Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our weekend

We had a great weekend, decided kind of last minute to go to Eureka Springs Saturday morning and spend the night.
This trip was long-awaited and much needed!

We checked in early. Took the top off the Jeep immediately. Had lunch at one of our favorite places, a biker bar and grill called The Rockin' Pig.

Our hotel - I took this shot out the roof of the Jeep

Our cruiser

Cool rides

Mandatory photo

Then we did a bit of driving around. There was a Volkswagon convention in town. And tons of Harleys. 
Guess who is dying to get a Harley? (yeah, NOT me)

We also did some of this:

I took some photos while we cruised around. It was a gorgeous weekend.

We made dinner reservations at Ermilios. 
The hour and a half waiting list gave us time to shop a bit and get changed.

After dinner, we went to have drinks.

Yay! Drinks!

I got a kick out of this outside the bar.

The music was bad but the company was awesome. 

The cords behind us are what make the picture.

I had a watermelon margarita- chunks of real watermelon in it.

I had 2 of these. And later- heartburn from hell. Totally worth it.
The only complaint we had was the beds were not that comfortable. We are spoiled by our mattress at home though.
I got up early and walked to the breakfast room for coffee. The view was beautiful. I was too tired to walk down to the fountain so I snapped this instead.

We are preferred guests so we get a late check-out. We decided to go have brunch and shop a bit.

My favorite coffee/ brunch place. It is underground.

This was amazing!

I saw this shirt, thought about buying it but got sidetracked......

Thought about getting these underwear for Mr. Funny....

Of course we had to see Corwin. He is the main greeter at one of my favorite stores.

And Corwin's friend, Flash.

I found some great things. The beaded jewelry is great and many of the stores feature art from local artists.
This was my best purchase.
I put a bird on it.
The artist makes these necklaces out of postcards and other things.  There was a small twig and stone in this one.

Love the hand-painted beads.

 And these were the best deal, 50% off Uggs!
They are the most comfortable shoe, I ended up wearing them most of the time.

I got a great tank- handpainted and the lovliest shade of green. I will try to take a photo of it tomorrow.

Fun on the ride home.

When we got home, my new Anthro shirt was here. Love it!

Back to work this week.
My MIL is going back to the doctor tomorrow. She has a lot of fluid in her abdomen and the meds they gave her to help drain it haven't worked and today she was in a lot of discomfort. They are going to have to extract the fluid tomorrow which she is dreading because of worry of an infection. 

My husbands other cousin and his 21 year old daughter are here from Virginia. His mom is my MIL's sister. He has been in special forces in the military, backpacked through jungles and up mountains and lived off of the land. He has great stories and we had a nice dinner with them tonight.

Mr. Funny took this photo of the big one studying today. 
He was eating pizza right out of the box and drinking from a 2 liter. 
 I'm not going to push it because he is finally taking classes. Biology and accounting.

Busy week ahead.
The little one will be traveling to Arkansas to march with the band in the Razorback stadium during halftime.
We need to meet up with our neglected friends and visit with family.
Thankfully I am caught up on laundry and housework and I went to the grocery store yesterday.

Have a great week!!


  1. I love Eureka Springs too. Glad you had a chance to get away. It refreshes the spirit and soothes the soul. Looks like you had a blast. Now it's back to the everyday routine.

  2. You sound a little more relaxed, (give it a week) so enjoy it. Hope your MIL doesn't get an infection, sunds like she's been a trooper. Have a great weekend.

  3. Eureka Springs looks like a place I need to visit. Love the hotel, the pool, the breakfast, the shopping...all of it. Glad you had such a great getaway, and you're so darn pretty!

  4. Hi there! I love how Corwin's tummy impedes his leg from meeting with its partner leg in the back. Do you like how I did that instead of calling him a big boy or sturdy?

    Oh, and I'm proud that you took that plain old postcard and put a bird on it.

  5. That is one cool looking little town!

    Love the Anthro shirt. I need the skinny on the toenail polish...LOVE the color...what brand/color?

    Bless your MIL's heart...she's really hanging in there. Sending prayers for her!

    We are still cleaning up after the Hurricane...it's a mess.

  6. Still haven't been there,but I really want to. One of these days.

    That hotel looks spooky! Love the necklace!

    Great pics! Glad you had a great weekend. Mr. Funny always looks thrilled to have his picture taken.

  7. seems like a great mini getaway!! glad you and Mr. Funny took the time to do something like this!! loved the corgi pictures; too cute! glad to hear Big One is going back to school!

    keeping you guys in my prayers

    I've been reading all along, just am in a weird mood about blogs these days; can't muster up writing comments nor writing in my own blog.

    anyway, hope the Labor Day weekend is not too crazy for you all!


  8. OMG, I have total foot envy. Yours are beautiful and mine are snaggle-city. And I love that your toenail color matches your eyes!


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