myself.

Someone asked:
This is the nail polish I have on my toes:

This boy:

was not happy with this boy because Neko decided to sleep next to my side of the bed where Finn usually guards me.
A lot of growling and pouting ensued. Some sleep was lost.
Neko is our guest so he got first dibs.

Here is the shirt I bought in Eureka.
Love it!

Here is the beer I bought in Eureka to sip while getting ready for dinner.
I hate it. (yes it is on my dresser where I put the bottles when I unpacked them)

Fun fact:
My fountain water matches my toenails.

I got nothin' else.
Unless you want to read this post about a chicken named Beyonce which reminded me of something I would totally do. Or this one.


  1. Cute shirt. I know what polish I'm buying next. I thought you just got an Ipad?

  2. The shirt from Eureka is totally AWESOME. Looks great on you too. Your MIL is in my prayers.

  3. I feel like you have magical powers in that first photo.

    I love the color polish you chose!

  4. This is exactly why I don't play with the ipad 2... I will want the upgrade.
    Really cute shirt!

  5. I like that shirt!! Too cute with the rivalry between Neko and Finn!

    take care of yourself!


  6. Love that shirt...but I also love Stella Artois...


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