Thursday, September 8, 2011

Catch me if you can

Lots of fun around here these days. Gorgeous weather and lots of sunshine. ☼

How about if I start from today and go backward.

► Mr. Funny started feeling awful last night- sore throat, headache and tired. Went to doctor today. He has hand foot and mouth disease. And strep. And possibly a sinus infection. He asked for a shot instead of pills. The shot was in the butt. The nurse that gave it to him is a regular customer of ours. Which brings the grand total of customers who have seen my husbands parts to 2. (the doctor that performed his vasectomy was #1) I took a photo for your enjoyment; I was discreet.

I mentioned that the little one has the same blisters on his throat. He said HE probably gave the disease to his dad.
I made chicken enchiladas this morning. Lots. Enough for my MIL and her sister, my family and a friend. They are so good. I played some more with my recipe today. Added green chiles. I will let you know.
I finally got my Suburban back today. It now has a rebuilt engine and was detailed. It also has new awesome floor mats which smell like decaying flesh and burning tires. But man, it is spotless inside and out.

► I took the little one to the doctor Tuesday. Stuffy nose, sore throat, crabby. They did a strep test. He had a sinus infection. Allergies. The doctor told him of a wacky concoction to gargle. Maalox, liquid Benadryl and  liquid Tylenol- equal parts to make a full tablespoon. Gargle one full minute and then swallow. It soothes the pain. He also got an antibiotic. We had to get cherry Maalox, cherry liquid Benadryl (we got kids kind) and cherry liquid Tylenol (adult), Advil, Zyrtec, pudding and jello. It is all on my countertop which really messes with my clutter OCD.
later note: Apparently he also has hand, foot and mouth disease.
He lost the marching band solo he wanted to another kid because he wasn't playing well due to his sore throat. He is pissed about that. We are still going to the football game tomorrow night to watch. He is also pissed about that.

► Monday, Mr. Funny had to work so a friend came in from out of town to spend the day with me. We spent some time with my MIL, had lunch and I sampled her Mary Kay inventory. I also ended up with some eye shadow, blush and lipgloss. It was a good day.
Monday evening, we had a family dinner with cousins, nephews, nieces and an aunt at my MIL's house. Mr. Funny grilled brats, hot dogs and chicken breasts. I made pasta salad, watermelon and bought a flag cake. We had a fantastic night. Then we watched the Kids of 911 special on tv and we all got sad. I cried myself to sleep.

► Sunday, I worked and left early to take my husbands aunt (my MIL's sister who will be living with my MIL until the end) and cousin to the Japanese steakhouse. W (aunt) loves it and the little one brought his friend along too. We ate way too much and then stopped at Barnes and Noble to get a few books. I did a bit of Christmas shopping while there. Then we went to Krispy Kreme and Starbucks on the way home.
I got this book:

► Saturday was laundry and then we spent some time with Mr. Funny's family. We met our friends for dinner and drinks and then I went home to watch my Netflix while my hubby and his cousin went to see the Apes movie. I hate monkeys so I got off easy.

► Friday morning my MIL came home from the hospital. They drained over 2 liters of fluid off of her abdomen before she left and doubled her pain patch dosage. The doctor told my husband's brother that the best we can hope for is about 4-6 weeks with her. He said closer to 4 was his best guess. We knew time was running out but I guess we thought we had more. He said probably 2 good weeks at home and then she will need the IV pain meds in the hospital.

► Monday- Thursday is a blur. 
I wormed and brushed all 4 dogs, grocery shopped, did a little online shopping for Christmas.
My husband's cousin and his daughter arrived from Virginia. He is a firefighter, a retired military guy, was in special forces, has backpacked all over the place including 876 miles of the Appalachian Trail, has worked detail for past presidents (he was called to cover detail during Obama's speech last week but they didn't make him do it since he was with family out of town) and knows everything about everything. We had a great time visiting with him. The little one pretty much decided that he is going to college for engineering so he can design weapons and ammunition. I am not so sure about that. His daughter is 21. She has a pink, purple, blue and green mohawk and a few piercings but she is bright and funny and not at all annoying like some 21 year olds. She is an old soul. 
My MIL had a bad weekend which landed her in the hospital Wed. with fluid built up in her abdomen and uncontrolled pain. She improved immediately after the meds they gave her. 
We found out that my SIL in Jersey still had no storm damage and planned to visit again soon.
Tuesday was my sister's birthday. Happy late birthday D!!!

►I am gearing up for the sister's weekend in Eureka in December. I am making treat bags for us girls instead of gifts and having a great time picking stuff up for them. 
I am also hoping we can take a family trip at Christmas to get away from here for a few days. The boys like getting gifts but I am sure they would love a warm beach or a cool getaway somewhere new. We will see.


  1. Hope...
    ...your MIL comfort and peace
    ...your hub and kid feel better don't get that hand-foot-mouth thingy have a good day
    ...the sun will come out tomorrow

  2. I'm sorry your MIL doesn't have more time. So sorry.

    Hopefully you won't get diseased like hubby and little one. It doesn't sound like fun.

  3. Got the allergies going on here, too! Ugh!

    Stay away from your husbands feet and mouth! What the heck is hand, foot,and mouth disease? Sounds yucky!

    Praying for your family.

    Sister's weekend sounds so exciting!

  4. San Diego can be warm in December. Just remember that.

    I am so sorry about your MIL; treasure each moment with her, I'm sure you all are. Will continue to keep you all in my prayers.

    Too bad about the hubby and little one being scik with the same disease; I would have been like hubby, opted for the shot rather than having to take pills every day. Son had strep one time and they offered him the same deal, a shot or pills. He said a shot since he really didn't mind them. So after the nurse came back in, then I realized where the shot was going to be given (he was 15 at the time). He still took the shot, LOL!

    I hope Little One and hubby feel better soon!

    Glad you got to spend some time with friends even in the midst of all of the things going on.


  5. Have the doctors been upfront with your MIL about her time?
    Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless.

  6. Wishing you all the very best on this final leg of the Journey with your MIL..having just been through it I can tell you you will still be shocked even though you think you are prepared you won't be..

    I used to give those shots in the rear..I always secretly the men of course never at the kids..okay so I grinned at the brats...

    So..You're Christmas shopping? One more reason to hate you..some of the others are your fabulous hair..your gorgeous house and your clothes... :-)

  7. These final days with your MIL are precious. So hard to say goodbye. I hope everyone else gets to feeling better soon. I'm already Christmas shopping too. It's a good thing too. My hubby effectively got laid off, down from 40 hours a week to just 10. Social Security will help get us through. You take care. Sounds like a great trip you're planning around the holidays. Take care.

  8. I'm sorry about your MIL. And you know what? I never thought you could get a shot instead of pills for that kind of thing. NOW that I know, I'm armed and ready for my next drs appt!

    Was that book any good?


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