Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One way I avoid work

I spent a few wasted hours today on this website.
You should too!
Lots of fun things to read and see.

My mother-in-law is going home tomorrow. She felt great today. I stopped at the hospital after work and she and Aunt W demanded I go back to the restaurant and get them some pasta. I was happy to oblige.

My Halloween stuff is still exactly where it was the other day. See what happens when good intentions go bad?

There is a server at work that I want to fire. I also want to smash her face in. Yes, I do.

There are too many dogs in this house. 

My husband looked at new Jeeps today. Then he called and asked me if I want a Jeep. I am now wondering if the offer was for a new one or if he was trying to give me his old (! 2011 !) one and get a new one for himself. Hmmm

I made dinner last night. For the record.

Chocolate chip muffins from the Walmart bakery are really good. So is this creamer.

My sister's are supposedly coming for a visit this weekend. I plan to make the most of it. 

I recently pulled out a few of my cold weather items. They are all ugly and shopping is not an option.

The big one cut his finger while sharpening a knife (the wrong way) at work today. He damn near passed out from the sight of his own blood and I had to sit him down on the office floor while I called my husband (who was probably out looking at Jeeps) to come in and help the other cook. He kept saying he was going to barf. (oh, hell no you won't) He was a very odd shade of gray. I got the bleeding stopped and wrapped it with gauze and tape and had him wear 2 rubber gloves. He had the same face when he was little and got a splinter. Thank God he gave up on a military career. He would not do well if someone lost an appendage. I have just been summoned to change the bandage. Wish me luck, if he barfs, I'm outta here.

We watched a movie last night in bed. It was so slow. I fell asleep 15 min. before it ended.


  1. So glad your MIL is going to be able to come home; hoping Big One's injury heals soon!! I liked all the cartons you shared; enjoyed the laughs!!


  2. Love those cards. Too funny!

    That's great with your MIL!

    Do not smash anyone's face in! You will get sued! lol

    I would rather have the dog than my kids sometimes.

    Nope, a military career probably wouldn't of been the best for him.

    I have never heard of that movie.

    Have fun with your sisters this weekend.

  3. I am so glad your MIL is going home.

    OMG I love that site for those cards. You also need to waste some time on http://bluntcard.com/

    Some of them have some bad language but are funny as crap.

    Yikes...how many dogs do you have? We have 7.... 7 dogs = Goat Rodeo.

    Cherish your time with your sister...I am flying home to see mine on the 29th and I can't wait!


  4. I feel bad for the big one, but know young fingers heal much quicker than these old ones! If you want to make him feel better, Jim almost passed out when he took his Army physical and any time a Dr. takes blood or he has to look at an xray. On the other hand, he can gut a deer and remove splinters from a child's foot with a butcher knife (or maybe that was a pocket knife) with no problem.

    It as great to hear your MIL is having some good days. Hope she enjoyed the pasta.


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