Tuesday, October 25, 2011

 Holy Weasels kids, how have you been?

This is what we have been doing at the Villa:

►I have been cooking some. Don't pass out, it's just life. I made pork chops, Pico de Gallo, guacamole, fajitas and tomorrow... a roast. The pico was to die for but I used a lot of onion and hated my own guts at 2:30 this morning. I did use a jalapeno (no seeds, I am not a sadist) and it was delish.

►We were invited for dinner by our good friends that we have totally blown off for weeks (death in the family, duh) and they still like us! We had chicken parmesan and watched Bad Teacher. They even invited us on a trip with them in January. Maybe. They asked their kids first since they won 4 tickets but the kids haven't been able to give them an answer. The kids have little kids and details are difficult to work out for babysitting. Cross your fingers for us. I told her that we are super fun. And that kids are stupid on planes and vacations. Especially if they need naps and diaper changes. Here is a hint:

Mr. Funny told me to stop talking about it because I will be disappointed if we don't get to go but I keep annoying him about it. 

►I was invited to not one but 2 Halloween get-togethers next weekend. I will probably go for drink(s) Friday but Saturday I am not too hip on. Mr. Funny wants to go though so maybe. On a side note: I never finished decorating for Halloween. This is a crime but yet, time got away. Next year will be back to normal.

►The other day we were watching Two and a Half Men. I saw a Star Wars dude at Ashton Kutcher's house and told Mr. Fantastic it was a Storm Trooper. He said it was a Clone Trooper. He is a drip.
Clone Trooper

Storm Trooper

Big difference? I think not. I guess Barney on How I Met Your Mother has a Storm Trooper and Ashton has a Clone Trooper. I did take a photo when I was watching How I Met Your Mother and sent it to him.

►We went to the little one's parent teacher conferences last night. He is pretty much a straight A student. He even has an A in Trig. He does not get that from his mother. He also aced his leaf project. We used an iPhone app called Leafsnap to take leaf photos. Not really cheating.

►The little one has decided on the Naval Academy. He has to have a letter from a congressman and good grades. Also, some athletic experience. XBox doesn't count so we talked to one of his teachers who is the track coach. Guess who is going to be the newest track star with his mile long legs this coming spring.

►I am trying to catch up on so many shows. I wanted to watch One Upon a Time but haven't got to it. The Housewives of Beverly and Dexter are monopolizing my time. I am loving Two Broke Girls.

►Why do I feel like I have to buy a bag of Kraft caramels every time I go to the store? And candy corns. They are like crack.

►We had family movie night Saturday night. We watched Zookeeper (meh) and the 4th Pirates movie. Those damn scary mermaids made me wonder if Ariel was a sham. Fangs on mermaids? That was the end of that movie for me and I hadn't seen the first 3 movies anyway.

►I am wishing New York could be our December birthday destination this year. I love the vibe this time of the year. Sadly, it's not happening.

►My girlfriend's husband is helping Extreme Home makeover build 7 houses in 7 days in Joplin. Very exciting!

►Since I decided to do the long, side swept bangs this time, I am on the fence if this is good for me. Sometimes they lay nicely but other days, they are in my eyes and stupid.

I am done boring you now.


  1. Make time for Once Upon A Time-really good! Even my husband and the boy liked it. Love Two Broke Girls. Are you watching PanAm? I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Makes me all wistful for the time when traveling was a pleasure and you were treated like royalty, rather than having to take off your shoes, and being treated like a criminal. ;-)
    So cool about your friend's husband and the Extreme Home Makeover build.

  2. LOL you never bore me. I had to laugh about the comment about candy corn and crack. I do hope you get to go on that trip with your friends, it sounds like it could be so wonderful! WTG for the little one!! He's one smart cookie (and he did get some of that from you, don't sell yourself short!)


  3. You are busy as a bee. Could hardly keep up with you, as I read about your week. Fingers are crossed the kids cancel and you get to go on the trip in January. Sounds like fun. I know, you shouldn't get your hopes up, though. That's some BIG decision your little one made about the Naval Academy. Good for him. If New York is out for the birthday destination in December, where are you going? My daughter was recently in Joplin. Very nice that your friend is working with Mr. Pennington and the gang to build houses there. Hang in there. take care.

  4. ROFL on the Storm Trooper.

    I am loving Two Broke Girls...cracks me up.

    Your life is just as nuts as mine is. I will keep my fingers crossed you get to go on your trip.


  5. Wait a minute - You haven't finished decorating???? Your house looks better than any 6 put together!

    What the heck girl, you trying to make everyone look bad?

  6. Hey, if you get to go somewhere and that somewhere is Maui, please Email me. It's my favorite place and we've been 7 times, can give you advice on what to see and what you can skip.


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