Friday, December 23, 2011

A Loving Birthday Note from Funny's Sister

So Funny - or as I call her on my blog, Big Sister - has asked me to guest post here today and I feel drunk with power. Or maybe I'm just drunk. Either way, it's a good feeling that leaves me tingly with anticipation and excitement. 

Where to begin... I guess I will just say what my mom would always say about Funny.

Forty-two years ago today, labor began with a pain and a puddle (okay, those are my words). Funny's delivery was nothing short of traumatic and life-threatening, as both mom and the baby almost died. When Funny was finally forceped out of my mother (yes, 'forceped' is now a real word), the baby was blue and not good and mom was bleeding and not good. Once everyone was stitched and breathing, the doctor, shaken to his core, left the room and met my father in the hallway, saying, "Good lord. I almost killed them both in there." 

And he never delivered another child again.

True story.

Funny's blue beginning speaks much of her later life, not only because she suffers from seasonal affective disorder, but also because she is the only blonde haired, blue eyed creature in a family full of dark hair and eyes. 
Growing up, Mom always said it was because she was the milkman's kid, but no one was ever sure how much of that was facetiousness and how much was possibility. In our mother's non-adulterous defense, our maternal grandmother was very fair, blonde, and blue-eyed, so Funny is probably just a walking recessive gene.
As a small child, Funny desired nothing so much as attention. Really, that is a lifelong thing for her. When our brother came into the world, Funny was not pleased. One day when she was 2, while Mom was nursing our brother, Funny requested some apple juice but was told that she would have to wait until the baby was done eating. Displeased, Funny popped that baby on the top of his still-soft cranium full of dark brown hair and said, "Then eat, dummy!" I think this situation demonstrates a bit of foreshadowing into a future full of similar events, one in which she pushed me down a flight of stairs because I told her I didn't want her wearing my sassy new hair barretts.
Moving along. As an adult, Funny has grown into quite a woman. One of the best things about her, as all who read her know, is her humor. 
Even when our mom was in the hospital during what would turn out to be her last days, one of her favorite things was to talk on the phone to Funny. No one in the world could amuse our mom quite like her. Mom loved her stories and her unique (embellished?) approach to storytelling. 
When Funny would come to town for a visit, Mom would light up the entire time she was here. Mom was content to just spend time on the porch, glass of tea in hand, listening to Funny lament her life or tell story after story. 
Luckily, before Mom left us, she was able to visit Funny's new (at the time) restaurant.
And while that restaurant may prove to be the death of our Funny, it does provide her with her favorite things in life: Coach purses, many lipsticks, new clothes, and UGG boots. Well, in fairness, she does love some other things too.

Her husband:
Her kids:
Her nephews:
Her drinks:
 Her whole family together:
And, of course, her sisters and any family trips to Hawaii, 
a cabin, 
or Eureka Springs.
So, on this day that precedes many other festivities, let's give a well-earned shout-out to Funny...
a crazy, funny, wonderful girl who, despite some rough beginnings for her and the four kids that would come after her, wears many, many hats. And wears them well.


  1. Thanks for the beautiful homage. And for making me cry on my birthday. I love you!!

  2. You're welcome. It's what I do best. Although I totally wasn't trying to make it sappy. And I couldn't find any pics of your large child.

  3. Love this! Happy Birthday, Funny!

  4. Happy Birthday Funny! Hope you have a great day!
    You have a very sweet sister!

  5. I'm glad that Dr. stopped delivering babies! And am also glad Funny and mom pulled through. I feel like I know her through her humor. You did a great job showing us the true Funny, Mel.

    Happy Birthday Funny! And Merry Christmas!!!!!

  6. Your sister rocks. I loved seeing all these photos and also it just warmed my heart how much your sister loves you.

    Another thing we have in common....both my sisters had jet black hair, olive skin and dark green eyes. Me....well, I ended up with blonde hair, fair skin and ice blue eyes. I totally get the Milkman's daughter thing.

    Happy Birthday Beautiful!


  7. Love, love, love this. Sisters are a good thing. ( most the time)
    Happy Birthday Funny!

  8. LOL; I love your sister's comment "I couldn't find any pics of your large child" I know who she is talking about; so cute how she said it.

    I absolutely loved this tribute she did for you! I am so thankful you and your mom survived your birth and I am glad the doctor realized maybe delivering babies was not in his best expertise.

    Humor definitely runs in your family!

    I hope you had a great day and a wonderful year ahead and I wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas!


  9. A terrific guest columnist. Related or not. A sense of humor is a marvelous thing. It'll get you through when nothing else will. It obviously runs in your family. This was a beautiful, insightful tribute to the sister us Bloggers adore. Made me smile seeing all those vivid memories of your family and her unfold in pictures. HAPPY BIRTHDAY again. Great job filling in for your sis.

  10. Sisters ARE a good thing! You are blessed!


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