Sunday, October 30, 2011

There is something wrong with my brain

After work yesterday, Mr. Funny and I went to the antique mall.
They have a million booths and we love to go look for awesome stuff.

I was not disappointed.

this guy had an original tag on him that said 'Janell Berryman's Pumpkinseeds Folk Art' , I  googled her and found these lovlies
She also has a blog.

(I thought of you, LULU!!)

I am loving the decoupaged trays.
No, I did not need any more Halloween decor. Shush!

I also took a picture of my roast from the other day.
I needed evidence of my ability.

I realized that I need a bigger crock pot.
And for some reason, I have only one cutting board so I need some of those too.
And some Calphalon cookware.
And some new jeans and fall sweaters. And boots.

This is a perfect example of my life.


  1. I love love love the witch hats welcome sign!
    Happy Halloweeen!!

  2. That roast looked delicious! Love all your finds; everything looks really Halloweenish! (which is better than saying Halloweeny; oops, guess I said it).

    hugs to guys have been through a lot, I can see why those elements of depression, sadness, grief, would slip into your life; I think you need the time just to be still and to mourn and grieve and recharge. I hope you get those moments!!!!!!!!


  3. I have to keep reminding myself of how much stuff I've gotten rid of and that if something comes in, something must go out when I see cute things.

    Not a hoarder, but was just moving very frequently and never unpacked things (boxes stayed in the garage) until I bought this house 3 years ago. Every Christmas I'd get new things because I couldn't find the boxes with the old ones.

    Then I decided that things were either going to be used and in the house, given away, or tossed and gave myself 6 months to do it in. It actually took less time than that once I got started. I was pretty ruthless (usually ran out of trashcan space before things to toss) and haven't regretted anything, but am trying to keep stuff to a minimum.

    Once I separated the emotion from the objects, it was pretty easy.

  4. Cute decorations! Are you going to decorate with them? lol

    We have the same shopping list.

  5. The roast looks yummy. I have a super big crockpot and seldom use it. I am so-oo jealous of all your Halloween finds. They are just awesome. LOVE 'em all. You decorate as much as me. HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Enjoy.

  6. I seriously want to come to your house for dinner. Period.



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