Friday, December 9, 2011

One Last Post Before the ......wait for it.........LEGENDARY ......weekend!!!!

I have a long post to write and zero energy so bear with me.

First of all, today is the 4th anniversary of my mom's death. It never gets easier but time passes and things change and you learn to live with a new normal. What makes it worse is that neither my husband or I have mother's on earth anymore.

We had to leave the house early to drive to the city for Mr. Funny's surgery follow-up appointment. He is just fine. No problems with eating, pain or infection. 

He dropped me off at the mall to do a bit of Christmas shopping. 
I did have some luck but I am nowhere near what I would call finished.

The girls (my sister's and I) all bought for each other this year and the 5 guys drew names. Mr. F got Mel's husband and knew exactly what he was getting him. This was good news and did not involve me in the least. He picked up the gift while I was at the mall.

Before we headed home, I stopped at the dog bakery because today was Kona and Neko's birthday. I think they are 6 but maybe they are 7. They got iced doggie cookies and I got one for all of them. Neko and Finn got the one's that had Naughty written on them and Kona got the Nice one. Molly and Skip's were iced reindeer.

While I was cookie shopping, Mr. F was at the jewelry store a few rows down looking for a gift for me. I crashed his party and was quickly distracted by the shiny things. After I gave him a few ideas of what I liked, the owner said to wait while she went to the back to get "some fun things"
She brought out a black box with about 16 rings in it. They looked like costume jewelry, like the QVC today's special value diamonique rings my mom used to buy for $29.99 for fun.
They were real. Diamonds.
Like I have never seen the likes of and certainly never had the guts to try on.

This one was an estate piece. It was $49,000.
Looks good on my finger.

This one. I looked at the tag and told my husband it was only $9,800. She corrected me. It was $98,000.
It was also spoken for. A nice gentleman who loves his girlfriend is picking it up tomorrow. She is gonna be doing all kinds of jumping up and down on Christmas when he proposes. A ring like that deserves all kinds of sexual favors fanfare.

Sadly, this one was too small. I was going to get it sized but then I came back to reality and saw that it was $215,000. 

And since you had to look at my horrific cuticles and chipped nails, I will have you know that I am getting a manicure tomorrow morning. I am even getting my nails painted.

In case you are interested, all sweaters at are 50% off through Saturday.
I picked up these 2 and I will be sure my husband wraps them for me.

I have been drooling over this one for a while. I am so thrilled to get it for half off!

Love the navy stripes!

I saw this the other day, it just really summed up my relationship with my husband.

Tomorrow I leave for Sisterpalooza 2011.
My husband thinks that is a dumb name. See above.

I sent this to Mel the other day. I am pretty sure she loved it.

I have my gifts wrapped, my lists made and liver is prepared for the weekend.
I hope it is everything we hope it will be: relaxing, fun, crazy.

My husband said he hopes he doesn't get a phone call from the Eureka Springs police dept. asking him to please come retrieve his wife because she tasered someone/ fell over drunk in the street and tumbled down the steep stairs/ got into a fistfight over a really cute pair of boots on sale/ peed her pants laughing and froze to the cobblestone street/ or saw a ghost at the haunted hotel we are staying at and began screaming and blubbering incoherently.


  1. Glad your hubby got a clean bill of health from surgery. I suddenly have an urge for a cookie. The naughty one, please. Those rings were gorgeous. I once tried on a $15,000 diamond ring. It felt like it belonged on my hand, NOT. I reveled in the moment, though, making it last at least 5 minutes. LOL Sweaters are nice. Don't get arrested, watch that taser, don't use it unless a ghost is trying to get friendly. Have a blast in Eureka. Sisterpalooza 2011 or BUST.

  2. PS) I meant to say this first... the new normal after a parent leaves us is a hard adjustment, I know. I've watched my husband suffer when he lost his parents 2 months apart. Over 20 years later it still hurts. You do your mom proud everyday. She's watching from heaven. She was a beautiful lady and lives on in you.

  3. Love the Bling! That first one is just my style-so pretty. Maybe you should send those pictures to Hulk for June. ;-)
    Hope you and your sisters have a great time!

  4. Have a wonderful trip! Thinking of you!!

  5. Hope you and your lovely sisters have a great weekend. Congrats to your hubby on his clean bill of health. I'm going to have to check out those sweaters. They are definitely cute.

    Hugsss on your mom's anniversary. My guess is that you need one. I'm glad she will be watching over you this weekend ;)

  6. Now I know where you got your beauty from. Your Mom was so beautiful. I know you must miss her to bits.

    Glad that Mr. Funny's surgery went well and his post-op check up. He must have been very good.

    I on the other hand am NOT being good. I am not supposed to be on the computer so I better jet before I get caught. I had to sneak to my favorite Blog really quick.

    Have fun with the girls and make sure to have an adult beverage for me since I cannot partake in such frivolity whilst on these pain killers. I expect a full accounting of what did and didn't happen.


    p.s. I am totally jealous of the sweater. I have coveted that one for a while and went to find it on their website and it's not there. *sigh*

  7. You look a lot like your mom! Both beautiful women. I am so sorry; you are so right, it does get better but it is the new normal. Been telling that to hubby too.

    My gosh with those rings! At least you can say you had them on your fingers for just a bit! Honestly, I can't imagine spending that much money on a ring, diamond or no diamonds.

    I hope you have a relaxful fantastic wonderful exciting but not arresting weekend with your sisters!!! Enjoy!


  8. Can't wait to hear about your weekend.

    Glad Mr. F is doing well.

  9. Hope you're having a FANTABULOUS Seestah weekend!

  10. Hope you had an awesome weekend! I am LOVING that first sweater from Anthropologie. LOVE. Also the jewelry. Yeah, $215,000 ring. Must be nice!

  11. I'm slightly funnier than all of my friends.

    I can't imagine wearing $215,000 worth of jewelry. So insane!

    P.S. I'm a violinist and bite my nails. These two things combined make your fingernails look divine to me. :)

  12. The rings are beautiful, but their prices are quite a bit out-of-whack with reality. Mr. Funny should check out:

    My ring is a 5 ct brilliant cut, g color and it was under $50k at auction.

    Doyle and Company has auctions every few months and the prices are a lot more reasonable than the items you were shown.


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