Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas in pictures.

We really had a nice Christmas despite the fact we were missing Mr. Funny's mom.
Everyone slept in, we had coffee, opened gifts, cleaned up and I started making pies and cheeseball while Mr. Funny vacuumed and ran a few errands.

The boys never made Santa a list so I picked everything out myself. I did very well, I must say. They got lots of clothes, pj's, cologne, shoes, socks, underwear, and gift cards. I found some great Civil War, and WW2 miniature soldiers and war books for the little one and a penguin hat for the big one. Mr. Funny found some adorable stuffed Little Monsters from Lady Gaga's shop for the big one (a huge Gaga fan!)  and a Xbox controller and a Buckyballs cube for the little one.

The family gift was a new plasma tv for the basement, our old big screen was almost dead, and a gaming sofa with recliners on each side and cup holders. And a cabinet to put the tv on, it matches the entertainment center that is there. After all the gifts were opened, we sent the little one downstairs to put away some of his gifts and it was wrapped in front of the old tv.

Despite his calm demeanor, he was thrilled!

can you spot the root beer bottle? pigs!

I didn't take a single photo once our dinner guests arrived but we had 13 total.
The food was amazing! We made chicken piccata, mashed potatoes, spaghetti with buttered noodles (for the kiddos), french silk pie, coconut cream pie, key lime pie and roasted asparagus. 
Everyone ate themselves silly and we spent hours talking afterward. My husband's friend, the deputy sheriff, brought his family and his 6 going on 30 year old daughter LOVED Finn. She kept begging for "the mean dog" to come in. 

When the dogs finally did get to come in, they had dinner and zonked out. This was Finn's impression of Christmas:
*Yawn! Cwissmuss is exaustin'  Mom and dad lock us out all day and no new presents to tear fluff out of. RUDE! (the punks did get lots of snacks and rawhide bones)

Whomever says my floor is dirty gets to come over and clean it because we have swept the floors every day this week, it has been muddy and I have had 5 dogs.

I forgot to post my wonderful gifts but that's ok.
I have some laundry to get caught up on before I leave for Tulsa tomorrow night.
I think we are going to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo tonight.


  1. Have fun in Tulsa. Looks like Santa treated you well and that a GOOD time was had by all. Just think we have to do this again in 360 some days. LOL Take care.

  2. Our kids didn't make lists either and Santa ROCKED if I do say so myself. We were all relaxed and had a good day. We have discovered that we can only entertain one of our mothers at a makes all the difference between a beautiful day and one which involves a migraine.

  3. Hey - What did you end up doing for your Good Deed on June's blog? I stuck with my original plan and made a video for my friend's Dad's funeral. He ended up dying on the 20th.

    My second good deed was not killing any of her family members who wanted to change things in the video one day before the funeral.

  4. Glad you had a great CHRISTmas.

  5. You have to tell us what you think of the movie!

    I was in awe of your gift giving skills as I looked at everything you gave the boys. Fantastic job!

  6. I wanna know when can I come over and park my arse in one of those chairs and watch some TV?

    I won't even ask you to wait on me.

    Happy New Year Gorgeous one!



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