Sunday, November 20, 2011

I am finally home from work and I have a few important things to say.

Why is it that anyone and their brother can be in our town's Christmas parade? You have a plumbing business? You are in, grab a plunger and carry a hairball.. A trash company truck? Put a big red bow on it and go get em. A tiny horse? Heck yeah!
If I was in charge (and I am sure that will never happen, to the sighs of relief from the townfolk), you would have to have some sort of a float.
My favorite was the Christmas Vacation float, complete with charred tree and 2 story replica house covered in a million lights. All that was missing was Christie Brinkley in the pool.

This was big news in People magazine. Yes, I read People. And US Weekly. It is important to know what is going on. Pippa parted her hair in the middle. Wowzers!

I hate her eyeliner on the bottom, she doesn't care but I think she could do better, after all, she is going to hanging with royalty. She needs to keep the glasses on more often or get more sleep.

My husband was a huge help at work today. My knee was bothering me and he showed up right before the parade started which was when the restaurant filled up (we are right on the main street of the parade route)
Then we emptied out and filled up again. I have never seen (or heard) so many kids. Too much stimulation for me.

He went to the gun show and I went home. On my way home, he called to ask me if I wanted a taser. I told him it was tempting but at some point, someone is going to get tased and it could be HIM. It is just better for all involved if those type of weapons are kept away from easily irritated people.

The band was first in line in the parade. I made sure to yell out the little one's name during a break between songs. He smiled but never turned his head. He loves his mommy. Hopefully he didn't get beat up after they got back to school.

We are meeting our friends for dinner tonight. 

I think we are going to see this tonight:

Um, yeah.

Ok, now it is Sunday and I started this yesterday and got busy.

We went to dinner with our friends and then back to their house to watch a movie which was awful (it was some kind of mall cop with the guy from that show where he worked for a UPS-like place) and I think my husband is going to buy her iPhone 4 because it is almost new and she wants the 4 S.
And I also want the 4 S because I am fascinated with the Siri feature and I want to take super great photos. 

That is all I have.

I need to finish my last minute Thanksgiving list for the 4 people we are feeding. 
Also, I am going to start watching Christmas shows so I can get into the spirit and out of this funk. I shall start with Elf.


  1. Did you get a sister a taser or what? I guess not. Sad.

    At least with only four people, you have a lot less to cook and a lot less to clean up. And you can eat on Chinet plates and no one will judge. We may eat on Chinet plates because no one here cares about much but the food. And cleaning up is an evil hag. And there is still coffee and pie to consume and no one will have energy to chew if they have to clean up.

    Juli has the new iPhone. You should check with her before you get it because she has some issues with it. I have her iPhone 4 and I need to transfer my stuff to it and start using it since it's way better than my phone.

  2. Do you think he was testing you when he asked if you wanted a taser? Haha

    What?! You ONLY yelled his name? No sign? No blow horn? Ha.

    BTW, I LOL'd at your Coop comment. It's a good thing he's cute. :)

  3. Those hometown parades are pretty ridiculous from all I've seen! I'm guessing they need filler, so they'll take just about anyone!

    The bands are the best part. :)

  4. I agree with Mel. A lot less to cook and a lot less to clean.

    People magazine must be getting desperate.

  5. If you are going to watch a Christmas movie to get into the spirit, Elf is a great place to start! That was such a cute movie! Too funny about the parade,but that is what small town parades are like. Honestly, I think if you paid the parade fee almost everyone and anyone could get into the parade in the town we lived in Montana. Cool you could see Little One march in the band during it! I'd be afraid to have a taser, I'm afraid I would taser someone (me) that shouldn't be tasered. I like to read People too. The mailman accidentally delivered the neighbor's down the street People to our house. Before we took it to his house, I read it. I wondered if it was okay.....but I read it anyway.

    Despite only four, I bet it will be a great Thanksgiving!


  6. Loved your rant about the Christmas Parade and everybody that is in it. It's that way here with every parade they have. ANYBODY can tag along. It is ridiculous, for sure. Did you know that TASERS come in some really COOL colors. You can coordinate them to match your outfits. Just saying? Enjoy your Christmas movies. I'm reading holiday themed books to get me in the spirit. Take care. ICE that knee.

  7. I love small town parades. Unfortunately, I don't live in a small town.

    I just know, without a doubt, that were there a taser in our house, I would find a way to tase myself. Stuff like that just happens to me. Better to be safe and not have one.

    ELF!! My favorite!

  8. In the 70's our local Christmas parade included miles and miles and blinged out vans with the cargo doors open so everyone could see with shag carpet on the floors and walls. Regular love shackss on wheels.

    I'm sure all of little ones friends were very jealous that you called his name out. NOT. Has he forgiven you yet?

    Hubby sounds like a dream.

    Good luck with that Thanksgiving dinner. We are skipping Thanksgiving this year and having a pizza party on Sunday instead.


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