Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life around here is stupid these days.

To change the subject, I won a blog giveaway a while back.
Here is what I won:
a necklace and matching earrings

wrapped in this fabulous paper

I took lots of photos when all of the family were here for the funeral.
It was a beautiful funeral, by the way. Not a dry eye in the house and my oldest son sang "You Raise Me Up".
This was my favorite:

Mel brought wine

sitting on the floor cause the room was full o peeps

There were many people visiting from out of state.






Brother-in-law and kids (from here)

Arkansas (MIL's sister and mother to the 3 boys pictured above)


There were many more but they had already left by the time we stopped over on our way to the little one's marching competition.

Marching band season has ended and so has any semblance of decent weather. It is freezing cold today and I hate it.
I have been so tired and busy lately.
I plan to do a better post soon :)


  1. In the pic with your new neclace an earrings.....your hair looks amazing :-) And I was lovin' the rest of your outfit too!


  2. Came over from Lulu's awhile ago but went on a road trip so now I gotta catch up. Love that you won her giveaway, looks great! Sorry about your loss but hey, now she knows all the secrets....
    Still giggling about the coldashell comment:) Take care. Life will fall back into place, it always does....

  3. I liked all the pictures; I'm just sorry everyone had to come together for the reason they came together. I hope all are doing as well as they can. It just seems like school was starting and now band competition is over.

    Love your winnings from the giveaway! Congrats!

    take care of yourselves.....


  4. Sad reason for a get together. But it must have been so nice to see each other, if only for a little while. I'm glad the service was lovely. A perfect sendoff for your MIL. I got the goosebumps thinking about your boy singing "You Raise Me Up". I understand why there wasn't a dry eye in the place. Before long things will be back to normal. LOVE the necklace. I recently won my first giveaway too. Ain't they wonderful?

  5. i LOVE LuLu!!!! i also love that your 1 sister is sitting on the floor staring at herself in a mirror! mirror, mirror in my hand....
    take care!

  6. two have been married so long you are dressing alike. How cute! lol

    Love the outfit, necklace and earrings. You look great!

  7. Mz. Funny, glad you had so much love to help you through this.

    And you are not dorks, you look great together.

  8. I am so glad you loved your necklace and earrings. They look fab with that outfit.

    I enjoyed seeing pictures of your family. What an wonderful thing that your son sang "You Raise Me Up". That song always brings tears to my eyes.

    Sending Love,


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