Thursday, November 3, 2011

Don't get excited, I am still in a bad mood but when I am mad, I clean and organize to clear my head and I have been accomplishing quite a bit this week.


☻Last night I packed up the kitchen and dining room Halloween decor. I had to wrap everything breakable and go very slowly. I took that extra time while wrapping to catch up on this season of Glee. Win.

☻I tackled the little one's room today. We got rid of a ton of unnecessary clutter, organized his closet, drawers and armoire. We have a huge pile of clothing for his 14 year old cousin. Like his father, he throws nothing away. Ever. He has every card, every video game and every paper he has ever written for school. At the end of every school year, he throws all of his folders in the top of his closet. It was bad. Seriously. I also shampooed his carpets. Now he wants to move furniture. Kill me now.

☻I have been looking for a cute jacket/sweater to throw on when I am running out the door when it is chilly but not cold (I have sooo many coats) and the North Face one I bought last year is a bit casual. I was looking for an aztec print. I finally decided on one last night. I found it on Zara. Love the style and the colors. And it has a hood. Win.

☻I am not looking forward to the holidays this year. It will be pretty quiet around here. Maybe quiet isn't bad. We might join our friends at their house or even go out. We probably need to decide soon. We will have 4 and maybe 5 dogs so we can't go too far.

☻I am thinking about getting these boots. They are a bit pricey but I really like them.

☻I got the master and the little one's bathroom deep cleaned this week. I hate bathrooms. Especially the tubs and showers.

☻I am getting caught up on all of the shows I have been wanting to see. Here is my insane list: Once Upon a Time, Glee, How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement, Dexter, The Big C, Drop Dead Diva, Real Stupid Housewives of Beverly, Happy Endings, Parenthood, Modern Family, Secret Circle, Castle, Desperate Housewives, Weeds, Up All Night. I want to see Revenge and Grimm too plus get back into Grey's Anatomy. I watch everything online, never while it is on tv.

☻I am completely caught up on laundry now. A miracle.

☻Last night the temps dropped and it rained. It feels like winter is here already but the leaves are still falling.


  1. I can't imagine watching all those TV shows. Love the Zara sweater. That Aztec print is gorgeous. It will look stunning on you. The boots are awesome. Sounds like you got alot accomplished on the homefront. I wish I could get started here. Just keep putting it off. I did manage to put all my ghosts, goblins and ghouls away yesterday. Unfortunately Dracula is in the living room until I can find someplace to bury him in the garage. LOL Hard to believe Thanksgiving and Christmas are almost here. Hang in there. Take care.

  2. Those boots are cute; love the jacket too! Sounds like a busy productive time for you; I can't imagine Little One saving everything from school like this! I can imagine the holidays will be quiet and a bit sad this year; breaking from tradition a bit and maybe creating a new one could be a good thing. Honestly between you and me and everyone that reads your blog, I'm so not celebrating Christmas this year. I told hubby I wasn't putting up a tree. He just looked at me like "right" but I'm not.....

    I do hope your mood gets a bit better!!


  3. We got our outside decor put away but I still have to get my indoor decorations put away.
    Do you LOVE Once Upon A Time? I am really enjoying it, even my husband and 8-year old boy are too!
    Dreading the holidays here!

  4. I am mad too so I am joining you on the mad chair.

    LOVE the sweater and the boots are to die for.

    We won't be going anywhere this Christmas either. 7 dogs make it hard to go far but we love our furbabies.

    I DETEST cleaning bathrooms. Doing so will make me dry heave. The Commander gets that job. I did however clean out all my old makeup, threw it out and started fresh with new stuff, all compliments of the all the gift cards I have hoarded all year. Now I have no excuse for looking like a hot mess anymore.

    Hope your weekend is wonderful!!


  5. shopping and cleaning is better than chopping and cutting!

  6. Hah! You can't leave us hanging like that, we need our funny!

    In a year in which a lot has happened, it can be good to get outta Dodge for the holidays. I've done it and really felt good about it. Anyone who wants you to stay put can get over themselves.

  7. Made me want to go out and get a new jacket too...I think I have something to do tomorrow! And the boots you like, super cute! Go for it!


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