Sunday, September 11, 2011

My mother-in-law is back in the hospital.
We called her doctor today because my husbands aunt was worried and he admitted her because the fluid is back in her abdomen and her pain was out of control again despite the pain meds.
They tried to drain the fluid but the color indicated an infection so they stopped immediately to run tests and then started an antibiotic. 

On Friday, at her appointment, she had a small bit of fluid and he told her not to let it get bad before she came in to have it drained but he wasn't expecting her quite so soon.

When we picked her up, it took her quite some time to get dressed and packed. She was very shaky and tired and had no energy. On the way to my car, she had to stop and vomit quite a few times. My niece and nephews who are 14 year old twins and a 9 year old plus my little one were on the porch witnessing her in her awful state and it was heartbreaking to try to explain to them that this was part of her disease. She has tried to shield them from the uglier parts of her illness. 

We spent some time with her in the ICU until her pain was managed and stopped for dinner with the little one before coming home.
He told me the other day that he is not afraid or sad for her that she is dying because she is going to a much better place where her pain will be gone and she will be healed. He said he is sad that he won't see her for a while though. 

I really worry more about my oldest son. He has always been very close to his grandmother and he doesn't want to talk about her illness and keeps busy doing everything he can to avoid seeing her much. He did go to the hospital to visit tonight but rushed home to invite friends over for movie night. I have let him know that he may have little time left and he acts shocked but I know how he operates and he will deal in his own way.

I decided to start putting my Halloween decorations out tonight when we got home. 
I don't know what the days hold and how much time or energy I will have later this month.
I talked to a couple of friends and my sister to fill them in on our situation and my husbands sister is flying in from the East coast this weekend with her husband.

I think our warmer weather is coming back, I shut the windows and turned on the air a few minutes ago.
Have a nice week!


  1. Sorry to read this. I will continue to pray for your family.

    Take pics of your halloween decorations.

  2. ((((hugs to you all))) I'll continue to pray for all, for comfort, strength, wisdom, peace.....

    I am so sorry.....


  3. i'm so sorry to hear how sick she is. little is right, and i'm glad he knows this. thinking of you all and praying too!!

  4. I am so sorry you all are going through your MIL's pain and suffering. Poor thing to have her body ravaged with sickness like this. Just be there for her. I remember how devastating it was for me to lose my grandmother. It's hard to wrap your mind around it, as a kid or teen.


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