Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Things I Did So Far This Week That Nobody Cares About

  • put a stylish but comfortable outfit together 3 days in a row

  • fired an employee that I have hated abhorred strongly disliked since we bought the restaurant (technically my husband did the dirty work but I documented all her bad, bad doings and made it happen) 

  • fell asleep in front of the fireplace 3 times (it is only Wednesday)

    • rsvp'd to a New Year's Eve party that I really do not want to go to but they are friends with Mr. Funny and I am a giver

    • remained in a relatively good mood despite the to-do list I have and the state of filth of my home

    • drove a BMW X5 (I never have- it was super fast and I liked it but I am keeping the Burb)

    • found a home for a puppy that needs a home (I think)

    • wrapped every present, without help, without much complaining (I detest wrapping)

    • got to play secret Santa for a few kids that could really use an extra gift like this:
    dolls creep me out 

    • went to a Christmas party that did not serve booze

    • wore skinny jeans and nobody laughed at me (in person)

    • braved Walmart the week before Christmas

    • got and then sent back a very cute pair of Uggs (birthday gift from hubby), actually 2 pair, because they hurt my feet- never has that happened with Uggs

    • took Molly to the groomer, she was disgraceful

    • still have not put up a tree, at this point, who cares?

    • prepared Christmas bonuses for employees

    • racked my brain trying to figure out where to go for my birthday dinner Friday night (sushi? steak? Italian?)

    • found a very large sum of money on the floor in front of the cash register at work, no idea who dropped it and it is in the safe, if nobody claims it in the next month, I am donating it

    • saw a dead body (in a coffin, it was a funeral visitation, not a fan of the viewing)

    • received 4 calendars, at work, stupid gifts

    • received large Hershey bar for birthday from a server, wonderful gift 

    •  got stressed out when I realized that before we can do some remodeling at work next month, I have to choose paint, wallpaper, vinyl for booths, new chairs, tables, new carpet and possibly tile, dear Lord help me

    Later gators!


    1. Ummmmm, I care....simply because I'm nosey and want to know what you are up to!

      Merry Merry, Fa la la and all that rot.


      p.s. I have five trees...come get one if you want it. I never got around to decorating them. I put the lights on all 5 and then went into the hospital to have that stinkin appendix removed. They will remain ornamentless.

    2. You sound like the energizer bunny. You keep going and going and going. Do you ever RELAX? Seriously. You're getting it done. ALL of it. During Birthday and Christmas week. Sorry about the UGGS. Hurting is not nice. Sad about the funeral. Hard to go through this time of year. Hope you have a FANTASTIC birthday. And a WONDERFUL Christmas with your family together again. Take care.

    3. PS) The decorating sounds like so much FUN. I'm telling you the only thing better than doing it, is doing it with somebody else's money.

    4. Excellent week my dear! I hope your birthday is fab and there is more of that chocolate to come. I don't understand boozeless parties. That doll freaks me out too.

    5. I liked the part about falling asleep...

    6. You make all of us look like total slackers!

      I tried the X5 also and thought it was too amall. I'm now lobbying for the Lincoln MKX. Three words...heated steering wheel. :)


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