Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lend me your ear. Either one is good.

So many things to talk about.

Friday, I dragged my friend Bird (we shall call her that) to do a little necessary Christmas shopping at the lake. I had just a few items and I was going with or without her. She gave in because I am persuasive and I promised margaritas when we got back to town.
We started at the Coach store which is heaven for me and hell for the Bird. She doesn't understand why people pay that much for purses and wallets and coats. I don't understand her affinity for country music in the car. So many pretty, shiny things. I found a few things (not for me)while Bird went to Fossil.

Then we ventured to pick out some cologne for my husband.
Have you ever tried to find the perfect men's cologne? Daunting, is what it is.

673920538624 hours later, I had decided on 2 bottles and then if you spent a certain amount, you got to pick one for $15.00.
I also figured out how to pronounce Yves St Laurent.

The Gap was our last stop. I needed jeans and this is where I tell you that I broke my own rule. I tried on and then bought skinny jeans. They are a nice gray denim and are stretchy and are not so tight that I look like a bloated prostitute.
A longer top and some cute flats are in order here but these jeans are comfortable! Also? My hips are smaller in person. Ha!

I also found a pair of wide leg trouser jeans. And some things that aren't for me. 
We went to my house and her husband picked us up for dinner (he was the driver, I never drink and drive) and hours later when I got home and unloaded my car? No cologne.
Of course they were closed and I was so sad after all that time and money spent down the tubes and all my husband had to say was "go back tomorrow and look for the bag and if you cannot find it buy more cologne"
I called first thing the next morning and she had found my bag and put it in the office.

One of my friends that I worked with years ago and who owns the restaurant where we go nearly every Saturday lost her brother, her only sibling, early Friday morning to a blot clot on his brain. Her 50th birthday was Saturday and Christmas just around the corner so it was devastating to her. She lost her mother a year before I lost mine in a freak car accident and her husband lost his mom last December and we lost my mom in Dec. 2007 and Mr. Funny's mom in October so we all just hung out and told stories and drank and looked at pictures. The bar (she owns) was packed and she had 3 cakes and lots of party goers but in the end, it was just a few of us at midnight.

In other news, the big one had told me he would be home for a visit in time for my birthday. He called me at work yesterday to tell me he was only 30 minutes away and needed to put a few things in my car because his friend was dropping him off (you remember we would not let him take his car)
My husband came up to work to drop off the paychecks and informed me that our son had "all of his stuff and needed to put it in the Suburban because there was a lot"
He came in to eat and asked if he could come back to work for us.
We are all together for the holidays and I cannot be more happy about this news. We will deal with all of the other crap later.

I got my birthday present early. Truthfully, the trip to Eureka was my present but my husband surprised me with these yesterday:

Snow boots. 
I have a few pairs of Uggs but these are waterproof and perfect for snow. I think he is hinting that he needs help carrying wood from the back of the yard but he swears he read all of the reviews and spoke to a nice lady at Ugg and decided that these would be the best gift ever. Plus we are supposed to get a ton of snow this year.
They are gonna look very cute with my skinny jeans.

He also took next Friday night off so we could go to dinner on my birthday.

I invited a hodgepodge of people over for Christmas dinner. Our friends Bird and Woody, Mr. Funny's brother and his 3 kids, one of our cooks and his mother, our friend Greg who is going to Afganistan in a couple weeks and us. We are making chicken piccata, mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables and key lime and chocolate silk pie for dessert.

I hope you all had a nice weekend.
Have a great week!

I leave you with a beautiful song I heard this morning on Pandora.


  1. I know you are glad to have the whole family together for Christmas! Maybe your older one is starting to understand the whole growing up thing! I'm jealous about the chicken piccata for your meal. It's one of my favorites but no one in my house likes it!

  2. I gave in last year and bought a pair of skinny jeans, but I only wear them tucked in with boots. Otherwise, the silhouette is too extreme, i.e, skinny ankles and WIDE hips!

  3. The Commander wears Dirty English and it is totally swoonworthy. What did you get Mr. Funny?

    LOVING the new boots....totally my style.

    I do like the skinny jeans on you too. I bought a pair recently and LOVE them. They make you look leggy even if you are not and totally cute with wellies too. You need some wellies.

    Glad the big one is back in the fold.


  4. YaY!! for your family being together for Christmas. There's nothing better. Enjoy!

  5. The skinny jeans look GREAT on you. Crazy about the boots. Your footwear is always cool. I know what you mean about finding the perfect men's cologne. A daunting task, indeed. But to then LOSE the BAG. OMG. That is tragic. Hopefully you had tucked the receipt someplace else to prove ownership. Chicken Piccatta sounds DELISH. I am happy for you that your whole family will be together for Christmas. The music was beautiful. Take care. PS)Remember my BAD knees. My right one gave way. I can't walk or put weight on it, so our Christmas is ruined unless it gets better, yesterday. Doc can't see me until after holiday. I'm tempted to go to hospital. QUE SERRA, SERRA

  6. Margaritas would not work for me...yunwould need to offer gin. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


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