Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fascinating things that happened while I wasn't blogging.

The pipes under the kitchen sink came apart, including the one from the disposal, and water and gross water went all over under there. The only thing that made it somewhat easier was the container I store my cleaning supplies in caught a lot of the water. It was my fault because I put some crap from the fridge in there and it jostled the pipes loose. My husband fixed it.

The shelving in my closet fell. It is that stupid white wire shelving and it is all connected. 3 shelves, 3 full clothing bars. On the floor. Well, some of it stayed and tried to rip out of the wall. If you know me, I have my closet color coded and sorted by season and my shoes are in their original boxes. I almost passed out. The one main bar that it all connects to was sitting on top of another bar, not attached or anything, just a small square piece on top of another so when it got bumped, it went a crashing. My husband fixed it with duct tape but I am currently looking into a wood closet shelving system from Lowes.

I got my hair cut short and a blue feather painted in. The funniest thing is, men notice it more than women. I like the shorter cut but it takes a long time to flat iron it and the front is a little longer than the back with fewer layers. It is too short for a pony so I have to style it every day. Something to live for.

Is anyone else watching The Bachelor? I really don't find Ben that attractive and the women are so utterly stupid that I could not even pick a favorite. They really should think about how they look and sound on tv. Their mother's should be ashamed. I will keep watching for now but it had better improve.

We made a trip to a new (to us) restaurant supply store yesterday. We were going to get just a few things and ended up with a Suburban load. They had lots of choices for new tables and chairs and we found a commercial toaster (350 pieces an hour) and 2 commercial microwaves. We have always just used 3 double toasters and regular residential mics because of the cost factor but we go through so many of them, it was time to try something different. When you serve 137,000 people a year, simple is better. We also stocked up on smallwares (plates, bowls, spatulas, whisks, etc.) and I got a new cutting board for home because ours is lost (?????) We also made a fun trip to Sams where I got edamame, chewy vitamins and TP. And a book about snipers for the little one.

I have been very good about watching my shopping since Christmas but I did want another pair of skinny (ha) jeans to wear with my tall boots. I ran in to Old navy yesterday to try on a pair of theirs (I have not bought their jeans in years but I had heard some good things lately) I ended up with the Diva skinny jean. Not the best I have ever had but decent for $30. I also got this sweater for $7 on the clearance table:

 (yes, I look like a bumblebee) Sweater-Old Navy, tank-Target, jeans-Silver, ribbon necklace-JCrew, bird necklace (from Mel for my birthday)- Fossil, watch-gift from hubs for Christmas

I watched the entire season of American Horror Story (on FX) in 3 days. Loved it!

Our tree is still up. Last to go up, last to go down I always say. And since I am very particular on how everything gets wrapped and stored, I get to do it on my own. All of the decor is all over the dining room table.

Last week our employees were nuts. I was dealing with their bickering and arguing and there were a couple of times I seriously considered getting my taser out of the car.

The elliptical machine is still in the hospital, aka, they ordered a part. By the time I get it, I will have lost interest.

One of the houses in my neighborhood caught fire last week. They were burning leaves on a windy, dry day and it got away from them. They were lucky to get out in time but the entire side and second story is gone. It took all of the area fire depts. 5 hours to put it out with the lack of hydrants and nearby water supply (we are out of the city limits) and then they had to go back that evening to spray it again. Since our entire neighborhood is filled with oak trees and leaves covering the ground, it could have been so much worse.

That's it for now.


  1. Not one, but two of our neighbors decided to burn leaves last week. You know, on those WINDY days. They both set their woods on fire. One had to call the fire department, the other was put out by neighbors. IDIOTS!

    Getting the commercial toasters and microaves has to make your life at the restaurant easier. Maybe your employees will appreciate it and stop bickering?

    I hate the plastic shelving systems. I hope you are able to get a wood system from Lowes. They look very organized.

    I hate taking down Christmas decorations, therefore I am not picky and anyone can help!

  2. I would dry heave at looking at gross water. closet is also color coded and sorted by season along with my shoes being in the original boxes too. It would make most people ill to see how organized my closet is. Walking into what you did with the shelves coming off the wall would have given me angina.

    Your hair looks fab. It always does no matter what you do to it!

    Yes, I am watching the Bachelor and I agree. Monday night's episode was insane. Don't you know these girls parents must be SO proud of some of the behavior they are exhibiting. *eyeroll* I will keep watching too...for now. It's like a train wreck!


  3. My Christmas tree is still up. Sittin' there all nakey-like, but still up 'cuz the Hubby doesn't seem to even NOTICE every time he walks by it that it needs to be dismantled and stored away. {sigh}

  4. Love the way you tagged everything in your picture, from here, there. You LOOK marvelous. That feather has me salivating. That fire could have been so much worse. They were lucky and so was everyone around them. I have been driving a porcelain bus, battling the flu and losing this week. So-oo sick. Feel horrible. I'll be back again to comment, when i'm feeling better. take care.

  5. Christmas tree is still up too. Well, one of the two tress is still up that is.

    When you get ready to do your closet shelving don't go with a big chain store unless you plan to build it yourself. Hire you local contractor, Lord knows in this economy he needs the work. You know the small family run business contractor. They will also be able to do a better custom job and you will be happier with it.

    Cute hair too!

  6. Oh I loooove your hairs!!!! Mine is cut the very same way, only my bangs were all the same length until yesterday!! Then I gave them a whack!! Just a few wisps! You know, just to hide the old forehead!! I love the feather too!! Looks grand!! I shop old navy, just got jeans and a knee length straight skirt to wear with my boots. I love your top too. Not bumble-beey at all.

    And I absolutely love kitchen supply stores. Would love to find one here. I would have to drive two 1/2 hours into Raleigh to find one!! Geesh!!!

    Well, take it easy my friend, I need to get busy on my site. I have been bad. Don't know how to post pics from this stupid iPad!!! Ugh!!! One


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