Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Let the giving begin......

When I got in my car after work today, this was sitting on the floor of the passenger side.

The rule made by me (after an unfortunate Salad Shooter incident many years ago) is as follows:
Appliances do not count as Christmas or birthday gifts. Same rule with things that have to be plugged in.

But my husband is crafty.
  • He knows how I love my other Dysons.
  • He understands my never-ending battle with hair of dogs (not to be confused with the hair of the dog)
  • He feels my pain of vacuuming stairs now that he has finally tried it
  • He is tired of being harassed and chased around by the tumbleweeds of dog hair since I haven't properly cleaned well since I was sick last week.
  • Tomorrow is the 4 year anniversary of my mom's death and I usually get "feel better" or sympathy gifts on those occasions.
  • This has no cord- just a charger.
  • It is shiny and purple. 

Next week we will discuss how cold my feet get in the winter .... (ha)



    1. I agree with your rules for gifts. But whatever the reason you got this new machine, WOW!. I hinted that a Dyson might be nice here and got laughed at. Since then, my hubby does the vacuuming. I KID you not. May you have GOOD memories of your mom tomorrow, let them sustain you as you go through the day. Take care.

    2. I am so sorry it is the 4th anniversary, I'm sure you miss her as much as you did the year she died (mine will be five years 12/13).

      Cool with the Dyson, definitely something needed with the dogs! Enjoy it!

      Like those boots; that would keep feet warm!!

      take care of yourself; big hugs to you

      (I think it is neat your husband remembers the day and tries to give you a feel better gift, etc)


    3. We have a similar rule about appliances for birthdays and Christmas. The points we were going to use to get gifts for the kids now equals enough for me to get my coveted Dyson. After Christmas, natch.

      Sorry kids!

      Sorry about your mom. I lost mine in February and I'm not looking forward to that month.

    4. Great rules and way to go husband.


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