Thursday, December 15, 2011

I have a mile long list of things that must get done this week so I will bullet this.

  • Still no tree. The box is up from the basement though. Baby steps.

  • The little one was using the leaf blower Sunday and spilled gasoline all over his good jeans and track jacket. I let them sit overnight in the garage to dissipate the fumes and then washed them. 4 times. Still stinky. I tried vinegar, baking soda and prayer. Back to the garage for a day. Another 2 washes. Done. I am sure there was a better way. Has this ever happened to you? I do know a magic way to get washed and dried gum out of the dryer drum though, if you care.

  • My basement is a disaster. I have delivery guys coming tomorrow and I am hoping the little one got some of the mess squared away.

  • We went to the furniture store today to pick out a piece for the basement. We are getting a new plasma tv for the media area (family gift) and it needs a stand. I found a very cool gaming sofa with recliners and cup holders. Had to get it and it was a closeout. Then I found a console table for the entryway. I talked the owner down and paid cash. There is also a beautiful chest I wanted for the living room. I didn't push my luck.

  • My sister changed her wedding date a few times. It is back to March 3rd. For real.

  • I have piles of bags stuffed in the corner of my bedroom and closet with stuff that has to be wrapped. I am procrastinating.

  • I am still waiting for 2 more packages to be delivered before I can mail gifts. Zulily, I am talking to you!

  • I mistakenly started watching Kourtney and Khloe take Miami on Netflix. Oh it is so bad it is good. My husband is disgusted with me for it.

  • I also started watching Grimm. Like I needed more shows to watch.

  • I am going shopping with a girlfriend tomorrow. Hopefully after that, I will be finished. 

  • One of the outlet shoe stores in our local mall is closing and had their boots and shoes marked down to $9.99. I got 4 pair. This brings the grand total of shoes I have bought in the past 7 days to 8 pair. In my defense, they were all seriously on sale. I did have to return the Born boots I posted a few weeks ago because the zipper broke the first step I took. I exchanged them for some brown loafers.
  • One of the shoe stores in Eureka, Crazy Bones, has their inventory marked to half price the weekend we are there every year. I tried on a pair of Cushe loafers and they are amazing. I got these:

  • The little one sings the praises of these shoes. He is on his 2nd pair and I will warn you that they are usually $100 but he wears them until they fall apart (they haven't yet) They are Reebok Zigs. I was looking at Finish Line online for a pair of Lego shoes for my nephew and stumbled on these for half price. I also got the little one a pair for half price. I wore mine today and they are so comfortable. The ones I got said "price reflected in shopping cart" and I was shocked to see how inexpensive they were.  Here is the link if you are interested in a great sale!

I am not going to post all of the others. You will die of boredom.

  • I wore a scarf to work yesterday and one of our older customers asked me if it was a style or if I had a sore throat. I pretended to cough on his breakfast.

I need to get going, my motivation level is dropping fast!


  1. One year my husband spilled gasoline on a pair of Carhart jeans. I washed and washed-vinegar, baking soda, Mule Team Borax-you name it, I tried it. I ended up having to throw them away(nearly killed me-I'm so tight I squeak.) I even called our local oil/kerosene dealer and asked them if they knew of any thing to use but they didn't. At the time there wasn't OxyClean so maybe give it a try and let them soak in it.

  2. LOL about the tree, I'm sure it will make it up so very soon! LOL too about the Kardashians. I tell you, I get sucked into watching them at the gym, maybe because its nice to see there are other dysfunctional families out there, LOL!

    No clue on how to help with gasoline and clothes, but could use your tip for getting gum out, I'm notorious for leaving pieces of gum in jeans pockets.


  3. You know I would not have been bored seeing everything you got.

    Obviously that customer didn't know what being hip is if they had to ask if you had a sore throat. They must not read In Style. Meh.

    I hope you get all your crap done. I hate this time of year and just wish we could fast forward to January.

    Fa la la.



  4. We power decorated. Started early Wednesday morning and dropped dead that night. I still have a few presents to get and nothing is wrapped. I'm with you on the baby steps there.

    Ugh about the gasoline. Call your local mechanic and ask what his wife uses? I don't know what would work.

    Those sneakers are awesome. I want a pair!


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