Wednesday, August 24, 2011


You all will be thrilled to know that I did not die.

It has all settled in my sinular area and my face hurts. There is a joke in there about how my face hurts you too but I am not in a joking mood.

I have made sure that everyone knows that I feel poorly and that I AM STILL SHOWING UP FOR WORK because oh hello drama, those people at work can call in for the dumbest of reasons and here I am at work with the worst sinus pain known to man. I took Tylenol Sinus twice today and it did next to nothing.

I stopped off at the Walgreens on my way home (because Walmart is too far away and I am in a hurry) and asked the pharmacist, who was 11, what to take for my sinus pain because there are 947264 kinds of nasallly type meds there and ya know what he said? Sudafed.
Which you have to get behind the counter because the meth-makers have ruined it for the rest of us honest sick people and do you even WANT to know how many people are in line at the pharmacy at 5:25pm?
I was afraid Sudafed would make me sleepy because everything makes me sleepy and then I made a decision.
I bought Walgreens brand Sinus stuff (which was available so it must not be illegal yet) and stopped at Starbucks for an iced black tea and got home to take a magic pill and guess what?????
They say "compared to Tylenol Sinus" on the box.
I should listen to my elders youngsters.

In other exciting news, my car is in the shop having the engine rebuilt.
I told my husband to make sure they didn't give me a jalopy (love that word) and they gave me a brand new Chevy Traverse. The same car they tried to sell me when I insisted a Suburban was all I wanted.
He informed me that after driving it for a week (please God let it only be a week) I would want to buy it.
It is a very nice car but mine has every imaginable amenity and I am not looking for a new vehicle plus I need all the extra room in a Suburban. My sister Mel would love it.

This is kind of what it looks like.

I am having fun zipping around town in it though.
I may zip back to Walgreens in 4 to 6 hours for some new meds.

Now I am going to watch Bachelor Pad and pray this stuff works.

 Ps: The purple feather she painted in my hair faded away and now you can barely see it.


  1. Poor purple feather. That's what you get for trying to put a bird on it. Sorry you're dying. That is not fun.

  2. Thanks Mel.
    You get all my lipgloss when I die. And that picture of the tree from Pier 1. Effing hair feather.

  3. I absolutely DETEST sinus issues! So sorry you're having to deal with it. No fun AT ALL.

  4. hahahaha Mel! Funny, i'm with ya, my allergies are killing me softly with their song...use the neti pot!
    i feel like hell, i'm going to lay down and take meds that make me sleep. thank goodness my 8 yr old acts 35 and won't drink bleach or stick things in outlets while i'm out! take SOME time off and GET WELL!

  5. FEEL better. Be HAPPY. Feather be DAMNED.

  6. Hey!!! I have REALLY GOOD MEDS!! You have to come over to the BEACH and get them!!!! Lol Oh, did I fail to mention the hurricane?? Lol yeah but we can rock the hurricane together, and drink to Irene and all her bad ass wind!!

    Sorry about your sinus, maybe the change in weather will do ya good!!! Lol my hubby uses the squirt thing and he loves it! And he uses the salt and warm water and swears it helps him with not getting any sinus infections. He usually got them once or twice a year. It's worth a shot. Good luck.

    Well, I will post about the storm and post pictures of before and during and after. Hopefully, we won't sustain any damage.

    I hope you feel better too. I am feeling the pressure change in my head. I have had a migraine for 2 days. Take care my friend. Check in with you later. xxxooo

  7. Well, at least we got to see it before it faded.

    I have the Chevy HHR (I call it the Mini Hearse) - a lot smaller than the 'Beast" I drove until it got 289,000 miles on it and then it petered out. I do miss it though and it's massive size always made me feel kinda Rogue!

    Getting your engine rebuilt is cheaper than buying a new Suburban. Hope all goes well.

    P.S. Hope your sinus crap goes away soon.


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