Thursday, November 17, 2011

I adore getting my hair done.
Between the scalp and hand massages, catching up on everything going on that I have missed, drinking Aveda tea and transforming from a troll to a princess troll, I am worn out.

My usual stylist was not able to get me in when I needed her so I made an appt. with the other one there that I equally love. I think I like this one more, so much that I made my next appt. with her as well. The lesson learned is that you do not screw around with my hair appt.
I went back to highlights instead of all-over color this time. She added some lowlights also to give it some dimension.

I came home and immediately put it in a pony. I had to do laundry and those crazy curls were everywhere.

We also have a return of the purple feather. Never miss an opportunity to put a bird on it.

I met my husband for lunch right after my 3 hour appointment.
He was at work in the office on the phone and things were not looking promising for the care and feeding of my stomach.
He was on the phone, an extra cell we keep at home for emergencies like when certain boys drop their phones on Dr. Pepper and had a Duracell box in front of him.
He had bought a car charger for his iPhone and shortly after plugging it in, the phone started getting hot. Then it died. By the time I met him at work, the phone had been off the charger for 30 minutes and was still almost too hot to hold. And still dead.

You can imagine my delight at spending most of our lunch date with him alternating between our cell carrier, Apple and Duracell. 

Speaking of things that are dead, my elliptical machine does not work. It pedals and the arms move but when you plug it in to program it, plug the iPad or iPod into it or set the speeds or resistance, it does nothing. We are working on replacing it. I worked out on it for 20 minutes last night and it is a great workout. I had to pedal for 4 minutes and then rest for 1 lest I risk dropping dead. Unlike riding a bike, the body does forget how to exercise.

My sister is still trolling around NYC. She said it was raining and the peeps were practically putting out eyeballs with their pointy umbrellas plus her legs were tired of walking. I felt her pain, literally.

The other day, my husband, knowing my love of the Range Rover, sent me a video of this:

It is a Range Rover Evoque.
He thought it looked like something I would like.
He liked the way it handled, how well it drove blah, blah, blah. 
My specifications are simple. I want to sit up high, have heated seats, good speakers with satellite radio and a clean interior. I need a sunroof and lots of room for stuff, re: a center console big enough to put a dead midget in. And all of the crap I carry around (water, snacks, Zyrtec, Advil, notebook, pens, sunglasses, lipgloss, change, lotion and a brush)
Let's be clear that I am not getting this car. Not anytime soon. But it is worth a test drive.

The official number now for Thanksgiving is 4 (and only one of my children is going to be here unless the big one surprises me)
This is a ridiculous number as we have never had less than 10 but we will slog through it. Mr. Funny is going to help me with everything and we might use the everyday dishes instead of the hand wash china.

Peace out.


  1. Those are my exact requirements for a car... maybe I'll test drive it too and we can compare. :)
    I'm still lobbying for the mercedes ML350 (I think) too small for you, probably.
    I really like the Buick Enclave too but the kids think I'm crazy. Whatever.

  2. Love the hair! I really like it when it's curled.

  3. You don't seem to be having much luck with electronics these days.

    I love the curls when the hairdresser does it, but don't have much luck doing it myself. How about you.

    The horse is home. The mums died. The guy didn't fall... can't remember the rest of the questions. Ha!

    With 4 for TG, I'd go totally high end, ellegent, dress up fit to kill. None of ours are making it for TG, so we are doing a homemade pizza party on Sunday.

  4. Small celebrations for Thanksgiving could be a good thing I think, perhaps more relaxed? Love your hair; came out great!


  5. Hair looks fabulous! You should read about the surprise that Karen got on

    The post is from Wednesday, I think it's the third one down.

  6. girl, you KNOW that is MY car....please come get me when YOU get it... i'll let you look at my 93 volvo.
    i will forever think of you on your elip (when it's fixed) when i see that target commercial, tell me you know what i'm talking about! i crack up every time that lady comes on tv!

  7. and i love that you are still puttin a bird on it!

  8. LOVE the hair. Another feather, yeah. I always fear changing stylists. Looks like the switch did you good. I have had a cellphone die. So sad. Especially since I didn't have a backup. Four for dinner sounds nice. Less stress. MORE FUN. We had planned a trip east to visit my folks for Turkey Day, but my hubby's been very sick, so it's canceled. That set of wheels looks awesome. Been so long since I've dreamed of a NEW car, anything looks better than what I've got. ENJOY the TEST DRIVE. Take care.

  9. Dude, get air conditioned seats, too. It's awesome.

    I downsized from a big SUV to a smaller one, but I still had to have room for all my stuff. I still have stuff, even though I don't have kids anymore.

    Love your hair! Wish mine was as pretty.

    P.S. My body forgot how to excercise, too.

  10. The do looks fab.

    ROFL @ the dead midge

  11. Your hair looks great! I need to get mine done very soon.


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