Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I am thankful for today, by Funny

I had an exciting post planned (no I didn't) but I am exhausted from working all day and I have lots to do.

I am thankful for:
* my wonderful husband who works hard every day and rarely complains unless I spend too much money
* my 16 year old, who did a lot of prep work for our meal and then went to work to cook some more which he grumbled about a little bit because he said the small potatoes he had to peel were "stupid"
* my 21 year old, who moved out on his own and is doing his best to become a great adult which prevented me from kicking him out and/or strangling him. I am a little irked that he cannot be with us for dinner for the first time in 21 years because he works in retail.
* fantastic vacations and getaways that make all the rest of the time worthwhile 
* Pandora, for providing me with just the right ratio of holiday music/ dance music/ easy listening/ depending on my sanity level
* iPad/iPod/iPhones- iLove them all
* my 4 dogs who provide me with blog material and love us unconditionally even though they are outside barking nonstop and are getting dangerously close to being hit with a flying potato or 6
* my other family members (in Jersey and Tulsa), who have to celebrate without us this year and who are probably thankful for this
* my employees and customers, who have almost driven me to homicide a few times but without them, we could not run a successful restaurant in this shitty economy
* cheeseball, which makes the angels sing and my arse expand
* vodka
* yoga pants and slippers, which I am presently wearing 
* my knee not hurting too much today
* all of my wonderful friends who live in my computer that I get to visit with every day and all of my real life friends as well
* coffee
* sisters, who will hold your head when you puke if you drink too much and tell you when your wrinkles are getting bad 
* in laws, who really probably don't care a lot for you but have to pretend for the sake of the family
* moisturizer, it is so cold and dry today
* lipgloss 
* internet access (what did we used to do???)
* deodorant, yes
* my gallbladder, which I get to keep but my husband's is coming out at 6:30 am Friday
* a warm, safe home, vehicles that run and guzzle gas like it was free, my and my families health which is not to be confused with mental health, a job, the ability to pay our bills, and a really comfy bed that I wish I had time to take a quick nap in
* God, who is last but never least, who I give all of my heavy loads to and who always seems to show me the way even when I don't understand everything he gives me

Have a safe, yummy Thanksgiving and I hope you don't have to stick your hand up a dead turkeys ass hiney
I don't.


  1. Great list! I enjoyed reading it. You crack me up. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. I was reading this in the Bible today; Psalm 120:1 I call on the Lord in my distress and he answers me.

    He does answer us every single time we call out to him, sometimes we don't like the answer, but he does answer us on what he knows is best for us and he definitely does show us the way!

    Its been a tough year for you all; but even amongst that all, He has been faithful right by your side.

    I am sorry Big One can't make it home because of retail; I wrote on my blog that maybe we just need to stay home and not get into the Black Friday open at midnight madness.

    I hope you have a very nice Thanksgiving, I know it will be difficult this year, a seat empty at the table, memories of past ones in the air as you strive to honor the memory of your MIL who was and is loved deeply. My heart goes out to you all.

    hugs to you

    and Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. That is a wonderful list. Think it is great your 16 year old helped with meal prep. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

  4. One of my favourite Thanksgiving posts! Many great things to be thankful for in a oh so "get real" way.
    Hope you enjoy your weekend.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving funny lady.

    Good list. Sorry to hear about hubby's gall bladder. praying all goes well and he is back on his feet again quickly.

  6. I need to make a list too...might be cathartic. Have a wonderful and restful holiday!

  7. Hope Mr. Funny's surgery went well.

  8. Yours is always the first Blog I come to and you never disappoint.

    I always leave laughing.

    I am off to decorate 5 flippin' trees this morning.

    Bah Humbug.


  9. LOL @ the dead turkey comment and "stupid potatoes".

    I are so deadpan with your humor just like I am and I love it.


  10. I loved your list! Your son reminds me of my sons, with the stupid potatoes and all. It does suck when they're not home for the holidays, but then, there are the holidays where they just surprise the heck right out of you!

    Hope Mr. Funny is on the mend. He sounds like my husband what with the complaining about money spending. What the heck, man?

    So glad you had a good holiday!


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