Monday, December 5, 2011

I am really glad that you all loved and drooled over my dining room decor.
The rest of my house is a shambles. 
So I just cruise into the dining room 1,273 times a day to inhale the beauty so I can walk through the other rooms while tumbleweeds of dog hair chase me. 
I was sick last week, ok? And very little, if any cleaning got done. 
And I work the next 2 days and then we have to go to the city to haul my husband in for his follow-up gallbladder removal appointment. And a bit of Christmas shopping.
My husband hates shopping. Christmas shopping with him makes me mad. No lingering with a peppermint mocha to see the pretty lights and hear the festive songs. Nope. Just a mad dash through ONLY CHOSEN STORES to get exactly what we need and nothing else.
This makes me sad. 

This weekend I will be shopping with my sisters. 
And eating and drinking but we have decided to mostly pass on the eating and in the words of my sister D (in white)

Yep, you heard it here.
I think I meant to say "Saturday high 45 Low 28"

  Remember when I posted these boots?

Well, I found/bought some today that are similar and half the price!

Does anyone else have terrible, dry winter skin? I try to put lotion on every day, but I get busy and then I itch.
To the point of drawing blood sometimes.
I got some of this today:

And this also.

I will let you know how they do.

I'm out for now.


  1. I would go shopping with you if I could. I have horrible dry skin, but nothing ever works on it. I will scratch until I bleed, too.

  2. Like the boots! That is cold temperatures! I like your sister's idea though! I'm like your husband, I like to go in to the store I need to, get what I need and be out as quick as I can; not a shopper here. Hubby however is. I guess opposites do attract!

    Bet you are counting down the minutes to this weekend!


  3. The room you did decorate, looks gorgeous so if you get to the rest of the house... good, if not, who cares. I had to chuckle, my husband is the same way about shopping. Everytime we go out, he always says, "I'm not making this an all day event. We're getting what we need, then heading straight home. Understand?" Talk about ruining a mood. Hope your hubby's followup gallbladder visit goes well. I know Girls just want to have fun. But it sounds a tad bit chilly for your Eureka getaway. But you'll warm things up I'm sure, drink or no drink. LOL SERIOUSLY love the boots you bought. They look awesome. Tis the season for dry skin. We all suffer it's horror. Hang in there.

  4. The Curel Itch Defense rocks. I can attest to that, and I LOVE your boots!

  5. I do that whole, clean one room real nice, then hang out in THAT room thing myself. Anyway, your dining room does look very pretty!

  6. I am like your hubby. Get in and get out. I took my oldest granddaughter birthday shopping last Sunday and was ready to shoot myself by the time we were done!

    We have scheduled Friday morning to do our Christmas shopping online. Wish us luck! I do want to go to the outlets at least once before Christmas, though. Just because. Plus I am missing H & D's coffee!


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