Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i am simply too lazy for a title

i found 3 (only 3) photos from thanksgiving in my camera.

let's discuss:
a.) yes, my husband is wearing latex gloves (only once did he snap them on and say "bend over!")
b.) i don't know if it is the salmonella germs or the fear of grease but he washed his hands before and after the gloves so....anyway..... he put on a new pair each time he basted the bird
c.) it was a turkey breast so my husband made sure to mention that it was just a headless, legless turkey. duh. he seemed very disconcerted by this.
d.) next year we are going to do the entire turkey. gloves will probably still be worn.

vegetables. plastic platter. 
i have really nice china platters but this one has dividers, for crying out loud.

cheeseball. yum.
my side has nuts. husband's doesn't.

i have been kind of sick the past few days. not full-blown sick. just sore throat, achy, a little bit of a cough and slight fever. NOT THE FLU husband who wants me to get a damn flu shot. i did come home a few hours early to rest. i have also switched from coffee to earl gray, which i do when sick.

our friend is back in the hospital. he went in Saturday afternoon with chest pains and they found fluid around his heart again. his oncologist thinks the cancer might be back. he is having surgery tomorrow to find out for sure. i met with his wife for a late dinner tonight and she was trying to be positive.

my sister picked a wedding date. march 3rd. yea!

i finally got some ideas for gifts for my nieces and nephews. i keep hearing from people that are completely done shopping. to those people i say "bite me"

this month we have been working on paying down some debt. we paid the big one's car off. we are going to pay off a big chunk of our immense business debt. ugh.

my husband is having a lot of fun playing with his new iphone. he likes to facetime me when he is downstairs and i am up. facetime is never flattering. maybe i always have those dark circles under my eyes and a haggard look. he did put new software on my prehistoric iphone to enlarge my texting letters. also, my texts pop up at the top of my screen now. it doesn't take much to amuse me.

i am going to advil-robitussin-heating pad myself to bed now. nite nite.


  1. I only took 3 photos, too, so don't feel bad.

    I hate touching raw meant, so I don't blame him for wearing the gloves.

    I have been wanting to pay off some debt, but apparently you have to have a job. Who would of thunk it.

    When you are ready to get rid of your "ancient iphone," send it my way. I have had the same phone for two years now. Talk about ancient. The screen is so small I can hardly read it with my almost bifocal glasses.

  2. Good for you for paying off debt! It is a good feeling (if I can experience it, I'm sure it would be a great feeling, LOL :)

    Yea for your sister picking a date; March is a great month to get married!

    Veggies and cheese ball looked great for Thanksgiving! The turkey looked regal as it was being manhandled; I'm sure it tasted good!

    Sorry you are a bit under the weather. I hope it doesn't go into something more serious!

    I have mixed thoughts about flu shots. They are good for the infirmed and those who have respiratory problems. I haven't gotten one in a few years;now watch me get the flu. However, I'm not out among the public like you are.....

    take care of yourself.


  3. You have three more Thanksgiving pictures than I have. But then you also cooked a lot more food than I did. As in, I didn't cook any. I was assigned to bring the soda this year.

  4. I only took two photos because I was so busy cooking for my damn gang of 40 people!

    Sorry for the swearing, when you have that many people to feed, it needs a little profanity.

    So sorry to hear about your friend. We're experiencing cancer right now in our family. My husband's mother is about to be taken by that awful beast. It is such a horrible thing.

    Oh, and do not get me started on the Face Time! Drives me crazy! My husband face times me constantly. I have learned to stop answering it, because, yes, it is such an awful picture and two, he's always got someone with him, showing off his FaceTime and it's usually when I'm makeup free and in my pajamas. How I hate the Face Time.

    I also have the big font. My kids changed it for me a few months ago. Now any one who sees it wants to change their font.

  5. Also...I really HATE the people who have their Christmas shopping done before December and the folks who have their cards done and mailed before Thanksgiving. They can kiss my disorganized ass.

  6. Loved your turkey day food photos. Everything looked yummy. Chuckled over the latex gloves. My daughter uses them too. I'm mad because I'm sick too. 101 fever, sniffles, cough, congestion, sore throat, etc. Been sleeping it off with antibiotics and cough meds. If you're not better soon go to the doctor like I did. Take care.

  7. Im sorry your under the weather!! My Rx for you? A glass of OJ every morning! It helps with the immune system! Not to mention so yummy! I had the flu shot tho cuz im one with a compromized immune system. I have all kinds of different things going on but, hey, we all gotta pick and chooze!! Love your turkey pics! I too wear the gloveys! And i always tease my hubs as i snap them on too cough and bend over!!! Its and old joke whenever im making meatballs or working with chicken or whatever. I dont have all my shopping done either or any of my cards done! I just realized today was the 1st and i better hop on it!! Santa will soon be here and i wont have a thing done!! Lol i havent even posted pics from my daughters visit!! How lame am i??

  8. I'm sure it's the resturant in him that prompts the gloves, don't ya think?

    Nothing wrong with plastic platters. Just sayin'

    March 3rd!! Yikes, that will be here before you know it!

    Yeah, the face time thing can be a crap shoot for sure, gotta be prepared to say the least.


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