Monday, December 12, 2011

Sisterpalooza 2011

Good Monday morning!
Lots to do so I will leave you with our Eureka Springs weekend in pictures.

DeVito's restaurant

Eureka Live- Our favorite bar

Mud Street Cafe

Grilled cheese.....Pumpernickel rye bread, provolone, Swiss, cheddar, sliced mushrooms, fresh spinach, sunflower seeds and sprouts. I had it for lunch both days.


Thorncrown Chapel

My sister is planning to get married here

We had dinner here.

Drinks upstairs at the bar

Our room was right next to the spa

The bar closed at 11. We went back to our room to go to bed early. We decided to take some pictures of the Christmas lights.
We took photos outside. It was freezing cold.
And we are ridiculous.

Mel thought she saw a ghost
She was scared so I had to console her....

But then we both saw something shiny....

Deb decorated the tree.....

I helped too.  Mel is insane

Can you find Mel?

Breaking rules.

 Re-creating the Beatles walk

After we decorated the tree, we got the rest of the place fixed up.

Emulating the dude in the middle


We walked around a while to warm up. Somehow we ended up back at Eureka Live. This was only halfway down the stairs. My knee was dying!

This guy only had eyes for Mel. Fortunately, she likes older men. We did not, I repeat, did not drink the Jager bombs.

 These folks were just marred. I was tempted to go to the store for spray paint. I feel sad for them.

We shopped a bit more and checked out a room my sister is interested in for her wedding night (insert bow chica wow wow music) We were told to please NOT use the facilities. Mel does not like rules. Or put the seat down. 

 Room #1 (my favorite) It has a balcony looking out over the historic district.

Room #2 had a beautiful garden area in the back


  1. That is probably the first time I've ever been totally jealous of another blogger's weekend. So FUN!

  2. Looks like a great time! You all looked very cute.

    No ghosts pics,huh? I'm disappointed.

    I vote for the garden view.

    Countdown to the next Sisterpalooza.

  3. I LOVE Eureka Springs. Of course I was there only once. You captured it all. Felt like I was right there with you. So much fun. I can't imagine? So lucky to have each other. Take care.

  4. Please, for the love of all that's holy, delete that last pic of me. PLEASE.

  5. Looks like y'all had fun! Seesta time is the BEST!

  6. LOL with Melanie's comment! I hope you show sisterly love and delete that picture! What a beautiful chapel for your sister to get married at! I love the picture of you guys trying to imitate the Beatles walk; too funny! Looks like you guys had a great weekend and I didn't see any pictures inside the police station so I am sure you didn't get arrested!


  7. I just read your comment on my blog. I NEVER get any comments.

    I am so stumped on good deeds. I seriously look all over the place for people to help and I can't figure out how to help them without looking like a creeper.

    I did hang up and shirt that someone knocked on the floor at Macy's the other day and felt pretty good about myself, but I doubt that counts.

    I was just looking at your pictures from Eureka Springs and I'm thinking I need to visit that spot. The one with the martinis...

    Your partner in deeds, Jen

  8. This looks like my kind of fun. Hands down.

    You girls are all beautiful and it's wonderful that you are able to get together to do something like this!

    This place is now on my list of places to go.


  9. Dear goodness, thanks for the delete.

  10. You were naughty, busy, little girls. Loved the crazy pictures. You did an amazing job of decorating ;)


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