Friday, November 11, 2011

Funny's Friday Fabulousness (yeah, you know it)

It's Friday!

First I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all of our Veterans.
My husband was in the Navy, my uncle (a bombs specialist who dismantled explosives for many years) and grandfather were as well. My father in law was a  Marine who served in Korea and Vietnam and my husband has many cousins who devote their time to National Guard and special forces units throughout the world.

Yesterday, I had lunch with my husband at our restaurant and we were talking to a couple of our servers about Thanksgiving plans. I mentioned that we were going to go ahead and cook for the few that would be here (we invited my husband's brother) so at this time there will either be 4 or 5 of us total.
One of the servers was going to the grocery store to pick up a turkey breast for her Thanksgiving. I asked her to check to see how many turkey breasts they still had left because I was planning to do a little shopping for our meal. When she returned from the store, she set a turkey on our table and said it was her gift to us. 
She bought us an 11 lb. turkey breast! She would not let me pay her (punk!) so I informed her that she would be "gotten back" when I could get her. Now I need a ham and all the rest of the stuff.
My husband had to run to the store for some degreaser and things for work and I sent the day manager home and said I would work until Mr. Funny got back. It was slow but just seating a few people and taking money plus paying the day shift their tips was enough for my stupid knee and by the time my hubby returned, I was in agony. I barely made it to my car and by the time I got into the seat of the Suburban (it was comical to see) I had made the decision that it was way past time to make a doctors appointment.
The orthopedic surgeon who did both of my husband's knees couldn't see me until Dec. 8th!!
My husband called HIS doctor (mine moved away a couple of years ago and I do not have one) but he was off.
So I wondered how the hell I am going to make it a month.
First thing this morning, the doctors office called to tell me I had an appt. Monday morning. I don't know if he is going to do the x rays himself or refer me back to the surgeon (where I still have an appt.) but I am willing to try anything at this point.

I went home and took 5 Advil (yes, 5) and sat on my butt with the heating pad on my knee for hours while I caught up on some shows.
When the Advil kicked in, I made a big batch of chili, washed some towels and did the tiniest bit of cleaning. 

This morning, I got up and felt fine so I started washing sheets, cleaning the kitchen, ran the dishwasher, and had my coffee. 
I remembered that my friend/neighbor had her hysterectomy earlier in the week so I split half the chili with her, threw some crackers and shredded cheese in the bag and made her a quick (cut and bake) batch of chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Mr. Funny delivered them to her house. 

I made it 2 hours before my knee felt like it was ready to give out so back to the Advil and heating pad for me.
My goal is to get the dining room set for fall, get all of the laundry put away (it is piled to the ceiling on the chair in my bedroom), get the floors done (with much help from the little one) and go to bed early so I can work tomorrow. My husband offered to work for me but I will do it myself. If all of my staff show up this week (last week I was down a server and my busser went home sick so it was crazy!) I will be able to spend some time in my office between the busy times.

We have plans with some friends for dinner and drinks tomorrow night. 

I am also trying to plan a trip with my sisters for girls weekend in December to celebrate my birthday, do some shopping and have our spa time in Eureka Springs. The lemongrass sage full body scrub, eye treatment and pedicure I had last year at the crescent hotel was... wait for it.... LEGENDARY!
We also found some great gifts while shopping and of course the eating, drinking and dancing (wow, we were bad dancers) are still fresh in my mind.
I don't know how things are going to go with my knee so the dancing might be out (I am sure the locals will appreciate this bit of good news!)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like you need some more potent pain killers. Good thing you got an appointment earlier.

    Once again, jealous of your Eureka Springs trip. We are going to Branson the day after Thanksgiving. I have never seen CHRISTmas in Branson,and I am excited!

    I can't believe it's almost your birthday again. It seems like you just had one.

  2. Good that you are going to get into the doctor to have a look at that knee! Great that it will be on Monday instead of next month!


  3. Lordy, need to stay off that knee! Good that you're getting in to a Doc earlier than next month. Hoping that a "cure" is found so you can get back to dancing for your birthday!

  4. I'm sad that we will all be doing Thanksgiving separate this year, but next year maybe you all can come here!

    I'm so ready for Eureka! Let's get to planning that! Maybe we can find you an old lady motorized scooter to rent. That would be a sure sign that we are getting old.

  5. Thank goodness you are getting that knee looked at next week. You need relief, fast. Hope it's in time for Eureka Springs. How sweet that one of your servers got your turkey for you. You'll have to let us know how you'll get her back. LOL Hope all the Vets had a nice 11/11/11. We owe them so much for their service. Take care.

  6. You might do some research on using a heating pad on your knees. I've got the same problem and my doc said to use ice packs. It sounds counter intuitive but it worked for me.


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