Wednesday, November 9, 2011


In my effort to blog more, I am going to end up with some really boring posts.
This will be one of them.

The last few nights, I have been taking 2 Advil and an Advil pm and sleeping with the heating pad on my knee. Since it is the kind you heat in the microwave, I have to get up and go downstairs every so often to nuke it. Going up the stairs is painful enough but going DOWN is agony. Last night I got my jammies on, teeth brushed, face washed, lubed up on moisturizer, and settled in for my date with the heating pad. I had forgotten my stupid regular Advil (I keep the pm's upstairs but I only take one or I am groggy in the morning) which were downstairs in my purse. At this point, I was almost in tears. Back downstairs, back upstairs. Now the heating pad isn't very hot anymore. Back down again. A smart person would have used the regular electric heating pad but I don't want to bend it around my knee, possibly severing a wire and shocking the crap out of myself. I entertained the thought of getting a microwave for the bedroom, bringing the small fridge up from the basement to fill with cold beverages like beer and vodka, training the dogs to use the microwave and bring me things on command and/or hiring a full time cabana boy. I will check with my husband on these things.

A visit to the doctor is sounding easier.

I bought this Monday.

I really wanted this one too, next time.

Bobbing For Baubles

Monday night I trimmed and filed my nails, applied cuticle oil and used my Aveda foot relief with some thick socks over my feet to let the lotion do its job. My feet look great but still no polish. It is too hard to bend my knee to paint my toenails.  My cuticles look awesome though. 
I tried to get Mr. Funny to let me give him a man-icure. Just a nail buffing, some filing and cuticle oil. 

He refused. 

The little spoiled rotten one got a present from daddy today.
I think of it as preparation for the military

We have a strict "no video games on school nights" rule so that's going to be torture for him.


In a feeble attempt to drive my husband insane, I did a teensy bit more online shopping (I used Ulta this time, free shipping with $25 purchase, sorry Sephora). In my defense, I was out of Happy and that makes me sad.
Each is only .24 oz.

I think my husband has coerced convinced me to make Thanksgiving dinner here instead of a.) going out to the fancy-pants place and letting them do all of the work or b.) going to our friends' house and hanging out with them and their extended family. This displeases me but I know I can do it and I am going to take it as a challenge. Also, I am going to be reimbursed for my efforts. I already know what the exchange will be. I guess I will be ham and turkey shopping tomorrow. Since I have never cooked either, I am going to rely on the internet for help. And probably liquor. And since my husband was a bartender when we met, I am going to depend on his drink master skills to assist me.

On a related note, my husband has presented to me, the idea of opening our restaurant on Thanksgiving Day next year (we are usually closed) for a few hours and serving a traditional Thanksgiving meal to the less fortunate. We are still at the brainstorming stage but he likes the idea of asking some local well-known people to help serve, asking for volunteers to cook (our cooks, and of course they will be paid) and seeing if our food purveyors will give us some good deals on the food items and possibly getting donations from local grocery stores. Our community has always taken very good care of our business and the need here (as it is most everywhere anymore) is great. It would be so wonderful for families with no place to go or resources to provide for their families to be able to join us for a nice meal and for us to donate our food and our time. Our only concern is that if we do it once, we will feel obligated to continue every year and I am not sure if that will be possible. My mother in law had asked us to please try to make it to New Jersey every few years for the holidays but again, the 4 dogs kind of put a damper on that idea.  My brother in law did offer to take the dogs (he lives at my mother in laws house now) if we went out of town but we will not leave him alone during the holidays (his 3 kids are always with their mother on Thanksgiving) so we are staying put and of course he can come have dinner with us.

I need to try to get some laundry done tonight before I pass out.
Til later.....


  1. I have not made a ham, but I've made a few turkeys; they really are easy to do; you'll do fine! I think that would be nice for you to do a Thanksgiving meal at the restaurant some year. There was a restaurant where we used to live that did it every year and just opened it up to anyone who wanted to come. I think its a nice gesture!

    Sorry about your knee, I did have to laugh though about training the dogs to do your work for you with getting what you need! That would be a good thing, I think!

    take care of yourself!


  2. Hope you get that pain taken care of.

    I like both the polish colors. I like the Baubing for baubles the best.

    I think the idea of opening up the restaurant on Thanksgiving is a great idea, but I understand that you would feel obligated to do it every year.

  3. Buy a Honey Baked Ham for your ham needs-all you have to do is heat it. For a turkey, I don't know how many you are serving but we have always had the BEST luck with the Honeysuckle White brand of turkeys-they are juicier and more tender.
    Buy oven cooking bags to cook them-those make all the difference in the world! I can't believe you've never cooked a turkey. They are super easy. I always slather mine with EVOO and garlic salt. I never stuff with stuffing, but always put an onion(quartered) and some celery in the cavity to help flavor the turkey. Also turkeys do better when you cook them low & slow-the tag will have instructions for what temp for however many pounds. Do you want my phone number so I can talk you through it? I'm sure you will do great, I mean you do run a restaurant!!
    But you know you could get out of the whole thing if you can get to a doctor and they want you to stay off of your leg/knee! ;-)
    Ps-don't forget to take the plastic gravy bag out of the cavity before cooking-that's VERY IMPORTANT!! ;-)

  4. GO TO THE DR.!

    My DIL asked me once how I cook my hams because she loves them, and I responded put it in a roasting bag and bake the hell out of it. When it pulls away from the bone, it is done. Turkeys are a little trickier because you don't want to dry out the white meat, but the same philosophy holds true about pulling away from the bone.

    Your idea of giving back to the community is a great one, but you are definitely wise to think it through as a possible long term commitment. I'm wondering if you might not be better off partnering with a church or a community organization...

    Let me know when you get those dogs trained, I have a few here you can work with too!

  5. Yeah, I want to know when you get those dogs trained, too, because I have a couple around here that need to earn their keep. Talk about spoiled rotten! Sorry about your knee.

    I make a turkey every year, it's not hard. Alton Brown has a few great turkey recipes on his website.

  6. If I can make a turkey dinner you sure can. :)

    I was going to suggest a small microwave in the bedroom suite but then I thought then you it would just make you not go to the doctor like you should (and you know it)

    perhaps an "arrangement" with the young one... ten minutes of video games per each microwave/drink run... Ha.

  7. Glad you got your HAPPY on order. Now go to the darn doctor about your knee. PLEASE listen. Don't MESS with it. Keeping the turkey from drying out is the key. (You can always pour a martini over it if you're getting exasperated. LOL) Other posters have given you good advice. The internet is loaded with great tips. GOOD LUCK. I think having Thanksgiving dinner for those less fortunate at your restaurant, next year is a beautiful gesture. I hope everything comes together. Take care.

  8. Where have you been all my life? This was hilarious. Thank you for sending me off to bed with a good laugh.

  9. I'm trying out new perfumes, as I've worn the same one for 30 years, and Happy is in the final 10!!! I'm wearing a new one every day and polling my colleagues!

  10. How did I miss this post since I read your Blog first? I am loosing it!

    These nail polishes are going on my list. You and I would be great shopping buddies. We certainly love mostly the same things.



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