Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday. Just Tuesday.

My sisters decided to surprise me for a last-minute visit this past weekend.
I could not have asked for a better gift because I was in dire need of some sister time.

Let me catch up for a minute.
My husband and I took his mom to her regular doctor last week to discuss pain management. Her oncologist was just not that helpful or comforting at this point and I have little use for him since she decided to discontinue chemo.
Dr. A was very nice and asked her the tough questions. What did she want out of life from now on and how would she like to spend her final days? She is very opposed to going back into the hospital but the reality is, her cancer is an ugly one and pain is a huge issue. Since the 2 pain meds she was using were not really working well and ruining her quality of life, he suggested a pain patch and a nausea gel (you rub it on your wrists).
The results have been amazing. she was feeling better the next morning and awoke to no pain- a first.

Last week was the hottest week so far and the exhaust fan in the kitchen died, one of the ac units in the kitchen went out and with the gospel festival in town, everyone in town including our employees went insane and drove us crazy.
We did survive.
The new employees that we hired have worked out nicely so far.

My sisters and I spent a lot of time visiting with each other and just relaxing.
Mel made a poke cake for us and on Sunday, we got KFC and I made my pasta salad and we all went to MIL's for family time and a slide show. My MIL even went outside which she hasn't done for many weeks.

We have had some lovely rain and a recent cool down from the oppressive heat.

We have been to 2 movies in 2 weeks. A record. We saw Cowboys and Aliens and The Change Up. Both were good.

My sister-in-law bought 3 baby chicks the other day to entertain her 3 kids, who are becoming bored with all the time at grandma's. (when she leaves later this month, the chicks are going to her friend who has other chickens) In the past they always spent lots of time doing fun activities along with pool time and visiting friends but with grandma's illness, there is a lot of video game playing for the older kids and movie watching for the little ones. Their dad was here for a week and I watched the kids so they could go to dinner and I have had the boys go over to babysit so my SIL can meet me for lunch a few times.

Belle and Momo. Belle has marker on her head.

My nephew and Shadow. Which is a fantastic chicken name.

My niece found a baby squirrel on the ground last week at my MIL's. It was days old and had fallen quite a distance from the nest. We all looked for the mother but squirrels hardly ever come when you call them. They are stubborn that way. She has been hand-feeding it and it has survived a week. As hateful as my niece's evil mother is (NOT my SIL that is here visiting, the ex-SIL, ex-methhead from Planet Hell) I am shocked that she hasn't bitten the squirrels head off and howled at the moon. We tried to get her to give it up to the conservation dept. but she wants to do it herself so we shall see how it goes. A squirrels life expectancy is short anyway and with Neko (the German shepherd) around, squirrels sometimes make tasty snacks.

It took us a while to figure out what it was. Naked mole rat? Rat? Nope. It's a squirrel.

In other news not pertaining to farm animals or wildlife, our manager is on vacation until the 19th so I am working every day and my husband is working every night until then WITH NO DAYS OFF.
That is ELEVEN days in a row for me and I usually avoid working more that 4 days a week.
You can cry for me now.
I am caught up on laundry and the house is relatively clean so I shall plow forward with my bad self.

We have a good chunk of our wood floor fund money saved and when we ever get a free moment at the same time, we are going to narrow down our options.
My husband still has this notion that we will rip up the carpet and lay the floor ourselves which I find both ludicrous and amusing.
I told you that he makes me laugh every day, right?

Here is my hair after a bad day of heat and humidity.
And here is a new bowl I got half off at Pier 1
Have a great week!


  1. I will keep praying for your MIL. and all of your family. I have never seen a baby squirrel, so I wouldnt of known what it was either. My hair has looked just as hot in this humidity, too! Love the bowl. glad you got to spend some time with your sister. Im commenting from my phone, so no telling what it will look like or will you will find it.

  2. I have never seen a baby squirrel, but that may be the cutest thing ever. I'm glad that your mil was given the pain patches and they are working for her. Since you mentioned the ex sil, be very careful when disposing of those patches and also make sure everyone is very mindful of her(ex sil) if she comes round. I know you know what I'm talking about. When my mom was using the patches her physician told us that some junkies will actually chew the used ones like gum trying to get high or they will take them and use an iron trying to iron more of the painkiller out onto their skin. That would never occur to me-I am constantly amazed at the things people do to try and get high.

  3. Whew! You have had a lot going on!

    Glad you MIL is getting some relief from her pain.

    I don't think you could have a bad hair day.

    Ummmm, I had to google a Poke Cake since I didn't know what one was...I must not get out much in addition to living under a rock! The cake I saw when I Googled it looked delish!


    p.s. You need a day off!

  4. That makes me very sad that your MIL's oncologist came across as uncaring. I so wish I could have hooked you up with my Dr. Mary. We hug, she spends time with ME and listens to ME. She addresses pain that has nothing to do with cancer. She even invited us to go to Italy with them next year (we can't... but she asked!). I wish you MIL was going to my Dr. Mary. She sounds like a very brave and strong woman.

    Your life is one roller coaster after another! I hope you survive the next... what was it... eleven days? Wow.

    I'm enjoying these cooler temperatures too. Is it too much to wish the humidity away too?

  5. You will survive because you are an AMAZING Woman and a STRONG person!

  6. Yay for pain meds. I think they should be available for everyone.
    Who thinks of getting baby chicks to dispell boredom? Hmm.
    What the heck is a pole cake?
    Am I the only one who doesn't think the squirrel is cute? Hmm
    And once again I still like your hair!
    Notice I'm done slacking? Ha. And btw, Debbie and I think it would be totally normal if you were at my party. What does that say about us? Ha.
    Just sayin'

  7. Sister time sounded perfect. Glad you got a chance to unwind, if only for a moment. Your MIL knows exactly what she's facing and you have to let her do this, her way and so do the doctors. It's hard I know. The baby chicks are so-oo cute. The squirrel, poor little thing. Poke cake sounds interesting. Never had one.

  8. So your hair sort of looks like mine, except prettier, thicker and all around better-er.

    What's your twitter handle? I'll follow you!


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